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15 May 2019

5 Best Mobile App Development Framework To Pick In 2019

Mobile applications are very sought after among people. They are eager to try various application notions, as these applications are useful and allowing them to accomplish various task. Altogether demand of mobile app development services are also increasing. Side by side, the demand of more powerful and enhanced technologies is increasing, that can allow developers to make user-friendly and high-grade applications.

Every day new technology and framework are entering in this space, and it is hard for both developers and business to stick to one choice. Though, for development of mobile application, picking the right framework makes a count.

There are various frameworks that not just improve performance but also ease down the development. However, picking framework must be done as per your requirements. In order to offer you aid in its selection, I have listed down some frameworks that are best for both iOS and Android App development. Take a look.

  1. Ionic

It is an open source SDK that allows the creation of high-quality applications. Basically, this technology is being used for front end development and enables developers to create beautiful UX design. Angular and JavaScript are officially integrated with Ionic framework. It is one of the most well-known platforms today and poisoning at the top in the list of hybrid app development. The use of this framework is very convenient, it utilizes HTML, CSS, and javascript for app development. Its powerful CLI makes  coding, testing and deployment easy.  If your budget is small, and your application doesn’t need to perform heavy tasks, this platform is best.

Altogether, it is main choice for developer because of its capability to create native-like mobile apps.

2. React Native

As its name signifies, this technology is good for creating truly native apps. Besides, there is no need to code separately for both iOS and Android app, it allows the use of single code base. It has both iOS and Android native components and enables the development in JavaScript.

Initially, it was created for iOS development only, but now it is available for Android application development also. Its high-grade libraries are able to render mobile UIs for both platforms. This is the free development tool, that allows the creation of faster applications.

   3. Flutter

In this list, another name is Flutter. This is also very popular among developers, as it uses dart language for both iOS and Android app development. This open source SDK has numbers of great features that make it a great fit for app development, such as hot reload, that allows developers to add new features and fix the bugs easily. Its rich set of widgets also allows creation of a highly interactive interface.


This open source platform is a one-stop solution for all application development. Being a statically typed programming language, it allows the creation of high-quality apps. Its codes run on JVM and it uses the libraries of java, that makes application architecture robust. Due to the java libraries, application development is easier and more faster. The major benefits of kotlin are brevity, easy app development, great IDE support and reliability, make it first choice of developers.

5. Angular

Angular framework is strongly TypeScript open source platform that enables developers to create highly interactive apps. This technology works with JavaScript to create interactive functionalities in UI. Owing to a wide range of features like cross-platform compatibility, templates, code splitting and more, make it highly demanded among developers. This loads the app quickly with the help of component router.

Besides, Angular CLI makes app building fast by allowing adding of components and testing.

There are many other platforms that are good for mobile app development. At Techugo, we are using numbers of application development platforms including these all. Our team of developers is engaged in leveraging the potential of these technologies to deliver great application solutions. From years, we are engaged in app building and rendering best quality assistance & services. Owing to our quality assurance team and testers, we are delivering top quality apps with unique features. Our experts are using various modern technologies like blockchain, AI and more to offer new generation solutions. Our clientele includes global leaders and they have admired our services for quality. To know more, get in touch with us.



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