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17 May 2020

Ayogo Health Has Got $7.5 M Series B Funding To Combat Social Isolation

The COVID-19 lockdown has left millions of people isolated, and the mobile health app is helping to address social isolation. The vicious web of the pandemic has spread and caused chaos worldwide, leading to mental disturbance among people.

On the global forefront, the economy funnel is under pressure, travel restrictions and border closures are in play, panic buying, are sufficient to affect our mental well-being. Also, as public officials have urged people to stay home and maintain social distance to combat the spread, there have been triggered cases of social isolation and loneliness.

Is social isolation really happening?

Yes, it is! When we all are busy in practicing social distancing, it has exacerbated of isolation or mental disturbance. As there are no REAL people to talk to, people feel alone and desolate.

Why isolation bug has sprung up during this uncertain time?

As we all know that the novel coronavirus strain is running its course and both the global economy and our lives are getting impacted due to it. In this run, the world around has changed drastically, we have accustomed to the fact, that things will be different from now on. But this awareness has brought a sense of collective unease at different levels. Now somewhere back in our minds, we all are going through some horrifying thoughts, such as loss of normalcy, loss of control, economic toll, loss of connection, and uncertainty about the future.

How to address social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Here, service providers and digital health companies need to take some steps to combat this additional epidemic of social isolation. With the help of technology, indeed it is possible to subsidize the impact of COVID-19 and support people in the long run.

During this time with the help of technology, service providers and healthcare businesses can take some concrete steps. And this will help in practicing social distancing without any unintended consequence of increasing harmful social isolation.  On the other hand, we must remember COVID-19 is real, but it should not disturb your mental peace at any given situation. Hence, we need to move forward and get some control back in our lives while acknowledging our fears with app technology.

Technology is putting its best foot forward to help bridge the gap between mental health and social distancing!

Ayogo Health is improving health outcomes amid a pandemic

Ayogo Health is a global leader in the application of behavioral psychology and social gaming to improve health outcomes for patients. This Vancouver-based health-tech startup has brought a change in the way people are supporting their mental well-being. This very platform which is a revolution in developing a behavioral support platform for healthcare patients. And Ayogo has raised a $7.5 million CAD Series B round, resulting in the startup’s total funding to date to approximately $10 million.

A quick overview of Series B funding

Ayogo has got new investors Baxter International and MedTeq, a Pan-Canadian health-technology investment organization. Further, the existing investors include; Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, 7Wire Ventures, and Excel Venture Management. It is expected that Ayogo will utilize this fund to expand its team for different departments, such as technical, design, strategy, and clinical skills.

As stated by Michael Fergusson, CEO of Ayogo, “We are delighted to be working with investment partners that understand the potential our products have to improve health outcomes while reducing costs and to positively impact the lives of patients, families, and clinicians. In this challenging time, it is both a great honor and responsibility to have received the capital to help grow and accelerate our mission and business, and we intend to maintain our focus on leveraging advanced technology and cutting-edge behavioral science to improve the human condition.”

How Ayogo can reduce ill-effects?

Ayogo is created to support people facing healthcare transitions. The mechanism of Ayogo is designed based on life science, pharmaceutical, and medical technology companies. They provide a systematic approach to improve patient engagement and help patients with chronic conditions stick to their care plans.

This app can be accessed by patients to set goals, track their health and medication, access informational content, and receive reminders.

Ayogo is helping patients during Coronavirus

There are multiple ways through which users can take care of their mental issues, some pick yoga app, or mediation app. As a promising digital health company, Ayogo is contributing to bring a constructive solution to beat the crisis. With this app, patients can access, the treatment, suggestion, and experts’ advice to handle their mental peace.

When our world is going through this crisis, we need to take the help of technology to find the best solutions for handling COVID-19. Even if all are facing the brunt of geographical isolation, for the time being, we are all in this together. And indeed app technology practiced by digital health company can make a difference to it.

Final thoughts

Millennials are more prone face to loneliness and feelings of isolation, hence it is essential to bring improved solutions with app technology. Whether it is a food delivery app, collaboration app, or mobile health app, technology is offering assistance at every step.

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