Here're The Top Features Of Much Awaited iOS 14

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Here’re The Top Features Of Much-Awaited iOS 14

17 Sep 2020 2

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fitness app

The fitness app and wearable industry are growing at a rapid-fire speed, and to make this work on the right path, app te...

App Design


  • The app development cost is based on features, complexity, platform, and the number ...


Every UI/UX designer looks forward to an efficient app design for their app or web product. This is one of the most prom...


A good time spent on your mobile app, often leads to some serious shopping business, because users love the app design e...

Mobile App

When I look at a mobile app, much before the app concept the aspect which catches my attention instantly is only the app...

App Icon

We first buy something from our eyes…and I think this statement is absolutely correct. You can...


Shopping is preferred by everyone, at times as a therapy, need or the enjoyment. Wheneve...

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Take a look at this impeccable animation created by the Techugo team for one of the upcoming apps.πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

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How business can reboot their business in the Covid-19 era?

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App categories that have seen big growth during the pandemic

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Interested in stepping in the Ed-tech Industry? πŸ€”

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