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29 Nov 2016

Bahrain – Fashion Mecca of Middle East

I am a gypsy by heart, can’t stick to one place, and luckily my chosen profession as a  lifestyle blogger, give me ample of opportunities to explore new destinations and let my gypsy spirit go free at every corner of the world. Fashion is one of my most prominent escapes from the day-to-day stressful situations; I have travelled around the globe, so I can incur my taste buds for fashion more. I am also a human, who has pre-conceived notions about many a things surrounding me, but I try to be less judgmental, although it’s not an easy job to perform.

How Bahrain Happened To Me

When the term fashion crosses our brain cord, the first country we all can visualize is Paris, the city of romance, and the birthplace of some of the top-notch fashion brands across the globe, the pre-assumptions that fashion can only be related to Europe, was also one of my thoughts as well, until I met somebody at the Heathrow Airport. I was all sitting and almost submerged in my favorite book ‘Mata Hari’ by ‘Paulo Coelho’ , when somebody caught my attention with the chic essence of fashion exploiting from every corner of the dressing. She was clad in a pair of denims with Boleros and her style was simple but elegant, and first I thought of her as mixed descents. After exchanging greetings in our core accents, I got to know that she was an aspiring fashion designer from Bahrain….hold on…what you just said from Bahrain, she replied yes and without sounding clichéd, I asked her,” does Bahrain has a platform for fashion?”, she replied me with a smile and gave me a business card, which read her name under her fashion brand and surprisingly the address was from Bahrain…she completed her sentence and said, please do visit me in Bahrain and you can see the booming Bahrain fashion industry.

My Visit To Bahrain

After some time she left me, sitting alone on waiting area with ambiguous thoughts, to make it a tad convenient for me, I decided to choose Bahrain as my next travelling destination and explore the fashion cuisine of Bahrain. Finally, last week of October I picked my bags and got the paperwork done for my travelling, I spoke to that girl over the call and she was there to pick me on airport and with a sighting, I realized that in Bahrain, money is not an object, but you can certainly fine tune your palate to the flavors and bouquets of world’s most beautiful fashion destination.

Fashion Brands and Designers in Bahrain

Every culture has its own luxury to be enjoyed, gulf region is popular for many things like, food, art, destination and now fashion as well, although, the fashion mentality in Bahrain is still flourishing and people around the country are way comfortable to don Gucci, Prada, Givenchy and many more brands, which explains that the person is knowledgeable and well informed as well. You can find and explore the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-denominational society, along with a low cost of living, excellent education facilities offering curricula from around the world and high-quality healthcare, in Bahrain and here people carry the ideas from all over the world and there is no strict law of dressing for women, but they are expected to dress modestly, combined together this is what makes Bahrain so unique in its fashion scene. The government there is also actively developing design and fashion disciplines and are encouraging people in the field to establish themselves by offering them facilities and nurturing their talent into successful businesses. Apart from international brands, Bahrain has several multi-brand stores such as Moda Mall Bahrain, Al Aali Shopping Complex, Al Hayat Shopping Mall, Al Raya Mall, Al Reem Center followed by a huge list of shopping outlets. Some of the top fashion brands ‘Noon by Noor’ has made its place various times in New York Fashion week and the country’s best loved designers Sima Ahmed, Khaleda Rajab, Adeeba Al Khan and their popular fashion brands Namshi, simasfashion, khaledarajab, anmarcouture, mansoori are some of the jaw-dropping fashion brands in Bahrain.

A Thought of Wisdom

After landing in Bahrain, no doubt I got to discover many new aspects, which were never told to me before, or I think were never revealed to any of us even. But I stopped to think why I never learned about this stuff before, and the reason was very much clear that it was never accessible to me. Bahrain has a lot more to offer like accessories, shoes, herbs & spices from famous souk markets, cosmetics, food and the list is ever ending, but the scarcity of accessibility to the world is an issue.

These all can be acknowledged by the world with the use of mobile technology. Do I sound a bit nerdy, when I say technology? I might, but I sound practical too. Technology drives us today and it would not be wrong to say that we stick to our mobiles, iPads, and tablets to perform any task. I travel the world to find interesting facts for my blog writing and have found that most of the business owners around the globe have opted for mobile apps to get connected with their customers. I have learned from many of my entrepreneur friends that mobile apps have infinite benefits to explain, to say a few:

  • It lets you connect with your customers globally
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Bahrain has the talent & the skills, and the business owners need to make a faster pace with the mobile technology and get more reachable to the world, although some of the brands have their online presence, but not all, which leads to ignorance to the Western people, since we are under the shadow of what the media serves us. Undoubtedly, there is still a long way to go for the fashion brands and they need to be armed with market intelligence and better prepared for the local business culture. If there would be enough online presence on mobiles for the Bahrain fashion industry than the budding fashion designers from Bahrain will dominate the western fashion market soon.

My Experience in Bahrain

As a lifestyle blogger, I have got much on my plate to discuss and share the view from Bahrain, but something which brought me to Bahrain was Fashion and indeed has left me spellbound. The Bahrain fashion industry is witnessing a very interesting growth and is noteworthy to explore. Expats are everywhere in Bahrain, and are proud to experience one of the most tolerant Islamic countries, on the other hand expats are showcasing their creative disciplines of studies and are working here while appreciating their own cultures.

Bahrain people are more design and aesthetically conscious and are demanding not only luxurious brands, but researched and original designs, which leads to convert this country as a fashion Mecca of Gulf region. People love, creativity and their love for authenticity and local designers has contributed to flourish the fashion industry with emerging labels and creative designs in Bahrain. Many of the fashion designers have their fashion creations featured in fashion shows around the world, and being exhibited alongside luminaries such as John Paul Gaultier and Chanel, Gucci and many other international renowned fashion brands. Bahrain is full of options ranging from tiny open-air stalls to leading fashion malls and they are packed with everything from clothes to electronics, tobacco to incense and antiques to gold.

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