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17 Oct 2020

Checkout The Steps To Develop Your Own Cameo-Like App

Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, Caitlyn Jenner, Snoop Dogg, Perez Hilton, Cara Delevingne, Robert Pattinson, Billie Ellish, and the list is never-ending!

Do you wonder why this post starts with the medley of celebrities’ names?

Let me unbox the mystery box for you! Now you can get the flavorful touch of celebrities’ personalized messages for your loved ones, through a mobile app.

Do you find me insane???

Trust me, I am not!

This is very much possible with the Cameo app, that connects users with their favorite celebrities!

Whoa! That is incredible indeed.

Now reaching and getting a SHOUT-OUT from your favorite celebrity is very much possible with the Cameo app.

Cameo is an app that connects C-list and B-list celebrities from the music, sports, and film industries with fans who would like to receive personalized video messages or send them to their friends.

Why Cameo is thriving?

With this very app, users can wish their friends a happy birthday or wish on any other special occasion with a personalized video. People stuck inside their homes due to the deadly virus condition, they miss celebrating the special moments with their loved ones, and miss the feeling of sharing the joy. To transform their boredom into happiness, now they can pay a certain amount to avail of the time of the celebrity of their choice. They can schedule a live call with the celebrity and the person they wish to surprise.

Yes, you heard me correct, you can ensure happiness for your loved ones and get a personalized message for your friends and family, and spark the emotions related to the occasion.

The popularity of Cameo is par excellence, leading to different investors to join this ever-thriving app concept to gain revenue. Hence we have brought you this post today to help you launch your very own Cameo-like app. Let’s unleash the layers of development involved in making this app.

How does Cameo app work?

Cameo lets the celebrities to record videos, called “Cameos” that last for a few minutes and further gets delivered through text or email. These cameo videos can be ordered as birthday or anniversary gifts.

How does a user order a video?

It consists of very simple steps. To order or book a celebrity Cameo, users need to press the Book button on a celebrity’s profile. It is further followed by certain questions such as:

  • What is your name?
  • What is this video for?
  • What message would you like the person to say?

Cameo has a large pool of celebrities; comedians, musicians, actors, models, athletes, etc. so the user gets a bigger option to choose from.

Cameo business model

Every artist has a different rate for the video, and Cameo’s business model is based on a simple commission fee, where the celebrity takes home 75% of every transaction, and the company pockets the rest.

As per the latest update Snoop Dogg charges $750 a message, Stormy Daniels charges $250, Gary Busy comes at cost of $350, Troy Aikman at $600, and there are many more as well.

MVP features for Cameo like app

One-on-one video streaming

In this feature, users get the unique option to communicate with their favorite celebrities over one-on-one video streaming. It is the core feature of the app that excites the users to stay engaged.

User registration

This feature enables users to select between three registration methods; users can sign in via social media accounts, sign up through email, name, and other contact details, or they can register via phone number.


Here, Cameo lets the users access information about celebrities, on the other hand, on a celebrity’s profile, users can check personal information about the celebrity, sample videos, cost, celebrity’s response time, reviews, and videos that particular celebrity has already created for other users.


Cameo app has got a comments section letting users discuss videos and ask questions. With this feature, users get the option to chat with celebrities and ask them questions.

 Public feed

This feature, is quite similar to the Instagram feed, letting users share their videos and see what others share. It not just gives information to the users but also gives them an engagement portal.

Push notifications

Using push messages, you give your users a reason to stay engaged with your app, and keep them notified users about the latest updates, chat invitations, new messages, and whenever their favorite celebrities come online.


This feature lets users find celebrities who are interested in the vicinity and willing to give a shout-out.

AR Filters

Though it is an advanced feature, letting celebrities to try different filters while recording the message. This sparks innovation and creativity at peak.

How much does it cost to build an app like Cameo?

Well, to give an accurate app cost for a Cameo like an app, is not possible, unless learning about your requirements in terms of features, functionalities, OSs, technology stack, time frame, design, and developer location. These factors influence the project’s cost to a great extent. However, to give you a very rough idea, the Cameo app can cost you $40,000 to $70,000 or maybe it can go beyond as well.

It all depends on the fact that what all NEW and UNIQUE you want to provide to your users, that helps you stand out in the market.



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