29 May 2023
Updated on June 1st, 2023

Best Business Calendar App Development: Get Your Own Time Management Expert!


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Did you just use a calendar app to optimize your planning to save time?

The easier it seems to run a calendar app, the more tricky and challenging it is to build one. However, people look upon this app category as the ultimate way to win time management skills; no matter if there is a CEO, a student, or an employee, everyone has a calendar app installed on their mobile phones. 

Does that mean the demand for the best business calendar apps is increasing? 

Yes, it is! Because according to a study, 70% of people rely on digital calendars to manage most of their lives and to keep track of professional and personal matters among family, friends, and coworkers.

As lifestyles turn complex, paper calendars are no longer suitable, and the best business calendar app or digital calendar turns out to be a way to reap multiple benefits against a busy schedule and a massive task load. 

Let’s hop on to this post and unravel the wonders of how you can build a calendar app. 

Milestones to Cover to Build a Calendar App!

Just like we mentioned above, it is obviously a tough nut to crack to develop the best business calendar app. However, when you move gradually from one step to another with the assistance of a top mobile app development company in USA, no more difficulties will be coming on your way. 

So, are you excited to learn about those progressive milestones you need to achieve to develop a monthly calendar app for Android or iOS

If yes, continue reading!

Calendar App

1. Connect with Some Experts in App Development Industry 

Which team will be handling your project and helping you take it forward with all the planning, execution, and after-support should be your first concern. You will have great help with your app idea after hiring developers from Techugo. 

2. Define the Project Scope and Requirements

When you have mapped and defined everything about the project requirements, it becomes easier for project managers to assign necessary tasks to the team of app developers. Thus, your business expectations can be met seamlessly. 

Also, don’t forget to pick the best among Android, iOS, and Web devices, as this factor influences the allocation of labor. However, to build the best business calendar app that runs on multi-platform, consider robust cross-platform app development. Your project scope gives meaning to your requirements, so plan everything wisely.   

3. Choose MVP

Instead of going with full-fledged mobile app development, you must go with the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which includes only the core functionalities and solve a specific problem that users mostly face. Even if you have a lower budget and want to learn from your end-users, like what they are thinking of your digital solution, it would be great to get started with MVP. 

4. Native or Cross Platform App Development

To build a calendar app specifically for iOS and Android devices, choose native app development. However, cross-platform app development is good to create the best calendar app for all platforms.

5. Identify a Cloud Computing Platform

From options like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure, choose the most preferred cloud computing platform and build, revise, and deliver applications to various mobile devices. 

6. API Integration

Facebook, Google, and Twitter are some third parties providing API for projects like yours to access and integrate the functionalities of Javascript into your app. 

7. Tech Stack 

Consider the technology stack given below to create a calendar app.

  • Java: A robust programming language for native Android development
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL:  These open-source SQL databases will cater to your need for RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)
  • Node.js: A javascript-based runtime environment used for backend development. 
  • MongoDB and Apache Cassandra: NoSQL databases that create scalable and dynamic applications. 
  • Nylas Cloud Calendar API: Let developers integrate features like reminders and scheduling.
  • FX Calendar API: Add information regarding future finance events.
  • Calendarific API: Used to place different public holidays in the best business calendar app development. 

8. Libraries

Instead of a tech stack, libraries are also required to create a calendar app. 

  • Android: Cosmo Calendar, SlyCalendarView, Event Calendar, AgendaCalendarView, CustomizableCalendar
  • iOS: JTAppleCalendar, MBCalendarKit, Calendar, FSCalendar, CalendarLib, CalendarKit
  • Web: iCalendar, KendoUI, Webix, jQuery UI, Calendarize

9. Start the Development

As of now, you can start the development of your app, and for that, a team consisting of the following can help: 

Other Essentials to Create the Best Business Calendar App

No denying that we use calendar apps because of their intuitive UI/UX design and a seamless way to check on important dates, events, and meetings. And that’s what creates a challenge for entrepreneurs to design effectively yet intuitively.

Are you feeling worried?

Don’t be!

Because this section has led you towards some more considerations to make while designing your own calendar app and, undoubtedly, expand more opportunities for you to bring a bang among your competitors. 

So, let’s move on!

Best Business Calendar App

1. UI/UX

An intuitive user interface and interactive user experience are one of the main aims of various apps, and yes, the best business calendar app development has no exception. While consulting with the best app designers, you can create a striking yet minimalistic design for your calendar app using the latest design trends, bright colors, fonts, different forms, etc. 

2. Sync Capacities

As users today use many digital devices and gadgets, consider the best calendar app development that runs flexibly on every device, like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

To cater to the business requirements, the app should be in sync with Google and iCloud. 

3. Advanced Functionality

Although we have provided a complete list of essential features for you to include in your calendar app in the guide below, you must not neglect some cool features that will make your app stay ahead of the curve and let users choose from the various styles and colors as per their preferences. 

4. Access to Hardware

For a security level, integrating hardware devices such as 3D Touch or Force Touch can make a great impact. Even Geolocation can bring a power-packed performance to your app. 

How Many Industries Leverage In-App Calendars?

When you speak Calendar, every industry vertical, user, business, and client appears in front because it is that necessary element without which we cannot assume our lives. Whether it’s the start and the end of the end, the needs for calendar apps come into the front, and our reliance on them to manage tasks only grows. 

Taking note of the influence a calendar brings to our lives, every industry has its own in-app calendar to let end-users manage their time and schedule. 

In-App Calendars

1. Education

eLearning app development is reaching new heights with the amalgamation of tech. The major aim for its arrival into the world is to provide learners with access to their desired course remotely. 

However, it goes to the extreme level with an in-app calendar that lets learners schedule lectures, home tasks, Q&A sessions, etc. What’s more interesting is that students are notified when an essay submission deadline or online class is approaching. 

2. Healthcare 

How can one ignore the healthcare sector? Patients receive push notifications when there is time to consume medication or make an appointment with the doctor. 

That’s not it!

One can track the physical activities of a day and plan training sessions accordingly with the statistics provided by the wearable

3. Travel and Hospitality

From displaying available dates to booked dates, the travel and hospitality industry uses in-app calendars. The end-users can look at them and seamlessly confirm their flight or hotel booking. Even the big name in this industry, Airbnb, also has an in-app calendar. 

4. Logistics

The logistics industry is very focused on its loading, shipping, or delivery management; that’s what creates its reliance on the in-app calendar. To track the shipment and choose the date and time for delivery, carriers and shippers have been using logistics apps with calendars. 

Also ReadLogistics Software Development: Features, Benefits, Trends, and a Lot More!

5. Parking and Transportation

Car parking or Escooter apps also favor using in-app calendars to let users book the slot, time, and date to park their vehicles. Even a user can schedule the ride and get a notification when the driver comes. 

6. Streaming Applications 

Netflix and Amazon Prime are streaming apps that use premier calendars that let users go through upcoming live interviews, chat shows, scheduled broadcasts, and one-time presentations. 

What should be the top features of a robust calendar app?

The best business calendar app development will not be possible without adding some incredible features.

No more head-scratching? 

Dive directly into the features to build a calendar web app and stay ahead of the curve. 

robust calendar app

1. Reminder Set Up

The main aim for users to use the calendar app is to make sure to attend crucial deadlines and meetings.

And guess what?

The best business calendar app is the one that ensures this essential need of users. So, while finalizing the features of your calendar app, don’t forget to include Reminder Set up. A top mobile app development company will definitely help. 

2. Time Block

Time blocks allow users to work on essential tasks at a specific time. Using this, they can improve their productivity and save time for other tasks and activities. Entrepreneurs prefer this feature to avoid interference that might disturb their meetings on vital concepts. 

3. Recurring Events

With the recurring events feature in the best business calendar app development, users can also schedule a recurring meeting, event, or appointment. 

4. Task Scheduling

Entrepreneurs find it easier to schedule a task on a calendar app. The management team does not have to look forth and back. Thus, it saves time for business core activities. 

5. Resource Management

The feature lets you seamlessly add all available resources to the calendar to book slots. No matter how many devices or employees you have, it becomes easier to streamline all meetings via this feature. 

6. Contacts Availability

You can even send invitations for an event with a specific date and time to your guests, colleagues, and others, which means no more calls, messages, or emails you must endure to send. Just an invitation via a calendar app, and you are good to go.  

What is the overall cost of creating a calendar app?

Not just calendar apps, but the cost to create apps of any category depends on multiple factors because all of them are highly responsible for the robustness, power-packed performance, and creative elements of the app. In the end, everyone looks for a high-quality app, and for that to achieve, one must have a budget that can be fluctuated depending on the following: 

cost of creating a calendar app

  • App development platform
  • Features and functions
  • UI/UX customized app design 
  • Backend and frontend
  • App maintenance cost
  • App development team structure
  • Location of the app development team

While considering a meeting with the top app development company, you can get a complete insight into the development cost of your calendar app. After listening to your idea and your expectations with the app, the experts can give you the exact cost. 

Have an App Idea? Connect with Techugo!

We have been in the app development industry for more than seven years and delivering solutions to sectors like Education, Logistics, Healthcare, Food Delivery, and other industries. 

Our expertise not only helps businesses with massive app projects but also with smaller ones. Although calendar app development is not a unique concept, we can help you make it the one with our experiences in creating 850+ applications. 

So, what about sipping coffee with our experts and discussing your app idea? 

Book your first consultation with Techugo, a leading on-demand app development company, and come closer to the dream you have always dreamed of.

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