20 Jul 2016
Updated on July 23rd, 2019

Bidding Adieu To iPhone 6s Franchise


For a person like me, it was a bit chaos filled with over excitement, when I noticed most of the people from my city, the heart of UP- Lucknow, and the complete India, were going maniac to grab the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus last year. Undoubtedly, these two pieces from Apple basket had become the hottest selling cake. I can recall some of my friends even gone bankrupt and some borrowed from others to be a part of this mania. But I remained rigid and continued with my Android, but my friends’ excitement made me curious to atleast know more about the 6s franchise, so I searched and searched and found some interesting facts about the 6s and 6s Plus. On an honest note there was something which was new and innovative, it was, the 3D Touch. Just to explain further 3D Touch is not the usual long press on Android, but a far better and much quicker feature, to access the hidden menu.

When Apple launched the 6s and 6s Plus with 3D Touch, I somehow realized that people who owned iPhone 6 were going to be bewildered and would go inconsequential, but on a serious note the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus broke all the barriers of reaching the heights of popularity. Though critics didn’t take this casually and called it a callous job of Apple Inc.

Now, when the mobile market has already gone heated with iOS 10, there are many of the features which are being discussed. Luckily, the launch of iOS 10 has made it clear that 3D touch is the most popular way to use an iPhone.  Unfortunately, the trial versions on iOS 10 Developer Beta and iOS 10 Developer Beta 2 on a non-3D Touch device, had many bugs, error in loading animations & transitions, but again tech-gurus find it but obvious, since it was a trial version.

3D Touch is just an icing on the cake. It basically, can be considered as the center of excellence for iOS 10. For instance on the lock screen, a hard press of 3D Touch lets you clear all notifications in one go. Another interesting feature which made my eyeballs popped is the interaction with the notifications and that too without touching the app. For the music lovers, iOS 10 will let you have a separate tab for music. Unlike on Android, you don’t have to press it harder and you can adjust the pressing sensitivity in setting mode. The instant reaction is something which makes it different, and unique. On the top of it, the pressure sensitivity would never lead to accidental activation.

To go further, the 3D Touch lets you share any app from the home screen, with an additional and superb feature, iOS 10 and 3D Touch can allow a direct jump to a notification inside a folder, which would reduce the pain of opening a folder and find the app with the notification badge.

It can easily be noticed that, 3D Touch is not just a one-time effort of Apple engineers but is the result of ever expanding research and passion of Apple engineers and no surprise for guessing, but I can also let my bank account statement go blank just to grab iOS 10. To wrap up, I would recommend, that you can simply get the iOS 10 and get the true-blue iOS experience to be felt personally.

Arpit Tripathi

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