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6 Apr 2018

Why You Can Never Ditch App Marketing

How common is it for you as an app owner to get heebie-jeebies before the app gets launched and you tend to feel every possible jitter to run down on your spine and you want to rush towards the best strategies to save your app from any mishap to take place with it and then you tend to acquire every possible way to help your app to succeed.

This situation occurs with everyone around us, who wants to access the success of mobile app, but don’t get enough number of sources to help you in making your app successful, this is the time when you realize that it is a Do or Die situation for your app, and you can’t take any risk.

Indeed many suggestions, pour in and you only get confused further, then receiving any definite answer to bring the result for your app’s success plan, like; hitting the right audience, conduct surveys (I know it sounds creepy), re-think of functionalities and many more irrelevant parts indulge in, which only raise the size of the confusion cloud.

UFFFF, it’s really too much to deal with, when you have your business revenue to raise with a mobile app, then getting these many creepy suggestions, make you fall for the most chosen strategy and you feel that you made the right decision finally, but app technology being a fragment of volatile technology clan, does not take the onus to make that technology to work for you…

Did I confuse you more??? My apologies, my aim was indeed not the same, but sorry if I caused that rush in your mind L

Then what’s that one strategy which can help your app to gain the ultimate acme, which would not halt due to any reason…????

That one strategy is App Marketing….

I know you would have curled up your eye-brows intensely, but you heard me right, its mobile app marketing only which has the power to shout out aloud to your targeted audience, and help your app to make a loud and appreciating noise in the app market.

Not convinced???HUH!!!!

No worries, this is what I expected even, and that’s the sole reason I am here to help you with this post, so read ahead…

Why you need app marketing???

Well this question is the most asked and often been given a delusional reply to fit the need of the hour, but I will not play evasive and would rather help you come up with a DEFINITE success plan for your mobile app, so here I begin…

You Are Not Just The ONE

It’s little harsh to start with, but have you ever thought that how many apps are already existing in the app market and how many are being introduced daily? It’s beyond your imagination, and has even crossed the numeric of millions, so don’t you feel that in such a big crowd getting the attention for your app, is not an easy task.

Consider this situation in this way when the Yellow color taxis are much distinguished from the larger fleet of cars, just due to its color and difference it creates by its appearance, but unfortunately your app is not that physical object with yellow color, to be identified from the crowd, so eventually you require something distinct which can shout to the users and inform users that you have these exceptional features.

And no prize for guessing this act is carried out elegantly by the app marketing only.


App Store Is Not The Discovery Guide For Your App

How many people actually use the app stores to search for your app??? Only 40%…which means that rest of the 60% users, use other modes to discover the apps they require, it can be social media, search engines or even the written material.

It clearly indicates that your app discoverability would depend on various other modes of portals as well, so unless you pick the app marketing, chances of getting your app noticed by the targeted audience on the other portals, reduce to zero.

Helps To Prove App’s Value

A very common perception of a common user suggests that they never use the app after installing it and after some time in order to make some space they simply uninstall the app. This largely happens when your user is not aware of the value provided by your app, and it remains unbeknown to them, once the app is uninstalled without even checking its worth.

With the app marketing, you can stop your app being vulnerable and get attacked by the uninstalls without utilizing the app even. You can spread the good words about your app to the users, showcasing the number of app features and the functionalities your app has to offer and how it will affect largely to the users’ life.

Users’ Stay Engaged

Your users are demanding and the credit ball unhappily falls into the court of the overtly available number of mobile apps, which make them wish for something better always. To keep a pace with this demand, you keep enhancing the users’ experience with the number of new features and the functionalities, but you need to keep your users informed about it since there are fair chances that your users might ignore the notification or would not understand the new feature.

On the other hand, with the app marketing, this battle is won without an issue, and you can keep your users informed with the new and the innovative marketing strategies, specially designed for your app, so the users stay engaged and keep using your mobile app.

These reasons are sufficient to help you analyze that app marketing lets your mobile app to excel further on the success parameters and get noticed by the audience and create new elevator story for your business through the hands of a mobile app.

So now if you haven’t integrated the app marketing in your app launch plan, then get in touch with your top mobile app development company in India and help your app to gain deserving attention.



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