3 Jan 2017
Updated on December 28th, 2022

Benefits of Developing Beauty Mobile App (Updated)

beauty mobile app

We get up early in the morning to catch the latest update on WhatsApp or to see the latest post on FB, this is not uncommon but very much common in today’s era. We are highly driven by technology and there is nothing to be ashamed of. 

We have embraced the technology as a piece of cloth that is interwoven with our daily schedule and is inseparable. Mobile apps are one of the remarkable inventions of technology and have helped us in every aspect, whether we want to book a cab/hotel, online shopping, online food ordering, name it and the service-based apps are there in the respective play stores. 

With the above saying, it gets crystal clear the revolution brought into our lives by mobile apps and most interestingly mobile apps have almost changed the way our beauty regime takes place. 

We all want to look stunning when it comes to getting ourselves clicked, with the help of beauty mobile apps, with just a tap on a button, we can virtually ‘try on’ cosmetics with or can brighten up the eyes. Indeed, these apps are blessings for every female on the planet earth. 

The beauty apps are full of convenience and wonderful features and can transform our looks in a fraction of seconds and we can try the different products without going to the brick & mortar shops of some of the top cosmetic brands.

Top Beauty Mobile Apps

Although mobile stores are flooded with the numerous beauty mobile apps, we have collected a few of them for your convenience, which can be downloaded and installed on your mobile phones and you may get benefited from the features of these great apps just within your mobile phone.

  • ModiFace Makeup
  • L’Oreal Makeup Genius
  • The Glam App
  • MakeupPlus
  • Lakme Makeup Pro
  • Pretty in my Pocket
  • YouCam Makeup

Key Features Needed For Beauty Mobile Apps

Every app has its targeted customers, and those customers have specific requirements, when you think to create beauty mobile app, there are a few points you need to consider before developing the beauty mobile app, such as:

  • Users can buy products online
  • Loyalty stamps to reward your customers
  • GPS locating
  • GEO auto-PUSH messaging to attract customers when they are near your store
  • Share on social media
  • Photo gallery and customer reviews
  • Automatically send reminders to customers before their appointment or booking

Pool of benefits to get from beauty mobile app

There has been significant growth in mobile beauty app usage over the past few years and users have increased in numbers due to the pool of benefits they have received from these apps, Followed are some of those benefits, take a look:

  • Get a personal beauty guide

Beauty mobile apps are not just meant for products, but these apps are your one-stop destination for makeup, fashion, and style. Users can get ample information related to beauty from the top beauty publications, top cosmetic brands, and users can read, pin & share this information on social media channels with their loved ones.

  • Connect with social media world

Social media rules the world today, to make new friends or to share any information, social media channels are the best medium. Beauty mobile apps allow the users to get connected and share the information with other beauty lovers across the globe and also, they can build their community to share and explore how-to tutorials, makeup looks, and much more.

  • Selfie filters for better user- engagement

Selfie is no more alien stuff to be performed in an isolated place, rather the recent fad of the selfie, has led it to be taken in public with an élan. The beauty apps let the users enjoy cute filters, stickers, share a live video recording or a selfie with your friends instantly. The technology is integrated so well in these mobile apps that the user gets the real-time experience while clicking selfie with the beauty apps.

  • Virtual cosmetic products

 With the beauty apps you don’t need to go to the cosmetic stores and smudge off every color you try, rather you can try the virtual cosmetic kit, which provides the most accurate facial mapping technology for a true-to-life virtual makeover. The user can apply numerous cosmetics products in real-time and save the images in the gallery

  • Online shop

If you want to buy some beauty products, then you can go through the ratings and reviews of the product to enable you to make the right decision. If satisfied, you can buy the product with the assigned payment options within the mobile app. Also, you can get the user points or rewards associated with that product and check out exclusive products, special offers, and products.

  • Bring other services on the table

The beauty app is not restricted with their approach to providing only the make-up and beauty tip, but they can be your personal beauty assistant and offer nail art, hairstyles, fashion guide for you and let the product reviews and tutorials work in your favor, so you can try and buy.

In a nutshell…

Beauty apps are popular for multiple reasons, and are a good source of monetization for the brands and cosmetic businesses. If you are yet to bring your cosmetic portal on a digital mode, then you are missing  out largely on earning huge revenue. 

Give a call to our team of experts at Techugo, and help your business to grow out of bounds.

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