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1 Nov 2016

Chatbots Development

Technology is evolving rapidly and every single industry is adopting the new ways of technology to market their product and improve customer experience. Tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft have discussed chatbot impressively in their latest conferences, making the chatbot the rising star of the year, but the chatbot was born a decade ago and could not garner enough attention. With the latest technology clubbed with chatbots has led it to pick by most of the industries, as a new opportunity for their business. It might sound one of the easiest and simplest parts of the technology, but actually, the chatbots involve a serious business of technology and cannot be avoided.

A curious child settled permanently within us, always has a pool of questions, like what are chat bots? Why are they such a big opportunity? How do they work? How can they be built? To quench down the thirst of this ever-curious child, we would like to answer the questions right here:

What Is A Chatbot

The chatbot is a much-needed user interface which clubbed with a huge data through APIs and uses machine learning to pick up on conversational medium, it mimics the human conversation and reacts to spoken or written prompts to deliver a service. The chat bots service could be any number of things, starting from functional to fun. Chatbots are micro applications that are infused within the chat app platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram.

Industries Using Chatbots

  • Weather Bots
  • E-Commerce Bots
  • Food Bots
  • News Bots
  • Banking and Trading Bots
  • Sales and Marketing Bots
  • HR and Operations Bots
  • Customer Service Bots


Why Need chatbots

We all use language to interact with each other. We are quite spontaneous when it comes to interacting with anyone. Technology has helped us to adapt the current trends of technology, today chatbots are used to order food, check the weather, and find information about your favorite singer, conduct banking transactions and every possible thing to make your life convenient enough. In a more basic and non-tech term, a chatbot is a primary version of AI, which can converse with humans to answer questions or talk to us in a way humans do.

  • Chatbots are not expensive to build
  • You can build a basic chatbot really fast
  • Simpler interface makes a chatbot easy to use
  • Better interaction with your users
  • Speak the real language


How Do Chatbots Work

Chatbots mimic humans and can take the task of text-based messaging. With two different ways chatbots can comprehend the text-based messages from the users:


A very few of the chatbots depend on the stringent sets of commands. They respond to only well-formed commands, to help them recognize the program.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Chatbots that depend on NLP are more intelligent and based on machine learning. A strict set of commands to interact with them are not required, rather a normal set of conversation can be carried out with them like a real person.

Technology Used To Build chatbots

Let’s find out which technologies are used to create chat bots. There are two kinds of varieties: APIs and Machine Learning technologies.

  • APIs


For an e-commerce website, the site requires two different interfaces to engage your users.

GUI (Graphical User Interface)- It has buttons, hamburger menus, tab bars, which is followed by website visit, product browsing, selecting the item and after the payment wait for the delivery.

TUI (Textual User Interface)- this interface works with chatbots, letting the user interact with a service using text commands. To get the product information, the user needs to use TUI and will save a lot of time. API connects the chat bot with the app and makes it possible to respond to a user’s requests and perform tasks. So to make a bot functions within an app is integrating its API.

  • Machine Learning


Machine Learning is used to create smarter chatbots, which can respond to more natural language commands. Machine learning technologies allow bots to recognize speech and data, learn patterns of natural language, and interpret data based on previous interactions.

How To Build Chatbots

To build a chatbot, you don’t need to be super-intelligent; you simply need to understand what you plan to do with bot creation. Choose which platform your bot will do justice on (Facebook, Slack, etc), and pick the required resources to be used to build your bot.

Here is a ton of resources to get you started.

Platform Documentation

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Telegram
  • Kik


Other Resources:

  • Botlist, an app store for bots.
  • The Secret To Building Your Own Facebook Chat Bot In Less Than 15 Minutes – by Jerry Wang
  • Go Library for Facebook Messenger Bots – by Harrison Shoebridge
  • How To Build Bots For Facebook Messenger –  by Facebook
  • Building Your Messenger Bot [Video]- by Facebook
  • Creating a Bot – by Rob Ellis
  • Botwiki
  • Org


Future For chatbots

The future of bots is very vast and holds a promising future, the huge variety of tools would let every bot to be built without a single line of code. Developers feel that chatbots can replace the native applications altogether, since creating, maintaining, and updating native application costs huge money, on the contrary, chatbots don’t need UI and can be learned from users. Bots are accompanied in one-to-one marketing at scale, which means the millions of people can talk about your brand without there being a human on the other end. The chatbots would surely achieve the business goals, Messaging platforms are coming of the age, and Chatbots are the entire new trend now.

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