26 Apr 2023

Choose from the Top Payment Gateways to Integrate into your Robust App!


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Payment Gateway

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Isn’t this text horrifying you when you make a payment on an eCommerce store?

Indeed, it is!

The terror goes to an extreme level and stops users from visiting that eCommerce store/website/app again. 

Right, isn’t it?

So, what’s the point of explaining all this to you?

No matter how dynamic and robust your eCommerce app is, it will not capture the users’ attention and bring them back to your digital solution until you ensure a seamless payment procedure while integrating a dynamic payment gateway. 

Yes, choosing the right kind of payment gateways is one of the many factors determining the success of your eCommerce business. But for that, you need to learn about some of the top mobile payment gateways used in middle eastern countries where your business belongs. 

Don’t be worried!

Here is everything you need to get a complete insight into. Move further as this article sheds light on the most powerful payment gateways in the Middle East in 2023. 

Payment Gateway: Managing the Payment Process

With the boost in eCommerce in Middle Eastern Countries, there is a massive spike in demand for payment gateways.  

But what are Payment gateways?

They are an electronic technology that behaves more like a third-party intermediary on eCommerce sites to ensure the funds are collected from consumers and sent to the merchant’s bank account. 

According to a report, paying with credit cards has a 44% market share, while cash payment has 23%, followed by digital wallets at 11% and bank transfers at 14%. 

What’s next?

The payment gateway process consists of 3 main agents as the customer, the bank, and the online store. Participation of all three ensures a successful money transfer. Even the POS system integrates a payment gateway to reduce the hassle of manually entering the customer and card details.  

How does the Payment Gateway work?

The working procedure of the payment gateway is quite seamless and easy. Here is how it leads to a faultless transaction. 

After the customer selects a product, they enter payment details like credit card information that the payment gateway forwards to the bank. Now that the bank receives the details, it processes the rest task and notifies the customer about the payment status. At last, the funds are settled in the merchant’s account after subtracting the fees. 

Now, let’s jump to the consideration you should make while choosing the right online payment gateway. 

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Tips to Choose the Right Online Payment Gateway! 

It’s not always right to make choices without knowing how they will impact the business operations or results. That’s the reason why every entrepreneur should emphasize proper measures. 

What we bring here is the same thing!

Ensure you get a complete insight and tap into the right payment gateway that matches your business goals and expectations. 

online payment gatways

  • Target Audience

You should define the target group for whom you are searching for the appropriate payment gateway. For instance, if you have customers over 50 age and their knowledge of electronic currencies is poor, choosing a payment gateway is inappropriate. However, if the audience is GenZ, you can make the most of payment gateway integration without a single thought because the generation is more into the digital space. 

  • Security

The fear of losing personal data like credit/debit card numbers or other account-related information has made users avoid online transactions. So, keeping security at the forefront captures the most attention. 

But how to ensure it?

While considering that the portal supports PCI DSS Level 1, the latter guarantees the protection and security of the financial information of you and your clients. 

  • Credit Card Types

What are the most used credit cards today?

Visa, Amex, and Mastercard are not only the most used cards but also accepted by various payment gateways. However, if you find users using other kinds of cards, ensure to include them as well. You will have multiple benefits to your eCommerce business when there is a convenient space for all your audience types. 

  • Support for Different Currencies

That’s not it!

If your business operation is handled internationally, choose a mobile payment gateway that supports payments in multiple currencies from different countries. Ensuring this, you can enable your customers to see the pieces of their preferred products and services in their local currencies.

Also, they can pay in their currencies while considering the fee required in the transactions of foreign countries. 

  • Cost and Fees Charged

The cost of a payment gateway with monthly fees for each payment is another thing that you should think of while choosing an appropriate payment gateway for your eCommerce store. 

That’s not it!

2.9% fee rate + 30 cents per payment is the charge of most mobile payment gateways. Consider the choice of a payment gateway with low transaction fees if your business has transactions with high financial sums. 

Top-Notch Payment Gateways Mostly Used in the Middle East

It’s time to get a complete insight into some of the most popular payment gateway. Among these dynamic ones, you can choose the appropriate one for your eCommerce business. 

Choose from these dynamic Payment Gateways

  • Paytabs 

This payment gateway is known for providing its services to new and small businesses in the Middle East. PayTabs consists of a PCI DSS compliance that ensures secure gateway payment processing and makes it a giant payment gateway solution. 

Numerous payment options are provided to users, like digital wallets, bank transfers, and debit and credit cards. Instead, it has streamlined e-Commerce platform plugins for smooth integration and user-friendly payment procedure. 

What makes it even more competitive is the affordable price range, excluding setup costs. With its popularity in Gulf countries like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain, the digital tool supports 160 international currencies and seamless payment methods. To deal with legal disputes and online store fraud, it has a reliable, professional customer service specialist. 

  • Stripe

What is the first choice of businesses of all sizes?

Yes, it’s Stripe!

Almost every entrepreneur prefers to use Stripe in the UAE. Do you know why? Due to its capabilities and superb mechanism. Moreover, it provides an easy-to-use API and seamless integration with multiple eCommerce platforms and payment gateways. 

Some anti-fraud measures make it even more attractive than others. Not only it has support for every payment option, like digital wallets and debit/credit cards but also provides a transparent pricing option with no setup or monthly fee and a fee of around 2.9% + 1AED at every transaction. 

Businesses can get a complete insight into the real-time transaction data with the multiple currencies that Stripe supports. 

  • Telr

It is yet another solution that seamlessly fulfills the needs of every size of the company. Tools like fraud score, real-time transaction tracking, 3D security, and safe payment process make it a perfect companion for businesses of all domains. 

Users using a payment gateway like Telr can seamlessly transact with debit/credit cards and digital wallets. With the easy-to-use API for system integration, the mobile payment gateway captures the most attention of eCommerce platforms. It also does not include any setup fees. However, a monthly cost of AED 99 and 0.50 AED per transaction with a 2.49% transaction fee per transaction is there. 

Do you want to integrate Telr into your eCommerce platform?

Connect with a mobile app development company in Dubai today. 

  • Amazon Payment Services

Known as one of the best payment gateway providers in the United Arab Emirates, Amazon Payment Services brings the most value and convenience to online payments done by consumers on food delivery platforms or online retail stores.  

The payment gateway has anti-fraud measures and secure payment processing compatible with various payment options like digital wallets, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards. 

Interestingly, it consists of power-packed APIs that you can integrate into eCommerce platforms with the assistance of some top-notch developers at Techugo and enable access to real-time transaction data. 

The pricing structure of Amazon Payment Service goes like 200 AED monthly fees, with a transaction fee of 2.80% and AED 1 per transaction. 

  • Moyasar

Moyasar is one of the best online payment gateways in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The user can pay through different means like payment accounts and credit cards using Moyosar. Instead, permanent reporting services and easy connectivity within API make Moyasar a robust tool for accounting, financial systems, and a large number of administrative. 

A fintech app development company can help you integrate Moyasar to your digital solution.  

  • CC Avenue

For various eCommerce companies in the UAE and the larger world, CCAvenue is the right choice. The company is known for providing dynamic payment gateways that ensure fraud prevention measures, user-friendly payment pages, and secure payment processing. 

What’s more?

CCAvenue supports various payment methods, including digital wallets, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards. It has a point of sale (POS) system and API that connect with other eCommerce platforms. 

Although it does not include any setup fee, there is still a monthly charge of AED 200. Transaction fee becomes 3% with a 1AED fixed fee for payments using debit/credit cards. 

  • CashU

Do you know about CashU?

Launched in 2002, it turned out to be the largest payment gateway in the MENA while providing convenient online payment services to nearly 2.3 million customers.

Almost 75,000 retailers throughout the MENA region trust this payment gateway provider to let their customers shop online. Various countries that offer CashU services include Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, etc. 

Don’t hesitate to connect with the top mobile app development company if you want to integrate CashU. 

  • Paypal

Paypal is the name that everyone is aware of!

Right, isn’t it? 

Not just in Middle Eastern countries, this payment gateway is famous worldwide because millions of business operations depend on it to offer the best customer services and experiences. It has a fantastic electronic payment transactions system, with a low commission that generally starts from 3.4 percent. 

For every transaction, Paypal charges around $0.30. Also, it adds to the user experience with its robust security standards. The right payment gateway behaves more like personal finance or the bank account for apps belonging to fintech and other industries. Therefore, ensure you have everything inside the payment gateway you seek in a secured bank. 

  • Checkout

Checkout is yet another renowned payment gateway, widely popular among entrepreneurs as a power-packed payment gateway. It helps companies with dynamic and customizable solutions that want to inbuild a robust payment gateway. 

Its unique and eye-catching features help it rank among all the top-notch payment gateways in the Middle East. Various eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magneto, Prestashop, and Woocommerce have used this payment gateway integration to derive a seamless payment operation for their clients. 

Pick your Payment Gateway and Get Started with App Development!

As mentioned in the beginning, a robust payment gateway is one of the main elements you need to design a solid and power-packed eCommerce online store/website/app that beats the competitive edge and lets you make a space of yours in the market. 

Suppose this falls short, and you lack the robust payment gateway integration that matches your consumers’ expectations and helps them manage transactions via your mobile app. In that case, there may be situations when the customers do not feel safe with your eCommerce app and thus uninstall it right away. 

So, the solution is to pick a suitable payment gateway for your digital business while getting in touch with the industry experts like Techugo, a leading on demand app development company. The top-notch developers can make your dream come true with a user-centric app that has not only an intuitive user interface, dynamic features, and robust tech stack but also a power-packed payment gateway integration. 

What makes you wait in the corner?

Speak to our developers today!

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