25 Jun 2020
Updated on December 27th, 2022

Benefits QA Outsourcing Can Offer To Your App Product?

QA Testing

There are many questions related to QA testing, and each of them matters to bring a successful process into practice. However, when it comes to building a product that is a success in every possible manner, it needs to be a PERFECT piece from every inch possible.

But is it that easier to achieve?

Of course, not, there are different steps involved in the process, and out of all, the QA process holds much significance.

Let’s find out the ways which highlight the value of the QA process and the challenges it possesses with the in-house team.

Why do you need to have a full-fledged QA process?

Well, you should know that QA- quality assurance is a systematic approach that is picked and implemented to ensure the product holds impeccable quality. The skilled QA professionals identify every possible glitch available in the software product. This ensures that end-users get the incredibly flawless app, which helps in bringing them closer to your services.

Advantages QA process bring to your business

Yes, you heard me correct, it is not just the app, that receives the advantages out of the QA process, but it further opens a floodgate of benefits to your business as well. Let’s check out further…

Reduces development cost

For an app, the seamless performance which comes without any hiccups, matter most. And to make this happen, different measures are being taken into account. With the testing process, your app can get rid of bugs at the early stages, and evade any chances of doing it on the later stages.

Higher customer satisfaction

There is no second option to this fact that the fewer bugs app has, the more satisfied customers are. The QA process allows businesses to maintain the quality of their product and prevent any chances of re-working.

Which approach is best; in-house or outsource?

No doubt, integration of the QA process requires time and effort, and there are two approaches; in-house team or outsourcing. To be précised, it is a moot point, however, to help you understand QA in-house team feasibly, it has been explained in this post further…

Benefits of having an in-house QA team

  • Regular updates;
  • Seamless cooperation between QA specialists and developers;
  • Expertise growth in the organization;
  • Employees get to follow their corporate culture.

Challenges of having an in-house QA team

QA is not a one-time event but is a process that goes along with the development journey. To meet this demand, you need a full-fledged team of highly qualified testing specialists. This will cause you money and time to hire a team to work with.

To find the required specialists is a daunting task, and no doubt it is complicated, time-consuming, and requires specific skills.

Testing is not just about skills, but there has to be a consistent workflow to test the product effortlessly. You need to create an efficient workflow to make this happen.

And further, you need to have a clear flow of tasks, to precisely distribute roles and responsibilities.

These are some of the challenges that come along with the in-house testing team, however when you assess the outsourcing option, then you need to understand that there are many benefits associated, such as:

  • You don’t need to waste your time and money in hiring a team for the testing process, but with the app development process, it comes as a complementary aspect.
  • You don’t need to be worried about assigning the work roles, because a team of the expert testing team, has sufficient experience to finalize the workflow and the way to finalize the process.
  • You don’t have to pay EXTRA for the testing process.
  • You get a skilled team to work with who has knowledge skills and tools to practice the right strategy for your app product.

With these benefits, it provides a clear indication that outsourcing is the best option for implementing QA process.

QA Process Steps followed by QA team

  • Planning- Here QA analysts identify and set the scope of tasks to perform on a project. Further, they define testing methodologies to be implemented for a specific product.
  • Requirements analysis- Within this phase, QA experts analyze the app requirements and in accordance with design test cases.
  • Test plan execution- This stage lets the QA engineers run test cases to check if the requirements are met.
  • Reporting- This is the most significant step, where testers jot down the information and provide reports of testing results.

Final thoughts

The app technology is a vast process, that needs to be considered with the best methodologies. In this run, testing holds the maximum worth, and there are very few of the app development companies which trust the manual testing along with the automated testing. The medley of both creates an incredible solution for the users to attain a glitch-free product in their hands. And to help you attain this, a leading app development company like Techugo is the best source to rely upon.

We have a highly experienced team of QA specialists, who has the sole purpose to find out the glitches and bugs in the app product. We follow a universal QA solution for your business app to get immediate results.

Reach us to understand our process of app development and QA testing, and our experts will make you walk-through this process effortlessly.

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