15 Sep 2019

The Best AI Apps For Android & iOS That You Can’t Ignore

AI App

Who would have thought that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would come such a long way, when it was introduced by John McCarthy, during the Dartmouth Conference, in 1956. We sure have come a long way since then. And now AI is one of the most trending and popular hot topics in the world. The speed of the current advancements is shooting for the stars.

AI technology explains the inculcation of human-level accuracy and intelligence into the machines. To be precise, AI basically provides the ability to the machine, to think and act like humans. It has a lot of advantages. From providing expert assistance to the users, to providing accurate ways to do a task.

AI apps for android and iOS are used in almost every industry. From healthcare and tourism to leisure and fashion, each and every single one of them is keen on finding ways to fetch maximum benefits from this flourishing tech.

So let us know more about the inclusion of artificial intelligence in mobile apps by knowing about some of the best ones. So shall we begin?

  1. Hound

Now this beautifully crafted AI-based application makes use of your voice. It then continues with the search processes. You can get it on both iOS and Android, and yes, of course, it accepts your natural voice.

  1. Google Assistant

Available for both Android and iOS, this AI-powered virtual assistance is created by Google. It is available on smart home devices and on mobiles.

  1. Cortana

So the credit for its creation goes straight to Microsoft. It is available for Windows 10 mobile, Alexa, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Surface Headphones, Microsoft Band, and much more.

  1. ELSA

For both Android and iOS users it is one of the most popular apps based on artificial intelligence. It simplifies the way for users to learn English, by guiding them with proper pronunciations. It guarantees a good command over English within four weeks. ELSA has a test designed by some of the greatest experts, which guarantees the best result. Users can also track their learning process very easily.

  1. Recent News

A news aggregation application, available on both Android and iOS, is based on AI technology. The algorithm works by evaluating the user’s reading habits. Hence this app by studying the previous reading choices, behavior and interest, makes the relevant content available for the users to read. It also provides an option to bookmark the articles, so that users can come and read it later.

  1. Robin

Robin is actually another voice assistant created for the Android users. Hence, users can actually write text messages without the need for actual typing. It not only allows you to set reminders but also helps you to get GPS navigation and the status of traffic. From finding a nearby park to getting Twitter news, weather forecast and what not. It is actually a one-stop solution for all your woos.

  1. Socratic

It is one of the most popular Homework and Math helper app. It helps the users to finish the homework in less time, and that too with effective techniques. The artificially intelligent technology helps the students to excel in the studies. By just taking a picture of the homework with the camera it quickly provides you all the concepts that one must know. This is important to solve the problems in the correct way, that too in less time.

  1. Edison Mail

This smart assistance app is also known as easilyDo. It is a personal assistant app based on AI, available for both iOS and Android users. If you want to know the amount of traffic that you are going to face while travelling, then Edison Mail can help you with the same. Edison Mail also helps you to remove duplicate contact from the smartphone. And along with this, you can also know about the shortest route to a particular destination.

It is your best bet when it comes to booking tickets for movies, or tables for restaurants and much more.

These are the eight best AI apps for Android and iOS. But if you are thinking that this is all, then you are sadly mistaken. There are a lot of mobile app development companies, that are working in a direction to create a seamless AI-based app. If you want to get one for yourself then get in touch with the leading mobile app development company, today.

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