29 Nov 2018
Updated on July 19th, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Trends That Will Rule 2019


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Artificial Intelligence Trends

Since the inception of app technology, the world of innovation is always simmering the new creative solutions to bring out the most successful and perfect set of technology to be used within the different apps for different genres.

In this league, one of the most striking technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has remained transformed into driving key force for many industries to get the optimized performance. Many tech-giants are delving into AI ecosystem to get the best for their needs and due to this very fact; the technology is expected to grow with better use cases in the year 2019.

If you look closely, then you may realize that already AI has marked a difference at distinct situations in our day-to-day life, whether it talking with the virtual assistant or forecasting the weather or using the smart home, we are surrounded by the AI technology through different means.

Henceforth the very existence of this technology is not going to stop anytime in near future, but there are clear indications suggesting that what much better can be expected, through its domain.

N this post we have tried to compile the acceptance and the significant opportunities carved by this technology that will create a stir in the year 2019.

So let’s find out what more AI has to offer from the basket and how the brood of industries would get the benefit from…let’s read further…

Artificial Intelligence Will Improve The Analytics

Every company spends a huge time in building processes and infrastructure to unlock the data sources to improve the analytics of a business mechanism to detect and monitor the analytical report.

With the integration of AI and deep learning, it is expected to utilize the vision and speech technologies, that would help the different companies to optimize the deep learning and reinforcement learning in their systems for temporal and geospatial data, which helps in getting the scalable analytical methods.

Medical Research/Diagnosis/Treatment With AI

Healthcare industry is one of those industries which have been affected by the AI most. As AI applications like cognitive learning, big data management, and deep learning have helped the healthcare industry to pull off the number of diagnoses, treatment, and research processes.

Different healthcare industries are investing heavily to put forth the finest healthcare solutions by enabling them with AI technology and bringing out the best for the healthcare system.

AI-Powered Hardware

Needless to say, Artificial Intelligence has crafted an impressive outlook around different businesses to unleash the best outcome for the business to yield a faster result and resolve the complex decisions to be taken without any hassle.

Now AI will be impacting the hardware industry and will turn more specialized in sensing, model training, and model inference. The deep learning is setting the record in speech and computer vision.

With the integration of new technologies, indeed there is sufficient space for the hardware to justify the specialization. Various tech-giants like Google and Facebook are using the tensor processing units (TPUs), which allow the broader selection of specialized hardware, begin to appear.

AI Integrated Startups

The era of startups is on the verge of experimenting with technologies and the creative side of the AI. The introduction of technologies in the startups is ever-evolving and the worth of it is already been acknowledged by the different businesses and industries.

It is reported that various new businesses are trying the new facets of innovation at a larger landscape and the AI-enabled startup would fetch the attractive funding.

Automation of Tasks

In the current technology circle built around different industries and businesses and various products and services are relied upon computer vision and speech technologies. In the year 2019, there will be additional improvements in language models and robotics, which would result in solutions that would target text and physical tasks.

Also, the complete automation model will drive organizations to implement partial automation solutions and beat the competition blues effectively.

An Incredible Impact On The Workforce

You might find it a little surprising, but Artificial Intelligence is likely to give an impact on the human jobs as well. To some, it sounds little disturbing as well, but the cognitive technologies like ML, automation, and robots hold the potential to replace 7% of jobs by 2025.

Oops, isn’t it scary? It means one job-crunch is sooner going to be on our plates?

No, this is not going to be the situation, if Artificial Intelligence would be perceived well, then this technology would build more jobs than replacing the human efforts.

UX/UI Design Would Grow Stronger

UX/UI are the spine of successful app solution. But the latest technologies are transforming the design trends. And in this run, AI solutions would change the consumers, human workers, and domain experts. Indeed the integration of AI system in the UI/UX improves the productivity of the app. And lets the users perform tasks at incredible scale and accuracy. The complete mechanism of AI allows the UX/UI design to streamline. The design and development as per the taste of the users and helps the users to trust the AI solutions.

These are some of the trends which would make a foray into the year 2019. And would certainly help the industries and businesses across the globe to experiment something innovative and much scalable.

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