16 May 2023

Best Vedic Astrology Apps: A Comprehensive Guide on Building The Cosmic Connection


Surbhi Bhatia

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Best Vedic Astrology Apps

Have you watched ‘The Fault in our Stars?’

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but this article is not about the movie. However, stars play a very significant role in our life, and how we track them to predict future is called astrology.

People nowadays are intrigued to find answers to their queries; thus, they consult with astrologers or opt to use the best Vedic astrology apps.

Notably, the global astrology market was valued at USD 2065.33 million in 2021; however, it is likely to rise to USD 7853.2 million by the end of 2027.

Fortune telling is often called horoscope, or astrology is the art or science that forecasts the future based on planetary positions or zodiac signs. The icing on the cake is the offline practice of astrology has now changed its path to take up digitization, and a number of astrology apps are gaining momentum.

Similar to doctor appointment app for predictions.

How fascinated are you by the idea of astrology app development? If we agree, getting on this rollercoaster ride would be fun together as we excel at it. However, look at the guide before diving deep into the process.

Introduction to Astrology Apps 


Astrology Apps

Astrology apps are online consultation applications that offer to bridge the gap between customers and astrologers to help them predict their future based on planetary conditions. During the entire process, the factors that are considered include zodiac signs, birth charts, etc. 

Furthermore, customers choose different astrology apps for varied purposes, and the most common ones are listed below. 

But before that, note down that you may build an app incorporated with more than one category that will help you acquire a solid customer base. So now let’s get started! 

1. Western Astrology 

While the app category is Western astrology, its mechanism is based on the Indian astrology style. So then, what’s the difference? 

A Western astrology app’s calculations are based on zodiac signs that are calculated using a customer’s birth date and month. 

2. Indian/Vedic Astrology

The traditional astrology system, known as Kundli, comprises calculating predictions based on planetary conditions and birth charts. Nowadays, a birth chart is prepared using an astrology chart calculator app, and predictions are accordingly made.

3. Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is based on 12 animal signs and follows lunar calendar principles comprising a 12-year cycle. Every year is dedicated to an animal that is decided by taking the revolution period of Jupiter and the Sun into consideration. 

4. Numerology

A prediction made where numbers play a dominating role is known as numerology. These numbers are derived from a user’s birthdate, and it is believed that the numbers tend to explain individual characteristics.

5. Tarot Reading

A person’s future is predicted via cards and is known as Tarot Reading. The card reader shuffles the card and places the same. Whichever card is picked to answer a particular question interprets the message coming through. 

6. Palmistry

Palmistry involves reading the hand of a person to predict future occurrences. Marks, lines, and moles depict meanings conveyed to an individual. 

What Has Helped Best Vedic Astrology Apps Acquire the Limelight? 

Popularity of Vedic Astrology Apps

Need more reasons to invest in astrology consultation applications? Here’s what you must know:

1. Hyper-Personalized Services

The entire astrology mechanism is based on personalization, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work here. Thus, an astrology consultation platform takes it up a notch by providing tailored solutions to each user. Hyper-personalized content is offered with the help of algorithms and predictions are made. 

2. Time-Efficient Astrology Services

As time-taking as it is to visit an astrologer and wait for the turn, consultation apps have made it much simpler and time-saving. All a user needs to do is download a reliable astrology consultation mobile app and set up a meeting. Thus, app users can connect with their favorite astrologers via a phone or video call and ask them relevant questions. 

3. Privacy Concerns

There may be many people who are cautious about their privacy and would want to maintain anonymity. Unfortunately, it can not be followed in an astrologer’s office; however, a mobile app maintains  privacy and doesn’t disclose a customer’s information. 

4. Suitable and Pocket-Friendly

It is not necessary that the top astrologers are situated nearby the customer’s place. Sometimes, traveling miles to an astrologer’s office for consultation can also be challenging. Therefore, customers prefer online services as they are much more suitable and cost-efficient. 

Astrology App Ideas You May Consider to Rope In a Broader Audience 

Astrology App Ideas

Are you running out of unique ideas to build an efficient astrology app? Here’s a list curated just for you: 

1. Astrology Dating Apps

People are now much more inclined towards online matchmaking or dating apps. Notably, the revenue generated from online dating apps in 2022 was USD 2.86 billion. However, the figures are going to rise up to USD 3.41 billion by the end of 2027. 

But, why are we talking about dating applications here? Because one of the best ideas is to fabricate an astrology dating app that’ll help people connect on the basis of their birthcharts and horoscopes. 

2. Vedic Astrology App

The amalgamation of modern touch into Vedic studies gave birth to Vedic astrology which is very accurate and highly adopted worldwide. 

3. Moon Calendar Astrology App

It is said that no event is possible without the support of the moon, which is why one of the primary choices of astrologers is to check the moon’s calendar and make a prediction. Thus, you may build an app that works towards the same to provide another exceptional option to astrologers. 

4. Pattern App Astrology

The pattern astrology applications collect information about the user, such as name, gender, date of birth, and more to make predictions about them. 

How about creating a revenue stream for your business with the development of a pattern astrology app?

5. Astrology Chart App

Indeed, the birth chart has a significant role to play in astrology, and professionals read this chart to predict the future. Thus, you may consider developing a birth chart app like AstroMatrix that’ll help astrologers read the chart. 

6. Sidereal Astrology App

Sidereal astrology is considered to be an authentic and real astrology type, and is acquiring massive popularity in the US and Europe. 

Guess what’s the most lucrative mobile app development idea with little or no competition? Undoubtedly, sidereal astrology app development is a tremendous idea for stable revenue generation. 

Must-Have Features of Your Astrology App 

Must-Have Features of Your Astrology App

Now that you’re familiar with the astrology app ideas and are all set to pick the most suitable one, take a dig at the features that must be added to make it an interesting platform. Let’s get started!

Basic Features 

1. Horoscope report

2. Daily horoscope

3. Weekly horoscope

4. Monthly horoscope

5. Yearly horoscope

6. Love horoscope

7. Money horoscope

8. Daily horoscope tips

Advanced Features 

1. AI horoscope notifications

2. Personalized readings

Other Essential Features 

1. Easy Sign Up

The first and foremost feature that must be carefully incorporated within your astrology app is an easy sign up that’ll enable app users to log in easily. The details required for login include name, phone number, email address, or social media integration. Once logged in, users can use the app with a single tap or click. 

2. Live Session

An astrology app must incorporate real-time chat. Else, customers should be able to connect with the experts via video calling, text, etc. 

3. Media Upload/Download

Media download will enable app users to upload pictures of their kundli or birth details for prediction reading. On the other hand, documents should be able to download in case service providers have prepared the kundli. 

4. Appointment Booking

Just like you book appointments on your salon booking app, the astrology app must let customers book their slots. Once a consultation is booked, both parties can have a personalized session. 

5. Celestial Calendar 

The celestial calendar feature is a must-have in-built feature for astrology apps that allow astrologers to calculate and find the birth chart of the user. 

Best Monetization Models To Generate Revenue from Astrology Apps 

best monetization models

Listed below are some of the most common and best monetization models to generate higher revenue. Take a look!

1. Astrology Marketplace

Why do you think that startups like Astrotalk are acquiring immense popularity? The secret sauce behind the same is the platform providing Astro solutions to their customers by enabling them to connect with astrologers. 

The astrology marketplace model earns from two sources: the astrology consultation seekers and the astrologers looking for customers. 

2. Advertisements

Advertisements can be a great revenue source for astrology applications. For instance, these platforms can advertise books related to astrology, gemstones, counseling sessions, and other merchandise. 

3. Third-Party Merchandise

Notably, the astro ecosystem comprises a number of products and services. Therefore, astrologers that will be most interested in offering personalized readings, Feng Shui, and Vastu Shastra are some of the potential businesses that would like to build an astrology app and sell their products and services.

4. Selling Merchandise

Some astrology apps directly sell the merchandise to their customers. Therefore, this app can also work as an e-commerce store and sell gemstones, books, Vastu Shastra consultation, Feng Shui, and more. 

So, what is your idea of building the best astrology app for iPhone and Android? Get in touch with the app developers today! 

Cost of Astrology App Development

It has been mentioned in several of our previous articles that the cost of app development varies and relies on several factors. Also, it is essential to note that two apps built for the same domain also differ in the cost as per the changes in its factors. 

To learn the factors that influence the app cost are listed below: 

– Choice of the platform: Android, iOS, or other

– Complexity of the project

– Number of features integrated

– Tech stack involved

UI/UX design

– Developer’s cost

Need more assistance? Connect with the best team of astrology app development company by scheduling a consultation. 

In a Nutshell!

We are already witnessing one of the best use cases of artificial intelligence that is now being leveraged with astrology apps to forward computerized automated horoscope reports to app users. 

While this is just an example, there’s a lot more scope for astrology applications to capture the market with its exceptional mechanism. 

Fortunately, Techugo is a one-stop-solution that lets you convert your dreams into reality by building a jaw-dropping mobile app. We will build an astrology app accessible to all and will emphasize providing a seamless experience.

So, what are you waiting for?

Reach out to the best mobile app development company in USA and build a versatile app for your target audience.

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