24 Apr 2017
Updated on August 20th, 2018

Benefits of Health Care Mobile Apps


Vaibhav Sharma

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healthcare mobile apps

The most existential thought of the day always remain in our mind that Health is everything, this old adage sounds justifying the required relaxation for us due to the absence of peace of mind and soul. Many people out there claim that everybody’s journey is different and you can’t judge the way priorities are being considered, but no matter what is your priority ‘Health’ is always a concern and must always remain a top priority. The competition always existed in every field which is just taken to a step further with the ongoing demand to sustain the competition. The workplace stress, family stress, study stress and an innumerable depression and stress factors have taken birth due to our lifestyle demands, and can not be given a miss at any cost. On the other hand, while juggling between the personal and professional life daily, we make a thin gap which is filled with the ailments related to our body.

The hospitals are one place nobody talks about in a positive way, but it is almost unavoidable to visit there for regular check-ups or for any other ailment treatment and credit goes to our lifestyle only. Our life is balanced by technology, which has its own set of pros and cons hanging on the either side of facility string and has to be tied together to enjoy both. Since I have poked the technology topic, so let’s discuss the benefits offered to us. The most beneficial offering of technology is App technology, which helps us all shrunk to one axis point to share, view and get more information. Science and technology go hand-in-hand when it comes to bringing out invention for the betterment of the patients, with this blog, I shall be focusing on the app technology in the medical field to make a smooth transition from my above-discussed points till here…

Easy Access To Care

The first motive behind us visiting the hospital during any unfavorable condition or casual check-up is to get the required care and comfort to relieve the pain and consulted by a specialist. This scenario is a very much affordable task from the accessibility point, in the metropolitan cities, but sadly the rural region, reflects an opposite picture; patients in rural areas with chronic diseases have a limited access to doctors or medical facilities, but healthcare mobile app reduces the distance between the doctors and patients, allowing the patients to consult over the mobile app platform and visit only once it recommended by the doctor and save from the unnecessary visits to the doctor’s clinic.

Patient Engagement

The long waiting queues at the doctor’s clinic leave the doctors with very little time to share a warm relationship with their patients, and also the lack of transparency of cost and quality leave a hole in the loyalty scale of a patient. The mobile app for the healthcare here works wonder for the patients, informing them, on-time about any delay in the appointment or to fix an appointment, check the break-up of their medical bill/consultation fee, The another enticing functionality of a healthcare mobile app, works in the favor of elderly patients or working professionals, who usually don’t get the time to keep themselves updated with the upcoming doctor’s appointment or pill schedule; this functionality work as patient’s personal assistant, reminding them of their next scheduled appointment and pill to be taken, in case patient is running out of the stock of the required pills, the healthcare mobile app can inform you about your pill and can help you find the nearest drug/medical store through location-based feature with no hassles involved within.

A Halt On Medicare Fraud:

There are many brokers sitting at every hospital, who fool the international or local patients by telling them to fix their appointment with the specialist required in no time, since the foreigner patients have a language barrier they can’t express their requirements to the medical staff and fall for the trap of brokers, who charge them hefty commission and become mediator between the patient and the doctor, but with a mobile app patients don’t have to depend on any mediator to reach the medical facilities and can directly make an appointment with the doctor over the mobile app platform and would get the authenticated medical bills.

Be With Them 24/7

After leaving the hospital generally, a patient is left with a paper, mentioning the medicines and referred treatment, but any other instruction given by the doctor is not so easy to be captured in the memory bank. A mobile app for healthcare can help the patient to remember the most urgent instructions: to take pills, monitor side effects and update your doctor in no time.

Tips For A Successful Healthcare Mobile App Development

  • Identifying the target audience- it is one of the most important factors involved in the healthcare app development process. Explore more about your target user base, and here the end user can easily be found in your vicinity, discuss the issues they face, and how this mobile app would be proven beneficial for them.


  • Identifying the reason to create a healthcare app – Many mobile apps are available in the app market but are rarely used by the users. As an app developer, you need to understand why this app is being developed and how it will be beneficial for the users. Analyze the reasons before initiation of a healthcare mobile app process to proceed seamlessly.


  • Make It Personalized Enough- The app content should be specific not merely the informative. Users can grab the other informative material on the internet, so your app should deliver something different, which users/patients can relate to.


  • Direct communication- Communication is the another vital aspect which sooth down the patient’s mental state. The healthcare mobile app must offer a communication channel between the patient and the doctor, through the more constructed form of email/messages.


The healthcare app development process is a sensitive platform, which requires dedication and perseverance in abundance since it deals with the health system of patients. As an mobile app development company, you need to ensure that you are commencing with a well-thought plan, including the above-mentioned tips for your app development. Healthcare mobile app is trending and demanded highly since it helps in delivering the services with quality care, improve the workflow and increase the patient interaction while minimizing complexity and cost involved in the healthcare treatment.

Healthcare mobile apps help increase the productivity and efficiency of the medical staff. If you have got an idea for a healthcare mobile app development, you must pick a top mobile app development company to cater to your needs, and Techugo, is the best solution for your healthcare mobile app development requirements. Techugo holds the relevant experience in the development of healthcare mobile app and our latest creation- myfollow-up app is a perfect example of our excellence. This app is not just unique and innovative but has already helped Doctors from top Indian hospitals to build the stronger relationship with their patients, so just don’t leave your chance to get associated with a top mobile app development company in India & abroad- Techugo.

At Techugo, we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal, and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way.

You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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