2 May 2019

How Augmented Reality Is Improving Travel Mobile Apps?


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Augmented Reality

Tourism industry is one of the largest growing industries around the world. Where Augmented Reality can bring a breakthrough, as every year millions of people travel to different cities and countries. In this industry tries to provide every possible aid and amenities to travelers.

However, planning a perfect trip is still a strenuous task for travelers. Truly, trip planning involves various attributes and aspects such as lodging, entertainment, transportation mode and more. Though, the most crucial aspect of trip planning is that everything should be reserved ahead of time and get delivered at the expected time.

Indeed. planning every activity before the travel is arduous and chaotic. I am also a travel enthusiast and I have encountered many hurdles in between planning process. I figured out that booking of the desired hotel, transportation booking, and navigating tourist places and restaurants in the unknown city are quite difficult.

Well!  travel apps are really amazing thing that can be a relief to people in such hassles.

Yes, travel apps. Now, people can use travel app to plan trips.

There are various travel apps available in the respective stores which you can utilize to plan your trip. Besides,  businesses are eager to provide you with exceptional travel experience with the help of these apps. Recently, businesses found augmented reality revolutionary technology in travel mobile app development. This is an amazing technology and making the planning of journey more easier and interactive. Let’s know how augmented reality is making travel mobile apps handy and useful.

Virtual Room Selection and Booking

Accommodation is the most basic need during travel. It is finding the desired accommodation that provides all the required amenities is hard. With AR, mobile apps are able to provide virtual tours of your chosen hotel and help you in checking amenities like spa, pool, restaurant and more. It helps you in finding the stay, and select a hotel as per your choice.

Real-Time Navigation

The biggest challenge over the trips is to find restaurants and party places in an unfamiliar city, and believe me it is very frustrating after reaching there. With the help of AR, developers integrate more interactive navigation maps in the travel apps. They are adding digital element including direction indicators such as arrows and related information to the map so that users can find the place easily. This boosts user-experience and simplifies the direction, and helps you in getting around smoothly to all desired place during the tour.

Translation Capabilities

The most amazing feature of travel mobile app is language translation. Suppose that you are traveling to another country and you are not aware of its native language, it’s hard for you to recognize signs and other inscriptions. Travel mobile apps are being fused with the language translation feature that can provide you with the translated version of information, written anywhere. All you are required to do is scan the printed material and select in which language you want it to be translated.  The scanning of such elements is possible with the help of AI only.

AR technology can also transform the way you find and experience places, local attraction, culture and more. With such apps, you can not only reach to desired place but also experience them differently in a more meaningful way. This technology is very powerful, and allowing developers to offer virtual experience. It enables the integration of virtual contents into a replica of real world on the screen of smart device, smartphones, tablets and more. This includes 25% of virtual reality and 75% real world. In other words, it adds augmented objects into the real world images on smart device.

We at Techugo, are finding different ways of utilizing this technology in different mobile apps. They are striving to make user-experience more amazing and unique. If you want a mobile app powered with augmented reality, you must hire a trusted mobile app development company. Many companies around the world utilizing this technology for developing different types of mobile apps, and delivering unmatched user-experience.

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