28 Jul 2020
Updated on December 15th, 2022

Cheatsheet To Enhance Your Mobile App User Engagement Rate

Mobile App

Mobile app; when you think of it, what first comes into your mind???

Convenience, comfort, ease, satisfaction, benefits, and all other adjectives related to this category ooze out in your mind, and spike user-engagement.

But do you really think that every app complements this EASE factor?

Of course not!

App engagement is a broader aspect and can be destroyed if your focus remains on creating an app only.

Your focus should remain intact with creating an EXPERIENCE not just an APP!

Well, this statement is quite thought-provoking, but to help you create user engagement an indelible part of your app platform, we have brought this post for you today.

Right from the outsourcing to the MVP model, there are many other aspects as well, which must be taken into consideration. A mobile app is much more beyond just a piece of code, but if you look closer than it is a platform that creates a bridge between your offered services and your users.

Therefore, this bridge must be embellished with enough required aspects to help it turn into a successful path. To help you understand some unique ways to create user engagement, let’s get on a voyage with us…

Social media sync

Once you create a mobile app, then you must not forget that users love the apps, which help them share their activities on their social media accounts as well. You must synchronize your app with social media platforms to increase the OOMPH factor for your users. You can include the social media API for registration and logins. Nevertheless, this strategy not just engages the users, but will work as a marketing tool for your app as well. You will get the help from different users to spread the word of mouth marketing initiatives for your app effortlessly.

Interactive UX & UI

Your app must be self-explanatory with its icons, buttons, and navigation, it must not require tutorial (few exceptions are there) at every place to guide users. Your users come from different walks of life and look forward to accessing the app in the most efficient way. If anything disturbs and doesn’t please their eyes, they take no moment in goring closer to your competitors. Hence you need to invest some time in making a seamless UI and UX process for your app.

How about “Try Before Buy”

Hmmm, nothing helps your users to stay glued to your app, then the comfort and unique experience your app provide to them. In this run, technology can be your aide and can help you integrate ‘try before buy’ feature (if your app complements it) to engage them further.

You can integrate AR technology to help them try something much before buying and influence their purchasing decision effectively.

Integrate push notifications

Push messages work as your FRIEND IN NEED. They keep reminding your users about your app and the services it offers. You can keep loading your users with the right information time and again to keep coming back to your app.

However, in this run, you must not forget that the app must not bombard the users with excessive push messages, and this will make them uninstall your app. So the simple rule is ‘do not spam your users’ with push messages, rather keep giving them a timely dosage of relevant information.

To get an accurate idea of timing you need to keep track of your users’ behavior and provide them messages when they are willing to RELISH information about your app.

Let users reach you easily

When a user lands on your app and finds something appreciating or disturbing, then they must get a resource to reach you easily. If you make it HARD for them to find you and reach you, then you lose that TRUST factor between you and your users. Whether it is feedback, a query, or a simple knowledge sharing portal, your app must provide an easy button to your users to reach you.

Keep app updated

A mobile app needs to be well updated to give a personalized touch to users. You must ensure to keep adding new features and improve the existing functionalities. This creates a clear understanding for your users that you are committed to the app solution, and willing to improve it.

Simplified onboarding

App onboarding needs to be simple and shorter. Don’t indulge any complex method behind it, as this is not a crystal maze your users would like to play. Ensure to keep it shorter, reduce the steps, provide the convenience of login through social media as well.

Uncompromised speed 

Your users hate to wait!

It sounds rhyming, but let’s not deviate from the focus. Your users admire the app solution that is created as per the need of the hour and does not take HOUR to load.

Your app is loved by multiple users, only if it performs faster and does not compromise on the speed. Speed is an inevitable aspect of your mobile, which cannot be avoided at any given condition. Your app needs to have 3-4 seconds of loading time, failing to which you can only expect an uninstall. Hence, pay attention, and don’t let your app speed get compromised at all.

Food for thought

To drive immersive user engagement, you need to look through the lens of essentials that are required to build a successful app solution. To make a great app you must let an efficient app builder come forward and help you craft a solution that leaves everyone astonished.

We at Techugo, help you build a solution that brings a laser-focused approach from your users and help you win over the obstacles.

Get in touch with us today to receive a risk-free quote!


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