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12 Jul 2017

Challenges For App Marketers

The moment the analytics break the news, that you are succeeding in your business…you feel delighted and in the informal term, you reach the moon in an instant moment. It is a well-known fact that mobile apps are an integral part to boost the business opportunities, since with a mobile app a business expands its wings on a global platform in no time. But mobile app development it is indeed not an event, but a process and with a right set of technology and the marketing strategy which is integrated with a correct dosage to add flavor to the cream. We all know app development is not a small process, but involves a number of technicalities and expertise to make an app successful, but when we look around, we find that there is burning number of mobile apps in the market, which is getting bigger and bigger with every passing minute making the mobile apps’ existence in danger if not picked a right app marketing strategy.

In today’s scenario, every app marketer is using the best possible way to reach clients, but they do also have their share of challenges, which cannot go unnoticed. Worth to mention app marketing plays a huge role in making an app successful, so it is way too evident that the marketing challenges are needed to be addressed efficiently, else can leave a harmful effect on mobile app health. Below mentioned, are some of the app marketing challenges faced by the app marketers, and the solutions to overcome them, please read ahead ….

  • A Flood Of Mobile Apps 

It is not wrong to say that mobile apps are in abundance in the app market, you name it and you get it, this scenario totally fits the bill of today’s app industry, where for one particular genre, a myriad of mobile apps are already circulating in the app world which leave the customers to try and pick one as per their requirement. But this never ending app race has made the existence of mobile apps tougher, so to get an app noticed by a potential user, is not anymore an easy task which can be achieved with 3-4 portals, but there need to be a proper app marketing strategy for the mobile app, to be implemented from the before and after of the app development phase, so an app can be noticed by the users, much before it makes an official entry in the respective app stores.

  • Content Consumption 

Just brush your memory, and recall the last hoarding you saw on the roadside while driving the other night, what do you remember from that hoarding? Or in the more succinct way to ask what grabbed your attention when you saw that hoarding? If I am not wrong after the image something which caught your attention and you found quirky enough to set in your memory record, was nothing other than the content. We all know mobile apps are interwoven in our daily life and we can’t even afford to avoid them in any given situation, since we are largely dependent on the mobile apps, to address our every single requirement, in this run, we can’t forget that ultimately it is the app content in the form of push-notification or blog/article/press release or any other content form which is published on the different marketing channels, and it must be according to the taste of your users, for instance: you can never expect a fashion mobile app to talk only technical in its content, but it needs to speak the mind of your business to reach the heart of your clients.

  • User Engagement 


Many app marketers still live in a hallucinatory world, where they feel that app marketing is essential, but till some extent, wherein the app engagement can be attained successfully by the app interface, app design, and the app concept. Maybe this ideology was absolutely correct till some time before, but now the apps’ engagement has gone to a different level, where you can’t expect your users to remain stick with your app due to app interface and so on, on the contrary now users demand more and more to remain engaged with the mobile app, so app developers are supposed to find and create a right balance between user acquisition and retention. This can be achieved by keeping a track over the user behavior and modulating the app and its features as per the user’s demand.

  • App Marketing Solely Can Not Bring Success 

It is little disheartening, that’s why I am addressing it at the last. Many app developers are way too smart and active to play the game of app marketing well, you can consider them PRO, but yet some mobile apps fail to carve a niche for themselves, wondering why? Then the heartfelt news is that only app marketing cannot make an app successful, it boosts the chances of mobile app success, if the mobile app already has a good concept and the app design, then it would work as an added advantage. So focus on app marketing but don’t lag behind with the app development features and functionalities as well, these both aspects need to work a parallel platform to achieve the success.

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