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5 Sep 2016


Smartphone and tablets are ruling the world, and with more and more people getting access to the Internet while on the go, you cannot escape this insurgency.

This is ‘the’ moment in time for mobile app developers, thanks to the increased adaptability of mobile phones and the subsequent increase in the demand for mobile application development. 

Having a mobile app is no longer an extravagance company indulges in, rather it has become the basic necessity through which companies can retain their present customers. 

No doubt, we are living at the climax of a technological revolution; the impact of which is felt in every nuance of life, changing the lifestyle of people in its entirety.

Now, if you are planning to create mobile apps, be prepared. Developing a successful mobile application comes with its fair share of challenges–many of which differ from traditional development. Before you start your project, you must understand these challenges exist and figure out how you will address each one. 

If you are currently standing at the threshold, wondering whether to outsource your app, these challenges in the form of tips, would certainly help you.

Challenge #1

Choosing the right app concept

This is the very first step to boost your business. The first challenge in building a mobile app is to understand your user’s needs before you start.

Before initiating to search for the app developers, ask a question first to yourself: Why do your users need this app? What problem will it solve?

Maybe a concept which seems all engaging to you, actually doesn’t hold that much of worth, from the users’ perspectives. Henceforth, you need to feed on users’ pain-points and understand what all they need, that can ease down their woes of accessing your services. As a result, you must find out the concept that fits the bill of the hour.

Challenge #2 

Finding the right skills

The next big challenge; How would you build this app? 

You have two choices: Bring in new skills, or outsource the project. 

Although when you decide to build an app in-house, then there are multiple challenges and complexities involved. For instance, your in-house team may not be well versed with any specific technology, then you have to hire another resource, that involves time and money both.

Also, when you depend on an internal employee for the app development, then he/she may have to keep other tasks aside in order to complete the mobile app development project. 

On the other hand, there is so much talent to tap and you can visit media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and even listing websites like Clutch,  AppFutura and GoodFirms to discuss work with skilled talents. You no longer have to depend on your internal employees to develop an app for you because when you outsource, you have access to global talent. 

Further, an offshore team would be focused on just this one task, so they can give full focus and deliver the work on time. Another advantage with the offshore team is that they can work around your schedule and come for online meetings and conferences because they may not be tied down with other commitments. That way, you no longer have to worry about the limited resources in your company in terms of workforce.

Challenge #3

Finding a reliable partner

Getting a mobile app development company onboard can bring more troubles if you fail to choose the right company for your app development process. 

A mobile app development company has to work with you as a partner, not as an outsource company only. Get more details about the company from various sources and then pick the company, don’t get swayed away by the cost factor, because choosing a company on the basis of costing is a futile idea. 

Look for someone who has developed similar apps before and has a proven track record, communicates effectively and is well versed with the app store submission rules.

Challenge #4

Risk Management

There are few risks; you need to deal with while getting your app done. 

No I am not scaring you!

Some of the most common risks are government regulations, competition from rivals, market volatility, economical and financial downturns. You can forget about most of these risks when you outsource your requirement, apart from maintaining industry standards and compiling data security and privacy rules while handling them.

Challenge #5 

Making a pace with platform design guidelines

When you decide to build native apps, you need to understand that you’re building for a platform that you do not control. For instance, every time Apple or Google updates their operating systems, you must update your app to fit their new requirements.

Challenge #6 

Security of apps data

In a recent survey conducted with top-notch IT companies, their managers revealed shocking details, which state: the security of mobile applications was being put at risk due to the pressure on IT to release applications quickly.

One of the most important issues businesses must consider when deploying mobile apps is on-device security. In order to protect company data when it’s outside the office, businesses must introduce mobile policies that contend with their employees’ file sync-and-share habits. 

If your app contains any sensitive information, an organization needs to make security the top priority because hackers are always looking for a way to get in, and it shouldn’t be made easy for them. 

Challenge # 7

App stores’ approval

A higher number of chances are there, that your app might get rejected for the first-time. 

Here your app developers’ proficient knowledge of app submission rules would be proven worthy. So make sure your app is sifted thoroughly the T&C of app store beforehand only.

Challenge #8

Meeting the time-zone barrier

Yeah, this challenge is more a fear, that sprouts within the mind of every business owner. 

Since the difference between theirs and chosen app builder’s time zone can really create a gap and create a mess around the app, but only if not handled well.

Some of the most efficient app development companies across the globe, such as Techugo, works 24/7/365(6) and ensures to bring the best possible solution to the users, regardless of time or zone barriers.

Final word

Once you decide to develop an app, your focus should be more on ‘what not to do’ than on ‘what to do’. 

Undoubtedly, there are several challenges faced by developers every time they start working on a new mobile app, but something which remains more vital is to be aware of these challenges and address them in the right way, which would result in the most productive and worthy app for your business.

If you need to offshore your mobile app development project, to a team of proven and skilled app developers, then don’t go anywhere, but simply reach out to the team of experts at Techugo. 

This discussion would help you to gain a better insight into your app requirement. Grab your phone today, and give us a call!



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