6 Aug 2019

How Blockchain Technology Is Revamping Mobile App Development Industry?

Blockchain Technology

You might have listened about Blockchain technology. It is quite popular all over the world. In the last few years, people have become more aware of it because of the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Yes! Cryptocurrencies are the basic reason for the popularity of Blockchain.

Indeed, there is a very common story prevalent around the world that Blockchain is only for developing cryptocurrencies. It is true, but there are many other facts related to Blockchain technology. Today,  mobile app development industry is using it extensively. Actually, this technology has immense capabilities, and it can help in developing various remarkable functionalities in applications.

Experts around the world, have found various utilization of this technology in different projects. Not only developers are excited to explore the potential of this technology, but also industries are tempted to discover its utilization and benefits. In this post, we will learn how blockchain is benefiting mobile app development industry, but before that, I will discuss some aspects of this technology.

What is Blockchain? 


It is a most common question I have heard people asking each other. Well! Let me Explain.

Blockchain is a most stringent concept. In this concept, blocks of data secured with a cryptographic hash get linked with each other.

Many people say that it a growing list of records, in addition, some associate it with distributed ledger system. However, my understanding is that it is a robust network where each block of information is linked with other blocks by timestamps. In a nutshell, the whole concept is based on two basic entities known as block and chain. Where block is a set of records with an encrypted key, and these blocks are arranged in a chronological manner, which is known as a chain.

Undoubtedly, it is a very powerful concept and provides systems with higher security, and adds more transparency to the data. As everything  gets recorded, users can easily access to required information and can look-over everything involved in the process.

This technology has several benefits, however, its impact on mobile app development is remarkable. It is opening various doors of opportunities for app development industries. Let’s get an insight into its benefits for the app development industry.

  • Helps in Developing highly-secured Apps 

Security is major challenge for both businesses and developers. Each business wants a secured mobile app. So data of users cannot get lost or stolen. Altogether, the ground-breaking concept of the distributed ledger and encrypted keys, enable developers to strengthen the data sharing in mobile apps. With this concept, developers are creating more secure apps.

  • Blockchain with Internet of things


Today, businesses are greatly investing in Internet of things. However, many of them want a secured application with the capabilities of IoT. As numbers of devices get link together in an IoT network, security of data is a major issue for cybersecurity experts. Blockchain enables the development of an IoT application where all data can get distribute without any discrepancy, in a secured manner.

  • Unique Features in The Applications

It enables the development of different types of mobile apps with unmatched functionalities including digital tokens, digital ledger of records, and more. It is actually an amazing technology which can help in the development of unique mobile apps. The use of blockchain in healthcare apps, finance apps are best example.

You must comprehend that each node in a network of blockchain stays motivated and agreed to work under an ethical standard. This concept makes it a powerful tool. Truly, it has great benefits over mobile app development. Developers at Techugo, are engaged in finding other potential of this technology, and exceedingly utilizing it for developing robust mobile apps. Both Android and iOS developers are integrating this technology in their projects, discovering its worth into mobile app development. It has been adopted by a trusted mobile application development company, to develop highly-secured app. To obtain a mobile app with outstanding security, you must utilize this technology.

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