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31 May 2016

Chatbots- Not Just A Yapper

YAK, YAK, YAK!!! This is what the chat bots do these days. There have been many articles written on chatbots, but today I have decided to share the utmost important failed features of chatbots, along with the supreme useful power packed positive features of chatbots as well, to provide a unique approach to the users, no doubt to the readers as well.
Chatbots sound so innovative but, it’s a hard task to find a single chatbot that’s really an extremely good product with no imperfection imbibed within. Something which would comprise of 3 basic components: easy and simple to make use of; works accurately for at least 99% of the time; and removes or reduces the friction. Unfortunately, there is not a single chat bot available which can be considered, an absolute pack, filled with the described components. To talk more about the chatbots, first there was Tay, which was followed by FB with its Messenger bots, which, by most of the users, didn’t begin nicely. And now Viv, is about to make a wave in tech market.
No matter how many chatbots came, or how many are about to be launched, the main thing, which still lies beneath the actual layer is, that bots have the full potential to replace apps and websites by letting users to buy anything and get entertained. Since chat bots are a unique way of interaction for users, totally without an interface, it becomes even more important to design the flow of the chat bots conveniently, so users can have clear expectations and hints about what they can do with the bot.
To comprehend the basics of problem, let’s perceive how chatbots work. Chatbots mainly have two elements to them: the “mind” and the “physique.” The “mind” is basically a large nervous system that takes, what people say and converts them into actionable code. Another part of chatbots is the “physique”, it is constructed and customized, however it’s actually only a huge physique of data.
Most of the chatbots aren’t really clever. If I talk about Tay — the Microsoft chatbot, it was clever. It tried to study as folks spoke to it. And, in concept, it ought to have gotten higher with time — higher in that it begins seeing patterns without having to be “informed” about them. On the contrary, FB Messenger bots, for instance the CNN chatbot, are usually not clever.
But apart from these failed features, chatbots are nice for explaining stuff, and off course an important substitute for lengthy types. They’re far more human and palatable than types. So for me chatbots are not just the yak-yak type all the time but saves my precious time as well.





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