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16 Jun 2017


Dubai is a beautiful city and its beauty increases further during Ramadan time, but many tourists live in a misconception that their trip would turn into horror, if they visit Dubai during Ramadan, quite true if you trust the online material available, sharing all the heart-wrenching stories from different visitors, I am not denying those reports, but just to correct your facts, those available facts are a little old age, and recently the Dubai government has made some satisfactory relaxation in the rules, which means you DON’T have to starve during Ramadan, but you only have to respect the culture, so there are specific places where a non-faster can eat, every Mall in Dubai has large food courts, screened off- but open, Dubai Hotels have one or two restaurants open always, other restaurants are open, but for takeaways only, supermarkets are also open and you can get food and sandwiches. Apart from this relaxation, the other major step for the non-festers is the Mobile app for Restaurants, which let you order at your hotel room.

Yes, you heard me right; there are plenty of mobile apps for restaurants available in Dubai, where you can order your food online, without even stepping out from your place. Sounds so surreal, but it is the blessing of technology given to us, where a mere tap on a button, help us to fill our bellies. The Dubai restaurants serve the exotic food and the level of exoticness increases further during the Ramadan time, where there is a special menu for Iftar feasts, served at sunset, where you can experience the traditional Emirati cuisine. I believe due to the technology invasion, now Ramadan has become, the most-picked month by the tourists across the globe to enjoy the true essence of Emirati culture.

Benefits of Restaurant Mobile APP

Dubai is a city of dreams, where millions of tourists come every year to explore the magic of extraordinary. Dubai has much to offer, which can fill the plate of your expectations, but the demand for technology in the rest of the globe should be adapted well by every business domain in Dubai as well. The restaurants are one of those demanding business domains, where meeting the customer’s demands as per their convenience brings more business, and give you an edge over your competitors. I concur with your existing marketing strategies, which may bring a good chunk of customers to your restaurants, but due to the tech era, your existing marketing strategies need to be coupled with the app technology, which will help you to run the business without any fail. For a restaurant, mobile app technology is nothing less than a blessing, where a potential customer can access your services from anywhere and at any time, help you only increase the revenue generation for your business, yet if you feel why to have a mobile app for your restaurant business, then you must read further…

  • Online Reservation

Gone are the days, when you have to walk down to your favorite restaurant or call the help desk and wait on never-ending front desk’s call , now people have less time, they are pre-occupied, they prefer to get the work done with the easiest way possible. With a mobile app, it is indeed possible because they can reach to you and book a seat, even when they are traveling, in their break time or just while getting out of their meeting rooms , well circumstances are many, but they speak of only one thing that is CONVENIENCE. Through a mobile app, the user can book a preferred table, and can check whether there is an open slot available for his favorite table.

  • Deal On Location

Generally, restaurants experience more number of customers during the evening hours, or weekends, but with a mobile app for your restaurant, this limitation can be eradicated fully, and you can get more number of users during the weekdays and noon time as well, you only have to add a small device around your location; this device is called iBeacon, which can be set up around your location to send push notifications and deals to people in your vicinity, this will increase the number of customers in your restaurant and you would be able to mark your presence widely.

  • Notify Customers

Restaurants serve every day something new with attractive deals, depending on the season, festival and other particular reason. A mobile app for your business can help you send push notifications to your customers informing them about the pick-of-the-day or attractive deal sort of messages to garner more number of food ordering.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

A mobile app helps your business to craft the brand recognition, you wonder how? Let me tell you, the mobile app icon always remains intact on your customer’s mobile phone, reminding them all the time about your restaurant and the services it provides, consequently leading to brand recognition of your restaurant among your potential user base.

  • Help To Improve Services

Usually, if I don’t like food in a restaurant, I leave without saying a word and promise myself not to return there any time in future. This may have happened with you as well, and we take it as a normal customer behavior, but this takes a toll on that restaurant’s business since they lose the customer and still don’t know what the reason was. On the contrary, with a mobile app platform, you can instantly get a user’s feedback on a particular food, through the feedback and review section. If feedback speaks positive aspect then you can use it further as a testimonial for that dish, and if the feedback has something negative, it will help you to improve the services as per the given feedback; so in any case, it is a win-win situation for you, where you learn the ways to retain yours customers efficiently.

  • Easy Payments

When you travel to a different country, currency conversion, is annoying, and you get in a troubled situation, or when you have to pay, then the exact amount payment sometimes get a bit difficult, but with a mobile app your customers can pay via payment gateway, and the money gets deducted from their e-wallet, the best part here is, that it deducts the exact amount of bill you are charged with.

  • Create A Personalized Experience

We all love it when we open Google page on our birthdays and Google wishes us Happy Birthday, this analytic work with the help of information stored in Google, but gives us a pleasant experience, in the same way for your regular customers, you can store the vital information about them through app platform, and can wish them on their birthdays/ anniversaries, this will create a bond between you and your customers and you will have a loyal user base for your restaurant service.

This all we have in store for you today, albeit, there are more reasons to choose a mobile app for your restaurant, so more business can roll onto your restaurant business. The idea of app development is a robust plan to market your business domain with a wider audience, but the only thing you need to consider is that your restaurant app concept is getting built by a top mobile app development company in Dubai, just like Techugo, which has carved a niche for itself, by offering the exclusive mobile apps to various business verticals across the globe ranging from established brands to small businesses, and helped them to find their deserving recognition through the mobile apps.

If you are willing to know more about Techugo, simply just get in touch with Techugo team and get a restaurant mobile app developed for your business….so hurry and don’t wait…

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