International Yoga Day

21 Jun 2019

Celebrating International Yoga Day With Mobile App Development

First of all, happy International Yoga Day!

There is no doubt in the fact that, the world is currently swimming in the pool of chaos. Yet most of us are trying to attain mindfulness.

Achieving mindfulness is just as difficult as conquering the top of Mt Everest. But this doesn’t mean that we will stop trying, right? But first, let us start with the basics, and understand the concept of mindfulness.

It simply means living each and every passing moment, and developing a constant state of awareness. But do you know the best way to beat stress and relax the mind? Of course its…YOGA…

Yoga is an ancient mental, spiritual and physical practice, that originated in India. The word ‘yoga’ drives from Sanskrit, and it symbolises the unification of consciousness and body. The world celebrates International Yoga Day on 21 June, in various forms. The popularity of this ancient technique has shattered every boundary, and is raising awareness worldwide.

Practicing it on regular basis is great, when it comes to enhancing physical, mental and spiritual health. But bougie classes can sometimes be a lot intimidating and expensive. Such reasons can keep you from practicing this art as much as you’d like. This is where mobile app development jumps in to rescue.

Due to the growth of technology and mobile applications, it is now possible for each and every single one of you to practice yoga, according to your comfort. You no longer require to join any class or attend any session, if you don’t feel like doing so. All you need to have is dedication towards learning yoga, and a mind blowing app for the same.

Below mentioned are 8 different types of applications, that you can choose, according to your personality and convenience.

  1. A newbie? Want to practice regularly?

If you have absolutely no idea about this art, and you are looking forward to strike up a new healthy habit, then technology has got you covered. There are apps that have two to three week program. It helps you get into the flow of practicing the technique regularly. They provide yoga basics for beginners, with a pre-recorded session to follow.

Everyday you will get a reminder to get your workout mode on. In addition to this, they also provide some suggestions for the program or session to take next.

  1. If you want a little extra

Applications are their that provide more than 20,000 classes. So, if you get bored easily this type of app is best for you to install. To identify your perfect session, you can select your yogi level, and get your Downward Dog mode on. It means you can select the type of workout, from the never ending pool of varieties. Remember to focus on the areas you want to work on.

From deciding the session time to, selecting the soundtrack, these apps allow you to have complete control over your session.

  1. If you are obsessed with Instagram Yogis

If Yoga stars and Insta-gurus like Koya Webb and Briohny Smyth are your inspiration, then you can experience up to thousand sessions, ranging from meditation to straight up Vinyasa. There are apps that can help you to become an insta star. You can score many likes by uploading your pictures in headstand or crow pose. Through a series of a few classes, you can learn how to crush difficult yoga postures. 

So go get your yoga bling on, and become an insta-star.

  1. Want to sweat more and pump up the heart beat? 

Using applications that can turn up the burn by adding some extra strength exercises, like push-ups, planks, squats etc, but with a special yoga touch. Apps like these, shoot the instructional video in a gorgeous space, for example, tropical locale. And because of this, you at least have something beautiful to look at(while your muscles are crying). 

If you need to breath a little; try some of the app’s low-key sessions. They basically focus on easy flows, slow stretches and balancing.

  1. Too lazy to get out of bed? 

What if there were apps that allowed you to do yoga from bed? There are(yes, you heard it correct)! 

These apps allow you to set an alarm. So when its time to rise and shine, they’ll launch an audio guided yoga and meditation sessions. And, you can practice from bed. They provide beginner-friendly classes that lasts up to 10 to 20 minutes, or less.

  1. Require a little accountability? 

Are you a regular class goer, who wants to commit to a single trainer’s class? Do you perform best when you have a huge community to hold you accountability? Then there are many applications that you’ll absolutely cherish. You can attend a specific trainer’s class on an app, and then interact with many others in the community. Who knows, you might just find your kind of people here! It is also possible to download the session, and practice later.

  1. You literally have 5 minutes?

It is easy to blame your hectic schedule and escape from your workout routine. But technology won’t let you do that any more! By using an excuse-proof app, you can shatter all the limitation of your hectic lifestyle. There are many apps that can help you practice yoga, even for 5 minutes. After that session, your workout is done.

  1. Are you a control freak?

 Are you a control freak, by any chance? Do you want to choose your own adventure? Then there is an app for you too. In such applications, you can customize you entire experience. Just select the poses you want to practice, and the app’s smart link feature strings all the postures together into one continuous cohesive flow, which you can follow via video.


Have you noticed? There are every kind of yoga application for each and every kind of personality. All you need to do is expand your horizons and inculcate this ancient practice in your day-to-day life. Many mobile application development companies are working day and night, to bridge the gap between technology and healthy lifestyle.

TECHUGO is an established mobile app development company in India, USA and Dubai. Our team of developers never choose a common and tested path for technology integration. We ensure to use the best strategies in design and development, in order to provide ease of experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch, today. Because only we can transform your dream into reality.






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