30 Oct 2019
Updated on December 28th, 2022

Boost Media And Entertainment Industry With Vital Punch Of Mobile App

media and entertainment industry

The media and entertainment industry is known to stun the world with its mesmerizing charm. And for ages, this industry has been successfully catching the right nerve of their audience. But with the changing trend, the entertainment industry is also ready to expand their horizons, by relishing the refreshing punch of mobile app technology. Let us see how…


This billion-dollar industry is known for its bold decision making. From creating films on hard-hitting facts or jumping on the bandwagon by adopting trending technologies, this industry never holds it back. Rather it welcomes a new idea, business or creative with open arms.

And that is the reason why different entertainment businesses are not shying away from making revolutionary changes.

But do you know the main agenda behind it???

Are you aware of the benefits that mobile applications have to offer???


The Reason Behind The Popularity Of Mobile Apps In Media & Entertainment Industry


In order to maximize efficiency, every single one of us is ready to travel the extra mile, and so is this industry. Its expansion is successfully shattering all the boundaries and is paving its way into the never-ending source of income.

Yes, here we are talking about digitalization.

The introduction of mobile apps led to the flourishing development of this industry in the digital world. It has transformed the way we perceive things, by defining an unprecedented level of convenience. This means relishing your favorite movie is not confined within the walls of your bedroom, rather it can be enjoyed anywhere, irrespective of time.

So if you are someone who is looking forward to multiplying your business revenue, it is necessary for you to know the importance of mobile app for the media and entertainment industry. So without any further ado, let us dig a little deeper into the topic.

#1 Increase Brand Visibility

Indeed modernization has bombarded us with lots of benefits, but it also has also predefined our daily life routines, making them more hectic. And there are a lot of people who follow a similar monotonous routine every day.

In this boring lifestyle, entertainment offers a ray of hope. With the introduction of entertainment mobile applications, people have something to look forward to, apart from their daily schedule.

If you are into this business, it is a great opportunity to ameliorate the brand’s visibility and cash the benefits. Once you create an app with mind blowing services and high-quality content, the inflow of an ameliorated audience is guaranteed.

Apart from a larger customer base, you can also create a huge glut of loyal ones. But since the concept is not new, facing heavy competition is evident. But you can always hit the bull’s eye with the help of the best mobile app developers.

2# Enhance User Activity & Engagement

From brand visibility, let us jump to the benefits of applications increasing user engagement. Since an average user spends 90 percent of their time on mobile, switching between the applications, it is evident that they have whole another level of engagement.

When compared to websites, mobile applications have a much faster conversion rate. It jumps straight from 100 to 300 percent. The engagement is so much that the users consume 50 percent of their data while enjoying the perks of entertainment application during the odd hours. Every time the new content is added, it is like a cherry on top.

The huge variety of content engages the different kinds of audiences. For example, people are usually inclined to news channels early in the morning, and by the end of the day, the preference changes according to the mood.

3# Diminish Piracy

The introduction of pirated content in the market is the reason behind the huge losses suffered by the media and entertainment industry every year. But mobile app technology has provided a huge relief from the amelioration of the pirated content. Since they offer the latest content at a fair price, there is no point for them to go for low quality pirated content.

With the arrival of entertainment applications, there is no need for the audience to ruin their experience over a few bucks. This directly supports the legal way of distributing the content, and it also scraps off the use of pirated content.

Last but not least…

4# The Use Of Push Notifications

Media & entertainment and almost all the applications have an added advantage of push notifications. It is undoubtedly the most enticing marketing tool. It allows a company to send bulk messages to the wide-ranging audience.

From informing the users about the addition of a new offer to the inclusion of a new web series, push notification can make the entire process a cakewalk.

Unless you want to refrain your business in the media and entertainment industry from relishing an ameliorated revenue funnel, start working on your idea of developing your own exclusive application. But ensure that you choose nothing but an expert team of developers and QA analysts.

But till then stay tuned to this platform for more exciting updates.

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