23 Sep 2019
Updated on December 27th, 2022

You Better Watch Your Steps While Using Facebook Dating App


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Facebook Dating App

“If a Dating Application is a key to unlock your love life, then here are 5 tips that will stop those apps from becoming your worst nightmare!”

“Find love through what you like”- says Facebook Dating. Doesn’t this statement shoot directly for your heart? Well, it is actually great to know that because of the development and transformation of technology you can actually take concrete action and find your love. Rather than spending the rest of your time waiting for Mr. Right or even the Prince Charming!

Dating applications are definitely the latest sensation, that are hovering over everyone’s mind. They have created a strong buzz, especially among the millennials. But to be honest they now have created a huge social network for people from a different generation. From enthusiastic senior citizens to the millennials in search of true love or a fling!

Seeing the popularity, even Facebook has joined the league. For its US users, the company has launched its very own Facebook Dating!

According to Molly Roberts, Facebook knows a lot about you and your likes and dislikes. So the site collects all the information that you have clicked on, and serve it all in a well-garnished platter. This means that after studying the information the site can serve you with your perfect match. Don’t worry, the power to accept or reject remains in your hand. And also the site will ensure to keep your personal and dating profile completely different

It is obvious that the company wants you to use their app, and there is already a huge glut of applications present in the market. But according to them, it will be easy for you to connect with the better suiters, as a lot of people use the site to generally connect with each other.

Now, if you are just like me, ‘security’ must have been the first word that popped into your mind. Because you won’t be able to figure out that, whether the other person is the ‘one’ or just a ‘serial killer’ waiting for you?

So without any further ado, let us talk about all the safety tips that you need to follow while using Facebook Dating.

  1. Be Extra Careful With The Pictures

Now, this tip is the one that is not only confined to the app, but also to any social networking site that you are on. Facebook Dating selects any three pictures in addition to your profile photo. And then it shares it with the people who are in search of potential matches, just like you. But you need to ensure that you thoroughly analyze what you are going to put in front of the entire world. So don’t share them, until you take a close look at them.

For example, sharing the picture that has your house address or your vehicle number is completely disastrous. And even sharing pictures of your recognizable place is extremely dangerous, for example, a restaurant or a bar. So make it a general rule, to take pictures that make it difficult for anyone to stalk you.

  1. It Is Okay To ‘Take A Break’

Not everything happens according to our choice, so it is okay to take a little break whenever you feel a little overwhelmed. Hence, if it goes out of hand, for example, the amount of bad conversation is greater than good dates, then go ahead and take a break. The app has a setting for the same. Check out how you can discover it:

  • Select the Setting icon on the top right corner of the app’s home screen
  • Click on General button
  • Select ‘Take a Break‘ and wait till it gets purple
  • And at last click on Continue to confirm

When you have enabled it, the profile will no longer pop up in the search result. The catch is that you can still continue chatting with the previous connections, only if you want.

  1. Don’t Forget To Tag

Don’t you even dare to meet a complete stranger from Facebook Dating, without letting someone know? This might seem a little harsh, but trust me I am not telling you to view every stranger as a threat. But letting someone know that you are going on a date with someone you have never met before, adds a little sense of security.

So the worst-case scenario is that if you go missing, then your friend or relative always know that you were going on a date with the guy or girl that you met on Facebook Dating. This small sense of safety can give you the much-needed peace during the date.

  1. Keep A Check On Location

Just like all the dating application, this one also wants your location to match with the other users in the same area. But it won’t use the location that you enter in it, instead, it fetches the location of the place that where you set up the profile. This means that if you create the account at a cafe sipping your coffee, then it will show you the potential matches within the given miles of that range.

Of course, you can change the location and the distance, but that change is also based on the place you presently are. I don’t think there is a manual way to adjust it. So be careful with the location as it makes tracking you completely easy. Being extra specific invites a lot of stalkers, and also can be harmful if it lands with someone having ill intentions.

  1. Always Be Prepared To Block

More is less, especially when I talk about the importance of blocking a stalker out. In fact, you must know how to use the block button even before you start looking for potential matches. On Facebook online Dating, you can specifically search for the accounts that you want to block. Hence feel free to block crazy exes, relatives or stalkers, and prevent you from encountering someone you do not want to.

So feel free to use the block button even when you can’t catch a good wibe. It prevents things from getting a bit awkward for both parties.


Now I can’t guarantee if Facebook Dating app will be beneficial for you or not. But since this insecurity must not stop you from exploring it is important to follow the above-mentioned steps. And if you need any kind of information related to this or any other dating application, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. And stay tuned to this space, for more updates.

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