2 Aug 2021
Updated on December 27th, 2022

Beginner? Pro? These Investing Apps are a Gift for Everyone!


Surbhi Bhatia

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As said, “In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable,” and many people are afraid to invest due to the fear of losing their hard-earned money. 

If your big question is, why should you invest? 

It is to create WEALTH! 

Alright, let’s start with a simpler question! Do you have desires that you want to fulfil one day with the money you own? For instance, buy a luxury car, own an expensive property, and WHATNOT! Therefore, it is a piece of cake not everybody can afford, with a single source of income. 

Now, if you think you’re earning well and buying everything you want, have you ever thought about your long-term savings? 

Do you want to see a future where you hold almost no money in your bank account? 

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Therefore, if you start investing as soon as possible, you’ll be in for a treat. 

Moreover, investment has become much easier, and you can do the same via investment platforms, while sitting on your comfortable couch. 

Isn’t it very convenient? 

What is Holding You Back?

Still don’t feel motivated enough?? Well, here are a few things you must know that are stopping you from getting rich.

Take a look! 

1. Waiting for an Opportunity

What are you waiting for? 

To come up with a plan that has no loopholes? 

Notably, a perfect plan isn’t generated in a day or two. Sometimes, it might take months or a few years. Do you think that waiting for so long will guarantee you success? 

That’s a big NO! Therefore, START RIGHT NOW. 

2. Short-Term Investment 

Only short-term goals lead to short-term investments. These investments do not work in favor when you want to work on long-term investments. 

As per the basic rule: If the plans are to be followed for three years or less, stick to debt investments; otherwise, investing in equity is the key. 

3. Stop Playing Safe

Stop making small investments in debt if you want to achieve something huge and have big goals. Invest in stocks for long-term goals, and do not let the fear of losing money or anything else come in the way. 

4. Stop Looking for Shortcuts 

Have you ever searched on the internet, “How to get rich in less time?” 

That’s what you’re doing wrong! 

You don’t have to look for tips that’ll help you get wealthy in no time. It is because most times, the opposite is likely to happen. 

Instead, wait for everything to fall back in place with the help of a natural process, which is going to take a while. 

Top-Notch Investments Apps You Need

There are hundreds and thousands of investment apps in the market; however, we’ve streamlined the decision for you by listing a few best investment mobile apps

1. Robinhood 


Now is the booming period when people are inclined towards the stock market and trying their hand at investing in stocks. Therefore, Robinhood is one of the most popular investment apps, as it makes the overall process much easier for the users. 

The app views all about what you have invested, the percentage change, and what changes you can expect in a day. Not only this, but the app has numerous other features that can smoothen a user’s experience. 

2. Stash


Stash is an investment platform built after considering a beginner’s viewpoint in mind; however, professionals can also use the same. 

Now, what if we tell you that you get an investment portfolio, a bank account, and much more under one roof- STASH! Yes, you’ve read that right! 

Isn’t it awesome?

3. Twine 


Twine is a savings-style mobile app that saves a goal for you, for instance, retirement, wedding, etc. Therefore, the app keeps a tab on your bank account and enables you to save regularly. Moreover, the savings get invested into a portfolio to further grow in order to achieve user’s goals. 

4. Coinbase Pro 

Coinbase Pro

Undoubtedly, there are multiple methods to invest in crypto; however, Coinbase is one of the efficient options. It comes in the form of two apps: Coinbase app and Coinbase Pro. Notably, the former is the best option for users who’ve just started investing. On the other hand, the pro version is great for users looking forward to conquering the crypto market. 

5. Public 


The Public is the perfect substitute for Robinhood; however, it differs in a few ways. The app allows its users to invest any sum they want and additionally, provide the latest insights, news, etc., that is relevant.

The app also enables its users to follow other people within the app and take notes of insights they might have. In short, the Public app is a perfect blend of an investing platform and a social network.

To Sum Up

As mentioned before, investment is a great method to achieve your short or long-term goals by saving finances. Therefore, investment platforms are receiving immense popularity as many people are now inclined towards the same. 

STOP! Are you thinking the same that we are? 

If you’re thinking of turning the investment app development idea into an entrepreneurial opportunity, we are on the same page. 

It is great, isn’t it?

Think about investing in investment app development and monetizing via the same. It sounds like one of the best ideas, right? 

Do you know what? Even if you’re new to the business, Techugo- the top app development company has got your back! 

So, reach out to the brood of professionals with your idea and receive further insights on the same. 

Happy innovation!

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