1 Nov 2022
Updated on November 28th, 2022

Byju’s X Techugo: The Coming Together of the Strongest Online Coaching App and Tech Venture!


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Gone are the days when the traditional mode of education was of utmost importance. Students had to go to school and attend lectures in a four-walled classroom with restricted textbook material. 

Luckily, it is not the only option anymore, and the entire credit goes to technology and the rise of the internet. 

Nowadays, there’s access to quality education from the comfort of our homes as long as the internet is available, and it is marked as the revolution of online learning. 

Sure, it can be difficult to leave behind the standard classroom mechanism; however, a concept like Byju’s- an online coaching application has provided us with never-ending reasons not to shy away from what tech has to offer. 

Let’s Time Travel to How Byju Started!

Before Byju’s learning app became a massive brand, the CEO Byju Raveendran, took action into his hands and educated more than a thousand students at a time in auditoriums. He did an exceptional job at conceptual clarity, and began his journey toward digitization in 2011. 

His objective was to reach a wider audience and educate them seamlessly with the amalgamation of online trends like mobility, video, and cloud in the background.

Well, guess what?

The company surpassed the Rs. 1,000 crore revenue mark in 2018-19 with its ‘Think and Learn’ app strategy. 

According to Raveendran, one of the significant challenges that they encountered was to create content that could derive effectiveness and engagement at once. 

Sure, providing students with access to quality learning was never an issue; however, it became vital to look for solutions that would enhance the learning experience for a student,” he added. 

That’s the magic e-learning app development has brought to students’ lives!

The Big News? 


Byju- the best app for online coaching has now concluded a financing round of $250 million from its investors, which include the Qatar Investment Authority. Not only this, but the word is that Byju’s is all set to raise another $500 million via convertible notes as a segment of its pre-IPO funding. 

Another Jaw-Dropping Announcement!

Any guesses? 

Not to keep you waiting, we are honored and proud to announce that Techugo is now collaborating with India’s largest ed-tech company with a user base of 33 million, out of which 2.3 million users are paid. 

Hitting the bull’s eye, the collaboration is gearing up to raise the standards of the e-learning industry, and build an experience that would meet the requirement of kids hungry to learn. 

Surely, education is a core necessitate that is equally relevant in small towns as well as metro cities. Thus, e-learning platforms like Byju’s will transform the future with their flexibility, cost-effectiveness, personalization, and wide selection of programs.

Do you want to boost the success ratio with quality-driven mobile apps?

Give us a call now, and acquire assistance on your online coaching app development ideas!

Also, don’t forget to stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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