9 Mar 2020
Updated on December 27th, 2022

What All It Takes To Make A Billion-Dollar App Eventbrite?


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You cannot deny the fact, that despite having the multiple digital modes of entertainment around us, we all still prefer to have a great connection with real life.

And this real-life connection is well planned with an event planning app.

The complete business of event planning has turned out to be enormous and huge, and multiple apps are leading in this race.

However, there is one leader, which is winning the race and that is none other than Eventbrite.


Since 2006, Eventbrite has raised a total of $332.3 million in funding.

In June 2019, Eventbrite generated around $3.2 billion from selling over 1.1 billion tickets.


OOOOOH, that’s a HUUUUUUUGE number!


What actually Eventbrite offers?

Well, Eventbrite is a mobile app that holds different products targeting both event organizers and people looking for events to attend in their local area.


Basic features of the Eventbrite app

  • Allows users to access the event feed with classification by categories based on user location (via GPS) and preferences
  • Lets users to access the in-app ticket purchasing via Stripe, Braintree, or PayPal
  • Has a flexible refund policy
  • Personalized event recommendations
  • Discovery feature, reflecting friends’ events, and a QR code feature in the app.


App for Organizers

Eventbrite is a great pool of resourceful entertainment for the attendees, but at the same time, it brings multiple benefits to event organizers as well.

Let’s take a quick tour of organizers’ app features

Manage events

Even organizers get a seamless way to create their own events. They just need to give a name to the event, set a location, date, type, and price, and further publish it.

Organizers can also add pictures, videos, and audio to grab the users’ attention.

Also, on being created, the event can further be edited.

Creating tickets

With Eventbrite, organizers can design their own paper or electronic tickets with QR codes.

There are different ticket layouts available:

  • General admission
  • VIP
  • Reserved seating
  • Multi-day pass
  • One-day pass
  • Early bird discount
  • Coded discount
  • Waitlisting

Cancel or reschedule

Organizers get the opportunity to cancel and reschedule events during any untoward incident.

Receiving payments

With the app, organizers get the option to choose different modes of payment Payment Processing.

Entry management

Eventbrite brings along a wide variety of services to provide event organizers with a smooth and convenient check-in user experience.

Promoting events

Promotion of the events is another engaging revenue model for the event organizers, wherein they can use Animoto to create social media videos or use Zapier CRM system for the customizable push notifications.

Analytical tools

This feature helps the organizers to track sales, attendees, and traffic.

App for attendees 

There are multiple other factors also, that must be taken into consideration. Just take a look…

Search engine

With this feature, your users don’t need to go through a longer pool of information and can access what they are looking for with just a few taps.

Tickets and payments

Eventbrite has integrated this feature, which allows the users to choose seats, buy tickets, and manage their bookings without any type of hurdle involved.


The notification feature lets the users get reminders, updates and even any new info related to the event.

City and destination guides

The Geolocation feature helps the attendees set the optimal route to the venue and calculate the estimated time and cost to reach there.

Advanced features to be added in an app like Eventbrite

Yes, this is the most common question that pops in your mind, when you think that what more can be added into your app portal, to make it sound more engaging and creative.

Package event tours

With this feature, you let your users, who are coming to attend an event from a far distant location, to rent a room or pick the best food joint in the vicinity.

Boost offline sales

On the day of the event, if people or the locals are willing to still enter and enjoy the sales, then they can, with the help of a barcode scanner and box-office rentals, NFC bracelets, POS transaction processing.


What more do you require to build an app like Eventbrite?

First and the foremost, you must not forget that every event app must have the 2 modules:

  • Organizer app
  • User app

Further to this, there are few other aspects which must be considered carefully, such as:

Appealing design

The event app offers a portal, that has to be accessed by people coming from different walks of life, and there is no denial to this fact that everyone looks for the engagement in the app, but in a seamless manner.

Ensure that every app design interface in the app is well planned, and well- structured, that helps the users to navigate through the app without being confused.

Add custom filters

You must not forget an app must convey the convenience at the best, so to help your users find the best-tagged content and categories, use custom filer option, to help them discover easily.

Include local payment solutions

There are many regions across the world, where the local payment options are preferred on the global payment gateways. Hence, you must study your user and their choices, and in accordance with integrate the payment option within the app.

Sync social media

Social media is the tool to voice your brand, and this can easily be a part of your app as well when you decide to sync your application with social media accounts and let your users invite their friends to join the platform. It goes without saying but it is another way to build a strong community for your app portal.

Well apart from these mentioned features, there is much more that is required to build a successful event app.

Yes, you got it right, it is the cost involved in the development!

However, to tell you the exact cost for your event app, is not possible, as there are multiple factors involved in the app creation, like:

  • Features
  • Functionalities
  • Location

And much more, henceforth, if you are willing to get the accurate cost for your event app like Eventbrite, then don’t forget to reach out to the team of experts at Techugo.

And don’t miss sharing your valuable insights on how to improve what we’re doing.

Please leave your reaction and drop us an e-mail at sales@techugo.com to share how you feel about this article.

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