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1 Apr 2020

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The world of technology has blended well with medicine and healthcare!

Hantavirus; What You Must Know!

Techugo Pvt. Ltd.
24 Mar 2020

Currently, our world is going through the worst phase ever, and that is Covid-19. But many other dreadful surprises a...

Remote Working During Coronavirus

A bigger chunk of generation has never seen such a disastrous condition around, where self-isolation becomes a norm,...


How To Build An App Like Groupon?

Techugo Pvt. Ltd.
16 Mar 2020

Who doesn’t like discounts and offers? The answer is; everyone does! The mere m...

Techugo Is Announced As A Top Mobile App Developer Of 2020 By TopdevelopersCo

Techugo recognized as one of the top mobile app development companies of 2020 by! Techugo has always...

Snow-Plow App

Snow-Plow App; Cost And The Features

Techugo Pvt. Ltd.
12 Mar 2020

The vibes of the winter season bring along the romantic & cheerful vibes, where elders to kid, everyone long to play...


You cannot deny the fact, that despite having the multiple digital modes of entertainment around us, we all still prefer...

video streaming app

The concept of binge-watching or being called as a movie buff is no more a fad in the current spectrum. And the credi...

fitness app

We all have been to the situation, where we access a fitness app, thinking the best output to receive, but in a fraction...

Sports Betting App

The odds of gambling have always existed in the world! Give a sneak peek into the past, and you would be surprised to...

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