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Stock Trading App

Long gone are the days when traders used to yell orders at each other in the stock exchange. Earlier the situation was s...

Mobile App Concept

For more than a decade app technology has become an inevitable part of our lives, and has...

Artificial Intelligence

AI in the B2B sector is much more than be just a Buzzword, it has helped businesses to create new opportunities. Since t...

Native App Development

You have finally made up a decision to get a mobile app for your business, and ready to embark on a new DIGITAL journey....

Dating has always been unpredictable! Much befor...

Food Delivery App

Online food delivery is undeniably a billion-dollar business!
Yes, you heard ...

PWA Development

In the current technology spectrum, PWAs are gaining momentum and helping businesses to expand. With the help of these a...


Android app development has been one of the most popular among developers and businesses...

Capture Consumers

In-app advertising has already grabbed the eyeballs of marketers amid the pandemic, as this very marketing or I should r...

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A new iOS 14.5 feature could soon help users find out if someone is tracking them without their knowledge.

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Six things iOS 15 could learn from Android 12

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Techugo believes in offering equality and we proudly support women who want to flourish within the tech industry.

Here's wishing everyone a very happy International Women's Day.

#WomensDay #InternationalWomensDay #mondaythoughts

Here are the ways to help you improve workplace efficiency

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