29 Jul 2019

Chrome 76 Release: What’s New That You Must Know

chrome 76

Chrome 76 is all set to hit the web on 30 TH July. This newer version of the Chrome web browser has some incredible features that will bring groundbreaking changes to the web.

Aren’t you excited to know what new this update holds for you?

Let’s know what’s new in this browser.

1.  Automatic Darkmode For Black User Experience

A holy grail for the users, a chrome 76 enables websites to detect the current status of dark mode on your operating system. Consequently, if you would have enabled dark mode on your system, the websites can directly switch to the dark mode theme and offer black user experience.

This is really a boon for both users and developers, as web developers can incur benefit of this ‘prefers-color-scheme’ media query in CSS. Rather, websites will need to set the feature enabled and sites having dark theme can plug into this feature and can automatically set them on without hitting the switch on.

2. By Default Disabled Flash

Earlier version of Google chrome had the Adobe Flash enabled by default on the website. But! this version has got this facility blocked for all websites. Don’t fret on this, as you can re-enable Flash though it enables this facility in click-to-play mode.

Altogether, after 2020 Chrome will show a warning that it doesn’t support Flash player anymore. Later, starting in 2021 Adobe will also draw the support from Flash. So, it seems that Google’s this move is thoughtful. Till that time, you can use the Flash, but Google is striving to seek website up-gradation and encourage them to not move away from Flash.

3. Websites Can’t Detect Incognito Mode

Till now, websites were able to detect incognito mode by just creating a FileSystem API request. This feature is disabled in incognito mode. Consequently,  you can use this trick to block visitors using incognito mode for your website, as this mode is a general way to avoid paywalls on the web.  But! now, this loophole will no longer available in chrome, as Google is shutting down this service completely.

How does it work? Well! assume that a website has limited the content you can watch on the website and block your access to the content even in incognito mode. So, after this now websites can not detect or block incognito mode specifically.

As per Google,  it is good to offer limited access to the contents. Though, it recommends to log in visitors. Altogether, the fact is that doing this is completely off the table, and Google is not dedicated to let this happen.

Most noteworthy experts have found a way to crack the block as the game is going on. Though, the company is striving to eradicate the loopholes.

4.Spy On Your Extension

Well! extensions are serious subject, as a huge list of them with many unused ones are problematic. Therefore, Google is beginning to deal with browser extension by needing them to request only needed data that is only to function. Altogether, there are extensions that monitor your browsing habits silently, without even throwing a warning.

But! now with a new logging page, you will be able to keep a check on what extensions are doing on your system. Though, right now this feature is not hiding behind the curtains of command-line switch.  Soon it will get enable and you will be able to check your extensions’ aspects.

5. Easy to Clean Notifications

Probably, you would be hating to get away from the notification in chrome OS. While now you don’t need to worry! the latest version of Chrome has come up with the solution. Consequently, this means the Clear All Button in the top is making it very easy for people to clear all the notification. So, no more scrolling for notification clearing.  Just click and go on…

These are not the only features, the update has many other features such as GPU acceleration for Linux Apps, no website can hijack the escape key.

Automatic dark mode detection, no detection of incognito mode, extension management and much more, are making the Chrome 75 a new-generation browser.

So, hold your breath as on 30th July this is going to set its foot on the grounds and stay tuned with Techugo.


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