28 Aug 2018

Challenges That Bug The Content Marketing Flow


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Content Marketing

As an app marketer, you try different sets of marketing strategies, in order to make the app flourish and grow exponentially.

The most enticing part of the app marketing is that none of the strategies, be it ASO, Content, SMO, Keyword Optimization to name a few, are escaped from the group of possibilities, challenges, and even the risk factors, which are expected to pay hindrance to the production cycle.

Apart from this excitement, something more which sucks the essence of life from a mobile app product, are the challenges, which don’t stop at one or two, but as the technology is getting advanced along with the users’ expectations, so the challenges as well.

Every time there is something keeps on adding with this and it doesn’t stop here, which increase the tension for the app marketers and this pressure suffice them to underperform with their mobile app marketing.

Hence it is much needed and advised for an app marketer to keep a check on the latest trends and the risk and challenges baggage along with them to make it grow stronger for their mobile app.

To make this task much easier and convenient for you, we brought this post today for you, wherein we have picked the content marketing as the discussed topic and going to share the aspects which must be considered in order to beat the challenges and create a smooth passage for your app’s success.

Just stay glued and read what else it can bring to your app product to grow it successful…

Challenge #1

Creating Something As Per Users’ Demands

The content which builds around your users, is the only part which gains the attention of the users, but creating something around your users’ choice, is not an easy task, rather this is the toughest part of the job, as users are very picky and are highly judgmental, if anything which doesn’t fit their pattern or taste, they waste no time in dumping.


Your competitors take no time in generating something better and much efficient than your content, and this is what raises the competition bar, and if your users find something better and much graceful fitting their reading consumption, they would love to switch to.

The solution to this problem largely relies on the research; the more you would do, the better it would be. Never ever sit back thinking that you have the considerable user base attached to your mobile app concept, but you must always remain on your toes and provide the quality content. 

Challenge #2

Keeping A Balance Between ASO & Creativity

Most of the time SEO strategists oscillate hopelessly with the ASO demands such as keyword optimization and the quality of the content, as both the factors are highly significant for the ranking of your mobile app and keep your targeted audience stay intact with your app.


The harmony to be set between the ASO and the creativity is a hard nut to crack because in order to follow either efficiently, the other one suffers or this causes the major hurdle in getting the mobile app ranked.

To avoid such a glitch, you need to hire the professional and the experienced content writers, who can mold your content according to the flavor of ASO and keep the quality also stay intact.

Challenge# 3

Writing On Pain-Points

The app users expect a solution to their problems with the app, but if you want your app to be a most downloaded app, then you need to address the pain-points of the app users, with the content writing.

This strategy helps your audience to understand better that how this mobile app would help them to erase the pain, which is bugging them for long.


To give words to someone else’s suffering is a lot easier than making the users visualize how an app can remove their pain points largely.

If you really want to write something which is not sounding fake then you must wear the shoe to feel where it pinches.

If you cannot be in that situation, then you can at least visualize yourself in that situation and accordingly let your words build a dream around the pain points through a mobile application.

Challenge # 4

Content Promotion

The promotion of the content on the various websites is nothing new and requires your expertise to play handy, but this expertise can play hindrance when you feed wrong content to the wrong audience.

Let me cite an example; if you are writing about the kids mobile app, who do you think would consume your content???

The teachers, and corporate, because of they all deal with the kids, so it is much obvious for them to access the mobile app, but what you miss out, that kids are also your audience.


Yes, the education apps are discussed among the kids in their circles as well, thus it is very necessary for you to scribble your content in accordance with the kids and their taste.

Don’t think that they won’t read your content, rather if your content fits as per the choice of kids, they will surely read it further.

Challenge # 5

Consistency In The Brand Voice

You would be amazed to know that, your readers unknowingly fall for your brand voice, and if anything goes here and there, it all crumbles down to nothing.


However to rope in the influencers and the other guest bloggers to be a part of your content marketing, is indeed a great way bring innovation in your content, but in this run you must keep a check, that your distinctive brand voice would not get changed largely, else the users would take not much time to feel dejected by your once popular content.

Take the help of the new content, but keep your content’s quality which is liked by the users.

For an efficient app, it is never a hard task to make it BIG in its respective app market, with the help of right guidance and the approach.

Hence you must, follow these strategies, and always ensure to make your app get designed and developed by a leading top mobile app development company , to help it scatter the magic further for your business domain.


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