16 Jul 2018
Updated on December 28th, 2022

What Clients Should Know Before Hitting The Logo Design


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Logo Design

I always love to go by the examples… J

Don’t think I am joking, rather it is the approach I follow on personal and professional level both, wherein to explain I take the examples from the real-world. J

How Fascinating ….isn’t it???

It is indeed…J

And today as well, I am going to abide by my very own rule-book and will initiate this blog piece with a very much OWN example.

A few years ago when I started my career as a creative designer, the excitement filled job role, could not conceal my happiness, and I took every challenge coming my way gladly…

But sooner I realized that there was a gap in the right set of information from the clients, which most of the time hampered the designing process, and slowed down it to a sloth speed.

Yes, it happened to me and unfortunately, the issues were never different, except the clients.

No am not turning sarcastic but telling you the real-time issues I faced.

Indeed in such situations, I felt helpless, but I felt the urge of giving a voice to those problems, and nothing sounded better than addressing the pack of concerns through this post today, where I would help the clients to understand the logo design process from the designers’ perspective.

  • Be A Narrator Of Your Logo Needs

You need a logo to help your brand translate the needs of your brand and eventually it helps your users to stay connected with your brand, but your expectations and your business goals, are unbeknown to your app users.

A logo is a small piece which plays a HUGE role in your branding

But a simple request for a logo from your designer would not suffice the need.

As a client, you need to play the role of a narrator, who would explain every bit of the need which can help your logo to translate and complement your business.

If a logo is designed without following this strategy then ultimately it would diminish its effectiveness to attain recognition.

  • Understand The Skin Of The Game

The app has the capacity to penetrate the thick layer of competition, and this is further enhanced with a well-designed logo.

When I talk about a well-designed logo, I raise the standard bars for the logo designers, and the burden of delivering something different and special is escalated further to the shoulders of the designers.

I love your decision as a client, that you create a free space around the designers to give their best shot, but you cannot ditch the involvement of the clients at any given stage.

Being a client, you can sleep on the logo till it comes out finally, but you need to share your input, your expectations, your aspirations and what all you want your logo to speak of.

The best technique is to prepare a questionnaire and ask your designer about the number of facets to be covered in the logo design.

It can vary anything from visual inspiration or the type of iconography, fonts or colors you want your logo to depict.

  • Understand The Technical Feasibility

The set of expectations from a logo is massive and as a client, you want to achieve everything possible in the logo since you know your audience well.

But giving an ear to your designer to check the technical feasibility is not a bad idea at all.

I suggest having a healthy exchange of conversation with your designer and avoiding the inclusion of any sort of logo design which is hard to achieve technically.

Allow the designer to craft out something which is perfect and helps your brand to explore its talent further.

Haste in the logo design would CHURN OUT ONLY THE CRAP, thus pay attention and produce something which looks clean yet give a feat.

  • Learn The Difference Between Vector And Raster-Based Image

What am I talking about???

I have no plan to go this much deep in technicality…

This must have been the first thought crossing your mind, but I am not even bringing you in the technical funnel.

Relax J

This is the very basic aspect, which you must be aware of, that’s the reason it has found a space I this blog post.

When your app designer designs the logo, there are different sets of image types; Raster or Vector.

By understanding the difference you would be able to determine what you’re able to do with the image.

A raster file is made up of pixels and the examples are JPEG, GIF, and PNG. With these images, you can create gradients and subtle edges.

A Vector image is made up of lines and shapes, which are scaled mathematically. These images are more scalable and resolution-independent; the color setting of the vector images is easy to edit with the limited color graphics.

Vector images are the perfect choice for the logo because vector graphics are not made of pixels, and the images can be scaled to be very large without losing the quality.

  • Colors Would Play Its Own Game

Many times, I have noticed that clients come up with the issue that their logo is not at all looking same in color theme, as it looked on the web.

I agree with this, and as a client, you need to make a peace with this nuisance of the color palette.

The colors have their own world, where they transform and translate their shades differently depending upon the medium.

Thus if you expect that your logo would look exactly the same on print or different social media platforms as it looks on the web, then you are highly mistaken.

Colors would definitely look different from its web version on one portal and would look different on another portal.

So be prepared and don’t get bothered with a slight shift in the color, it would be natural and designers have no hold on to it.

Apart from these, I would recommend that when you decide to hire the app development services from a leading app development company, then you must check the sample of their designed logos, to understand their idea of perfection and the expertise.

A designer can change the brand identity of your business only when you provide them with the ample amount of required information, which can be further translated into a successful logo for your business to help your app to spread its wings successfully.

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