20 Mar 2018

How A Client Helps In Making An App Successful


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App Successful

How interesting and different topic???But actually this topic discusses something different and unique concern…so let’s begin…When a mobile app comes into existence, the role of an app development company is largely discussed by everyone, but something which really receives the willful negligence is the role of a client towards the success of a mobile app…

We all know that a mobile app is the outcome of the creativity, passion, and determination oozing from the developer’s end, but the other side of the story suggests a different angle, and makes it clear that these aspects are equally expected from the client as well…

Yes, you heard me right…the success and the on-time launch of a mobile app is a tad result of clients’ attitude shown towards the mobile app development process, coupled with the hard work and the innovation of the app developer.

How rhetoric it sounds…. J

Well taking a long jump back on my topic again, which has brought me here today to write and hare my views through this post is all about the measures a common man, or the client must take to make the app development a successful and on-time delivered project.

It is largely presumed that if an app flunks then it happens due to the developer’s mistake, which is right till some extent, but what I want to bring your attention as a client, and have faced my share of mistakes and today decided to share my views through this post.

The very first lesson I learned that that app development is never a one-sided story, but it is a two-way communication road, where both the parties involved be it client or the developer, need to invest their 100% in order to make the mobile app a successful piece.

Many clients do have the misconception that by awarding a mobile app to a to mobile app development company the work is done, but what they fail to understand that awarding or assigning your app concept initiates a new chapter of relationship, where you need to involve fully in the app development process…

Just like this, there are many other factors which as a client you need to take care of for the successful app launch…please read ahead with me…

  • Be All Ears

As I mentioned above some of the clients do not pay much attention to what all is going on with the mobile app, and they play the least interest to know the exact steps of their app development process.

Very sadly this approach sometimes reaches to the adverse situations and clients fail to respond to the developer’s queries and doubts, which lead to an unwanted delay in the completion of app project. 

What can be done?

Well, the best strategy to handle this situation is by letting a strong communication tunnel to be built between you and your developers, and let there be sheer understanding of every app development step.

  • Technical Feasibility

As a client, you are expected to be non-technical and it is accepted as well…but you need to understand that every concept based on your visualization at times is not possible on the technical canvas or if possible then is a research-based work which would consume the maximum time.

So before you decide to proceed with your app’s concept, listen and understand every possible technical approach to bring your app concept into reality.

What can be done?

Sit and discuss with your app development partner about the possibilities to achieve your proposed functionalities, and if there is any technical hurdle, then try to take the suggestion from your mobile app development company. Trust me they would suggest a better and reasonable solution for your mobile app.

  • Plan Before You Start

I concur fully with you that a mobile app is not just a piece of code and some technology advancements, but has a huge dream to meet your expectations, and boost your business revenue, so including every possible feature to make it a successful venture is nothing exceptional and is respected well too.

But to expedite the process of development, the functionalities and the features to be associated with your mobile app must be decided before you give a green flag to the developers.

If by any chance you plan to integrate some more functionality during the mid-cycle of the development process, then you not just create the chaos but also extend the app deploying time to and an unknown date and time.

What can be done?

Chalk down your plan and understand which functionality is actually needed at the very first version of your app. Go according to the strategic planning and hand it over to your app developer, without any further changes included.

  • Frequent Changes Hamper The Rhythm

Every app developer has an assigned job to be accomplished and they plan and strategies the work according to the nature of the mobile, whether it includes spending hours on research or investing sleepless nights to achieve that successful app piece.

It is a very common phenomenon, that you would like to make the frequent changes during the app development process, but once the app is developed, and you decide to change the K-N functionalities in the app, then you not just disturbed the development rhythm, but create a havoc in the app development logical development process.

What can be done?

Analyze and decide the functionalities to be a part of the mobile app, but if you feel in the mid of development cycle that you need to change few things, then first discuss with the developer, that how far is it possible at this particular stage? And if it is beyond the developers’ reach at the moment, then I suggest integrating the other functionalities in the later version of the mobile app.

  • Keep Yourself Updated

Your mobile app developer might play smart with you or might skip sharing the regular updates with you. So you need to take the initiative and keep your self-updated with the regular calls or your preferred mode of communication.

What can be done?

There might be the situations when you would be not available to take the updates from your developer, so in such scenario you need to inform your developer to keep you updated with the ongoing progress report of your mobile app once in a week or twice, as per the nature and the demand of your mobile app.

To make an app successful the onus does not rely only on the mobile app developer, but being the brain-child behind the mobile app you need to take every possible initiative to help your app to go live on its fixed schedule.

You need to remember… this is YOUR app, any leniency taken towards it would push it one step further to be a victim of cruel and venomous bites of competition, so pay attention and help your mobile app to go live to attain its deserving recognition.

So play the equal role in the development process and take care of these mentioned above points to avoid the unnecessary delay and the failure to be a part of your app’s future.

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