2 Apr 2021

Claiming The Tech World One Step At A Time


Techugo Pvt. Ltd.

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The year 2020 presented humankind with some extraordinary challenges. While the pandemic forced us to confine ourselves within concrete walls, we were facing one of the most significant economic catastrophes. Amid the worldwide chaos, app technology offered a ray of hope!

From healthcare to hospitality and retail to entertainment, applications offered an alternative solution to combat the challenges imposed by the pandemic. 2020 was indeed a record-setting year for the entire Mobile App Industry! When global consumer spending on mobile apps touched a record high of $110 billion last year, we decided to expand our horizons to cater to the growing demand.

Techugo is one of the most influential teams of app strategists, trusted by the world’s biggest brands and most ambitious start-ups. Therefore, after successfully delivering our technical & creative expertise to our diverse clientele in the USA, Canada, India, UAE, we are now extending our presence to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Techugo | Saudi Arabia- Now Within Your Grasp!

We are delighted to announce our organization’s advancement to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

mobile app industry

With an aim to unite the world with the eternal power of technology, we want to leave an imprint so strong that it even marks the emptiness of space. Our brood is here to lead the app industry with innovative prowess.

Our enthusiastic team of engineers is set to create legacies for brands in Saudi Arabia who desire the global and digital dominance of their organizations. We help businesses to tap into the app industry with an authentic approach that allows them to resonate with their target audience.

Since our inception, we have observed the need for practical and straightforward technology for businesses. Therefore, we craft apps with the utmost care to ensure that they claim world-class design and impressive functionalities.

After being around for six years in an industry with more noise than a kindergarten classroom, we have been able to crack the secret recipe of trendsetting application development.

Here it goes…

When you add two spoons of technology in a blow half-filled with an innovative idea, features, and functionalities, you will get an application that cuts the clutter. Ah, and don’t forget to garnish it with creativity!

Our Mission & Our Vision

Our mission is to lead the world’s digital progression by creating and designing the industry’s finest app solutions. We are invested in establishing a worldwide network of our professional solutions and translate the progress into the business world for our diverse clientele. By fostering a digital foundation for brands, we are well-founded to lead sternly and resolutely.

Our vision is to be the world’s most successful and diverse app development company. Successful in delivering unique mobile app solutions to our clients. Diverse because we desire to create platforms where the upcoming generations can draw inspiration to grow and explore.

Technologies & Industries We Have Expertise In!

As the world is becoming more receptive to digitization, industries have started incorporating a glut of technologies.

The mobile app industry has paved a practical way for entrepreneurs to merge their platform with technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and much more.

Therefore, at Techugo, we majorly focus on creating apps that utilize the upcoming technologies to help your brand, irrespective of the industry. Of course, we have observed an extraordinary inclination towards sectors like automobile, healthcare, education, and eCommerce in Saudi Arabia. For these particular industries, the demand for app development is soaring because of cutting-edge competition in the market, required integration of futuristic features, a spike in monetary growth, and much more.

If you want to climb the success ladder in the digital world, you need to move ahead with a plan that stays relevant in the future.

You need to move ahead with technology!

Connect With Us!

You don’t need to procrastinate on your business app idea any further.

Connect With Us

Reach out to our professionals at Techugo, a leading mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, and explore numerous opportunities. We intend to help you with everything from business strategy and application design to development and marketing. By adding innovation-based value, we work seamlessly to design solutions that solve internal and customer-related complexities.

Connect today and take your first step towards your glorious future. 

We look forward to your association!

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