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14 Oct 2016

Battle Between Android and iOS

I made up my mind, I needed a new Smartphone which would make a pace with the technology, had decided the budget, but the time I decided to pick the apt Smartphone OS, I was flooded with the most tumultuous thoughts…It happened to me and happens to many of us every day. Every Smartphone OS has their pros and cons and beyond the shadow of a doubt, nobody wants to take a risk before making a big decision of their life. For most of spending such a hefty amount is not throwing peanuts on the road, but rather an investment and we all want to make the best of what we spend. I had gone through that phase and understand the dilemma everybody goes through. I have collected few real-time facts for the two topmost Smartphone OS, iOS & Android, to make the Smartphone purchase a little easier for the readers.

The Design

Once you decide fully to buy a Smartphone, first you need to consider the design of the phone. Though it’s not the most prominent aspect to affect your phone purchase but relevant somehow. On being compared, the iPhone all the model’s look is more or less similar in look and feel, which is quite simple and sleek. On the contrary, android phones’ look varies since there are many phone manufacturers and they inculcate their particular signature design and style in the mobile’s look and feel.

Android device’s major USP is the customization options provided within the phone internal system, which lets the user to experiment and explore the Android system at the most possible.  Whereas, iOS devices’ outgrow least complications, which is too précised with zero transition time required, which makes the iOS most user-friendly of all.

Set of Applications

Mobile applications are everyone’s favorite, some use it to gain knowledge or some use it for entertainment. The download interface of mobile apps has its own advantages and disadvantages in every device. Mobile apps on iOS device are highly controlled by the Apple store, which makes a strict guideline for the QC check and every mobile app is sifted thoroughly on Apple store and undergoes a lot of testing before being available to be downloaded. It certainly halts the number of more mobile apps on the store, but with safety and quality guaranteed. On the other hand, android has a huge variety of applications on the Android, because there is no stringent policy for the quality check from Google, so the user has a pool of apps to choose from. Although, downloading the apps from unknown sites or stores can lead to hazardous security risk. The user can download the apps from the trusted app stores, such as Amazon App Store, the Android Market, or direct from the Google Play store lessen that risk.


Android devices’ provide panorama shots and slow-motion and also let the user explore the heights of fun with the pictures taken through Android camera and image apps.

Images taken with Apple phones are higher in the quality, clearer and sharper too. Apple device design, work as an icing on the cake, and a user can experiment and play with the images through high-quality Apple apps, similar to android apps.

Phone Update

Android had been critiqued in the past for the slow updates and low download speed, but Google has given a solution by moving a big chunk of essential apps to the Google Play Store, which leads to the required app update merely but not the full OS update. When we discuss iOS, then Apple allows updates whenever available, but with a major update annually, and many users find it troublesome and space consuming. Android promises the smaller and much-needed updates and iOS opt for the tiring and longer update.

Budget Device

It is known to all, Apple doesn’t make budget devices, except the recent price slash for iPhone 7 and 7S price. The iPhone has always been the most expensive handsets on the market, costing $200 with a two-year contract and $650 without.  On the other side, Android offers a huge choice of low-cost handsets from a vast variety of different manufacturers and the innovative designs.

What To Pick

When I made the above-mentioned comparison, instead of being relieved I was perplexed more. But today I will give you a golden mantra, which worked for me as well; I divided my requirements into different segments and checked which OS falls into my favorite category. Just do some homework on your requirements and select any of the below-mentioned options, to choose the perfect Smartphone OS:

  • The Android OS is the best option for you, if limitless customization, integrated with the freedom to make your phone work as you need, is your major concern.
  • iPhone OS is your answer if you are a composer user, who is looking for sleek design, updated features with a secured and a succinct number of mobile apps.


To conclude, and with a more realistic approach different categories will be important to different people, so one should focus more on, which makes a difference to you. Both the platforms are the best platforms with a huge canvas of an equal number of pros and cons. Let your need to make a decision for you because at the end of the day with the upcoming technology a lot more is yet to come from both the operating systems.

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