10 Nov 2017
Updated on May 9th, 2019

How To Bring App Concept Into Reality


Ankit Singh

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The mobile app concept intrigues the brain chords of the maximum and shakes you down entirely, where you eat, drink and sleep even most of the times the app concept only.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Well, calling it beautiful would destroy the real essence of it, so I would leave this section blank and empty, to be filled by our own imaginary adjectives….

Switching back to my blog them, for a client the app concept is a full-fledged mobile app, which they have already built in their minds, eradicating the technical competencies that need to be completed in the app concept.

But sketching down that one concept onto the technical background is nothing less than a challenge, which every app developer has to deal with every app project. Calling the role of an app developer as an imaginator or an artist is nothing wrong at all, because every ounce of the thought process of an app developer webs around that how to pick the pieces into one big parcel so an app can come into existence.

After discussing with certain app developers in my turf, I realized, that app concept realization into an app development process is indeed not an easy task to be accomplished, thus addressing this issue to help my developer folks out there, is my sole aim to communicate with you today through this blog.

There are some of the non-technical approaches which can ease down the pain of translating the app concept into reality, but unfortunately these approaches are often neglected by the app developers unintentionally. Following I have mentioned some of the non-technical steps to be considered to get a perfect app ready. So let’s begin…

  • Get An Organized Approach

Once you get an app project onboard, the very next thing after the formalities of NDA, invoice and the technical discussion gets over; you need to see the app concept in an organized approach, regardless of the technological advancements to be included, or any other challenges you have to overcome during the development phase. You would be finding it little odd, from your technical perspective, since nothing is bind together, but it is just certain pieces, which have been discussed, but trust me it helps a lot.

Each of our action largely depends on how we perceive the things, and our mind loves to play game with us, so this time trick your mind, by assuring it as one full piece, and with this approach you set your mind at peace, while finding the new ways to be carried out in the app development process, to make it successful.

  • Wireframe Works

Although it is technical part, but the reason I have mentioned it here, since many app developers indulge into this segment little too much, by investing their time in creating logos, color and other detailed information, but you need to remember it is mere a ROUGH draft and can survive without these technical details, so pick it with a non-technical approach as mention ahead…

An app development process is bifurcated into various stages, and one of them is the infancy stage, which I call it in my own vernacular, wherein nothing is initiated, but a prominent sketch- called wireframe comes into existence, which explains further that how each page of the mobile app is going to look like and what would be the transition screen steps.

I feel wireframe is not just a piece of the sketch, but it holds the full potential, which helps the developers further to proceed with the development process. Every wireframe is a strong visualization of the app designer and developer, who sit along to give a room to the reality of the app concept.

Yes, it is worth to mention that the app designer need to have a crystal clear ideas about the app requirements, and again remember, it is just a rough draft, which reflects only the functional elements of the app, so don’t invest time on making this aesthetically appealing.

  • Team Involvement

I personally believe that keeping every single person related to the project, since the initial phase of app development is something every app development company must look forward to.

Not convinced?

Lemme explain, in the general scenario every app is handled step-by-step by the pertinent team members, and it is taken care in this manner only. But on the other hand, when you engage designers, developers, marketers, and other team members (pertinent for that particular app project) then you erase the chances of any gap to be experienced by the app and henceforth affecting its growth and success.

Also, for a smooth development process, keep your client informed about each and every development that takes place in particular app development stages.

  • Work With Client’s Approval

Do you know what irks a client most?

When something is done and dusted without seeking his/her consent.

Hey developers, don’t be insane, the app you are working upon is actually a business expansion tool for your client, who has every right to know what is going on and how is it getting build on, so seek your client’s approval after finishing each and every stage so the valuable inputs of client can be considered or discussed further. Once your client gives a green signal to the app build, then only proceed further, and it applies from app design to the last minute testing of your app as well.

  • Play Inquisitive

Being an app developer does not make you the mind-reader, there would be many steps and functionality, which you are unable to understand or you don’t find accurate, here you don’t have to raise your voice, but voice your opinion.

Don’t be scared of being shushed away, but you would be surprised to know that your client rather feels happy when you ask questions and raise queries, so don’t sit mum and work blindly on the given instruction, but listen and speak both, when required to make a successful app.

As a consequence these all factors lead to a successful app, which opens the door of new opportunities for you, thus follow the advice and work aggressively on it to let the magic happen.

It is not easy to capture the market with a plain app, rather as a mobile app development company in India, you need to produce something special and different from your competitors, and this can only be achieved when the mentioned points are considered and become a part of your app development strategy.

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