19 Nov 2018

How Big Data Is Making The Healthcare Simple?


Big Data is creating a stir in the world!

The moment term Big Data pops up, the creative antenna within our heads rise up and a creative notion can be experienced, and a sudden technical aura is created around, considering the Big Data to only be sufficed with high-end technology business, but on the contrary, Big Data has a bigger role in the healthcare industry as well.

On a conventional mode, this very technology is assumed to be in the books of businessmen, who look for the optimal technology intervention in their business domain to enhance the efficiency and revenue of the business.

However, this very fact is little transformed with the introduction of the same technology in the healthcare domain where it is more like a whim to be practiced further.

Eventually, technology is just like a double-edged sword, which if used in the right way can cut the crap out of your business and let the reward flow-in.

In this run, Big Data-enabled mobile applications are carrying some of the most helpful ways to save the patients’ lives.

Yes, you heard me all correct! The data analytics has that potential surprisingly, which can change the game of healthcare industry in a much better way.

To help you understand it further I have collected some of those mesmerizing facts herewith in this post, so just stay tuned for more refreshing shouts coming all the way from data analytics.

Obstruct The Ill-Flow Of Chronic Diseases

The medical field is filled with many astonishing facts, which suggest that certain diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes can be prevented if the symptoms for the upcoming ailments would be diagnosed much before it hit the red button.

But on an average, it is quite tough for any of us to keep a track on health data in a way, which can help us keep an eye upon the upcoming disease.

As per the reports, nearly $30 billion is spent on preventive diseases annually.

Ouch! That’s a huge number to talk about, but this is the reality, where such chronic ailments become a challenge not just for the health-condition but also cause a financial breakdown. Thus it is highly recommended to prevent these diseases and this is where the data analytics come into the picture.

Technocrats are finding the best measures to develop the Machine Learning algorithms, which can identify the patients, who are running on the high risk of developing such diseases.

From this data, health practitioners can come into the picture and help the patients to plan out the best preventive measures to combat the forceful entry of the illness.

With such improved technology, it is expected to find the large amounts of data on treatment plans and in return increase the recovery rates of cancer patients, by analyzing the trends and treatments that have caused the highest rates of treatment success.

Enhance Emergency Service Productivity

Dealing with a health emergency situation is an inevitable task, which healthcare practitioners deal with, on daily and sometimes on hourly gaps even. However, the trickiest part of this job is when the medical services have to respond quickly but the limitation of the resource availability obstructs the fluid process.

Any emergency service includes health expert, ambulance and required medical equipment to proffer the needed patients care without a fail. Also, there are a number of applications available now which help the paramedics’ team to carry out the emergency services efficiently and offer the much-needed patient care as quickly as possible.

With the inclusion of data analytics in such app solutions, would bring more accurate and précised information like type of emergency, location and the availability of the resources, this information compiled would help in selecting the right equipment to be sent.

Also, with the exact location, the ambulance doesn’t need to face the chaos of traffic and can take the fastest route to the emergency scene.

Electronic Health Records

Every patient admitted in the hospital has a record including the demographics, medical history, allergies, laboratory test results etc. Big Data technology helps in sharing the records via secure information systems.

These files also contain the trigger for warnings and reminders reminding the patient to go for the lab test or track prescriptions.

Improves Patient Engagement

The smart devices are ruling the current scenario where it is no more a hurdle for the users to access their records or the health condition through wearable technology.

The integration of data analytics in wearable technology can give vital information to identify potential health risks lurking. For instance- severe insomnia and the elevated heart rate can be a signal for a risk of future heart disease.

This would help the patients to become more independent about monitoring their health risks and avoiding the unnecessary visits to the doctor and of course the money on those preventable diseases.

Big Data For Medical Imaging

I am assured medical imaging does not require any sort of introduction and in any hospital or medical facilities, tests are performed. But the biggest challenge comes storing manually these images, and it requires money and time both.

The big data analytics for healthcare can help the images to be stored in a unique way where the algorithms are developed after analyzing the thousands of images and identify the specific patterns in the pixels and convert them into a number to help the physician.

Undeniably the scope offered by big data is huge ranging from enhanced preventive health care to have improved responses to medical emergencies is beyond the expectation level.

In other words, mentioning that Big Data has changed the way we manage, analyze and leverage data in the healthcare industry, would not be an over-rated expression, and it is indeed one of the most promising areas to transform the life in a much better way.

Big Data holds the potential to reduce costs of treatment, predict outbreaks of epidemics, avoid preventable diseases and improve our life-quality, thus it would be a wrong choice to not to let it become a part of your healthcare mobile app.

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