26 Jul 2019
Updated on December 27th, 2022

How Augment Reality Solutions Are Benefiting Advertising Campaigns?


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Augment Reality

These days, the hottest trend in the world of technology is Augmented Reality. This new technology has become popular because of the unmatched user experience, it integrates in mobile apps and devices.  Therefore, businesses are looking for ways to connect with the audience.  Altogether, they have realized the need to integrate Augmented Reality into their advertising and marketing solutions.

Businesses are in the midst of the renaissance and surging with technical advancement. Similarly,  there are many ground-breaking technologies that can connect businesses more specifically with customers. In the midst of all this, augment reality emerged out as a most admiring and reliable technology among businesses. Augment reality enhances customer experience, and businesses want to boost the level of customer engagement and interaction.

AR technology integrated in digital marketing solution is able to engage customers by putting new life to advertisement contents such as flyers, brochures, banners and other. Thereby, several industries including retail, travel, real estate, health care and more are using AR solutions. However, the most common integration of Augment reality, you can see in advertising and marketing. Altogether, the brands are opting AR for their marketing, advertising, and planning solutions because it allows businesses to reach out to the customer in a new way.

Reason to pick Augment reality for advertising

Businesses are adopting AR technologies in both apps and ads. More noteworthy,  these mediums aid customers in developing an emotional connection with the item and brand. Rather, this way of advertising is completely different from the traditional. AR ads and apps allow users to interact with them. For example, in a marketing campaign which was aimed to protect the polar bear, the brand used the augmented reality in the event. Visitors in that event could see themselves interacting with virtual polar bear and other animals. Here are some reasons for picking augment reality for your advertising campaign.

• Creates a connection with the customer
• Saves Money in Advertising
• Increases the sales
• Enhances hyperlocal advertising and more

Most noteworthy, the technology has great potential and it can provide great benefits to your business. Rather, you can build up two major types of AR advertisements viz location-based and marker based. It seems one can use AR apps for several marketing campaigns and can save lots of money. Above all, the AR solutions give several benefits to businesses. Here are some benefits of Augment Reality advertising.

* Interactive Experience

Each business wants to leave an impression on customers. Rather with the help of AR, apps can help businesses to make a personal interaction with the customer, virtually. The AR technology is able to establish connection between consumer and brand with the help of instant and sensory-driven connection.

With help of AR applications, the consumer can see the item in the 3D representation. This develops a deep connection among consumer and brand.

 * Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting boosts the power of advertising. With the help of GPS and AR integrated mobile app, marketers, and advertisers gain customer interactivity using geo-targeting. Altogether,  apart from it, users can also determine the shops, shopping complexes and more at a specified location.

* Innovative Brand Image

With the help of AR, you can achieve increased brand recognition for your business due to the innovativeness. The AR can transform the image of your brand in the user’s sight. Above all, there are many examples where business showcases innovative products to their consumers and gain huge appreciation.

* Repetitive Engagement

AR apps can establish repetitive engagement. Therefore, users come back to use the app repeatedly is the biggest benefit of AR. Some users find apps very interesting and it exposes them to brand again and again. Altogether, it is a very cost-effective advertisement method for companies.

The mentioned benefits are the reason for the adoption of AR by several industries. Recently, many industries use augmented reality for their business and incur huge growth. Therefore, using AR solutions advertisers can arrange advertising campaign and integrate various fun activities.    

* The fun activities that AR solutions can include:

• Can be used to disclose relevant information about the product
• Able to be utilized to educate users about the food nutritional values
• Can be utilized to present the food recipes in a more engaging and innovative way.

You can use AR solutions for advertising in a different way. Altogether, the most popular example of AR advertising is real estate mobile apps. The AR Technology in real estate mobile apps give users the opportunity to alter the look of property in the augmented environment. Though, by using these apps, you can make changes to a 3D representation of the property and more. This is a new marketing strategy in which companies are offering a futuristic vision of properties, where users can put their desire and see expected results.

The advent of AR technology has completely changed the way of marketing and advertisement, that’s why companies are choosing mobile apps integrated with AR technology. Above all, whether you are doing retail or travel business, with the AR apps you can increase ROI. So, get AR integrated mobile apps to boost marketing and advertising campaign of your business.

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