13 Sep 2018

Big Fat Updates From Apple Launch Event


Ankit Singh

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Apple Launch Event

“How to plug gaps in technology?”

Am not sure whether I should call it an issue or a concern arising from every nook and corner of the world, wherein it is suggested that technology is evolving at a rapid-fire stage, but are the service providers really able to meet that gap?

Not sure of others, but Apple has definitely plugged this gap, with the interaction of the latest technologies and the features in the iOS.

Yesterday we updated you about the iOS latest launch which was supposed to take place at 10 pm IST, now we are here again to keep you informed about the latest iPhones which are all set to create a stir in the market along with the new version of Apple Watch OS 4.

Aren’t, you willing to unchain your technological imagination???

Then Welcome you to the 2018 Apple launch event highlights

Let’s start the long-awaited products information further with this blog…

Steve Job theatre finally put a halt on the rumor and leaks, which were a very much part of the unveiled Apple iPhone X series. But before initiating ahead, I would like to tell you that 3 major iPhones are…

iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Watch OS 4 coupled with updates on the other product lines, were the part of the incredible launch journey last evening.

  • Apple Watch Series 4

The Watch OS was the very first device showcased during the launch event and it really carved a different story for the users.

What All Are The Features?

  • The Apple Watch Series 4 now has the 30% larger display, wherein the handful of new watch faces reflecting more information would stretch all the way to the edges of the display.
  • Watch OS 4 now has received a set of new speaker and microphone.
  • The back of the watch is now black ceramic and sapphire crystal casing, making the calls clearer.
  • Within the watch, a new S4 processor and a new accelerometer and gyroscope make it easier to detect when the wearer has fallen over.
  • Also, the new sensors can detect if the wearer is motionless for more than one minute, and in such event, it makes an SOS call to emergency services automatically.
  • The Watch body has become slightly thinner, and now it has the 18-hour, all-day battery life.
  • The best feature now it carries is the ECG support for measuring the electrical activity of the heart, irregular heart rate detection, and fall detection. It creates a closed circuit, the moment wearer holds the finger against its crown for 30 seconds. It further records the data, which is further shared with doctors as a PDF.
  • However, the approval from the Federal Drug Administration for this technology would only make it available for US customers as of now.
  • A series of new bands are available now including the yarn Nike Sports Loop.

Available Color

The watch will be available in silver, gold and space grey.

Cost & Shipping

The Apple Watch Series 4 would start from $399 for the GPS model and $499 for the cellular.

The pre-ordering of the Watch OS 4 will start from Sep 14th and will start shipping by September 21st.

  • iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max

The two new iPhone models the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, are here to change the way we interact with technology.

Calling it an update of Apple Flagship iPhone X

is not at all wrong.

What Are All The Features There?

  • The major difference between these two devices is of their size.
  • The XS has a 5.8-inch OLED screen and holds the 2.7 million pixels, whereas the XS Max carries the 6.5-inch OLED screen with 3.3 million pixels.
  • Both the handsets have the Apple’s latest chip- A12 bionic.
  • Also, these both devices have the first 7-nanometer chip, which has the capability of running five trillion operations per second.
  • Both devices further have the 6.9B transistors, a six-core CPU, four-core GPU, and an upgraded 8-core neural engine.
  • As far as the camera is concerned, both the iPhones have a dual-camera system on their rear. One of the cameras is a 12MP wide-angle camera, which has the new image stabilization sensor further supported by the 12MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom. Also, they support blur adjustment, allowing the adjustments to be done to Portrait Mode after the image has been taken.
  • The front of the camera of the phones is a True Depth, allowing the FaceID facial recognition.
  • Apple has further suggested that these devices’ cameras are integrated with the improved bokeh technology, letting the field of depth editing of photos.
  • Both the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max have the water resistance feature IP68 certification, which guarantees the glass design to be far more durable.
  • Now XS has a 30 minute longer battery life then iPhone X and the XS Max will last for up to an hour and half longer.
  • Both phones brace elegantly the dual-SIM technology. The eSIM works across the world, but in China, hence the SIM tray supports two physical SIM cards instead, which means when either phone gets a call, that SIM card becomes active to answer the call.

Available Color

iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max both are available in gold, silver or space grey.

Cost & Shipping

The iPhone Xs starts at $999, and the iPhone X Max starts at $1099, but for the 512 GB model, it gets pretty expensive.

The pre-ordering of the devices can be done from September 14th and shipping will commence from September 21st.

  • iPhone XR

In the run of inimitable technology glare, Apple took a U-Turn, by introducing the tad affordable iPhone XR.

This certainly would be the most preferred iPhone device of all the time, as it has got the iPhone X-design, with 6 new colors which fits the budget as well.

What Are The Features?

  • iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch LCD display with a 1792×828 resolution imbibed with True Tone Technology – which Apple has called the ‘Liquid Retina.’ It is the first edge-to-edge LCD handset in the market.
  • The rear front of the device holds a single lens camera setup of 12MP wide-angle camera and lacks Force Touch, but its camera makes it a perfect fit to capture the Portrait Mode images. On the front, it supports the True Depth Camera.
  • The display doesn’t support the 3D Touch, but Apple has integrated the long-press ‘Haptic Touch’ feature.
  • To amuse us further, the device has the wireless charging support, with an A12 Bionic chip on the inside, and it further supports Face ID authentication.
  • However, this device has no home button. 

Available Colors

iPhone XR will be available in six colors: white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and PRODUCT RED (which is still in making)

Cost & Shipping

iPhone XR will start at $749 for 64GB of storage and would accept the Preorder by October 19th, and start shipping on October 26th.

  • Software Updates

So far the hardware is concerned; Apple has mentioned that its latest iOS 12 would be available to download from 17th Sep’18.

On the other hand, the software update for the AI speaker, the HomePod, macOS Mojave- designed for MacBooks and other Macs, will be released on September 24th.

These updates kept the technocrats from the rest of the world to stay on their toes and overwhelmed the audience with the constant flow of the new updates.

This was the quick recap of Apple launch Event and it has certainly left the tech-freaks from Techugo team and rest of the globe to look forward to these devices, which would not just entice the users, but would extend the technical advancements in the mobile world, to a new level.

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