5 Dec 2018
Updated on May 9th, 2019

Cloud Computing Trends Going To Rule 2019

Cloud Computing

As predicted by Tech pundits; by the year 2021, the market for cloud computing would grow double of its existing size.

It sounds so promising and alluring at the same time, considering the existing number and popularity, it is easy to understand that Cloud computing has garnered the attention of different industries and the businesses across the globe, and is turning into a favorite technology for all and is increasing the chances for every company to go cloud-based.

Cloud’s popularity is a good place to proceed with for any industry, let’s take a look at the cloud-computing trends in 2019, which would mark an overwhelming impression on different services across the globe.

But before understanding the trends, let’s figure out the answer for the million-dollar question and that is ….How To Keep Your Data Safe In The Cloud Storage

What Is Cloud Computing?

It is very common to see in today’s time, when a client asks, whether you are on the cloud or not, triggers a question in mind for laymen specifically that what exactly cloud computing is? Is it literally going to make my data fly on the cloud or is there something else which makes this technology so much desirable?

Well, in the simplest terms, cloud computing is all about storing and accessing data and programs on the internet instead of the computer’s hard drive. Calling cloud a metaphor for the Internet is not at all wrong, as it offers the gigantic server-farm infrastructure on the Internet to control, manage and store your data.

Now when you have understood that what is Cloud Computing, so this is the time to divulge the details further about the trends which are going to make a hit in the year 2019.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the backbone of the tech industry and it holds the capability to change the game of the data storing. It holds the potential to perform some of the most complexed tasks such as to encrypt data seamlessly, solve the complicated medical issues, create better financial models and predict the weather conditions perfectly. Also, it boosts the chances of conducting more meaningful conversations with AI.
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The big brands like IBM and Alibaba have adopted the incredible quantum computing cloud services and this very market is expected to grow worth of $1.9 billion by the year 2023 and would flourish further to $8.0 billion by 2027.

Internet of Everything (IoE)

IoT has changed the landscape of services and has transformed the way we interact with the different services, and surprisingly the advent of technology has reached to the shores of different platform which includes the people and processes and is not sufficed to machine-to-machine interactions only, and this very new process has got a new term, the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Undeniably the data storage capacity of IoE-based devices is gigantic and the robust security features to help the companies to pick the cloud-based services in a much bigger role.

Data Containers

Now in the coming time, the utilization of the Data Containers would become highly easier to use and would turn into more popular for transferring data. The containers have the potential to resolve the software reliably while transferring the data from one system to another.
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Through Data Containers you can store and organize the virtual objects like data. However, you need to keep in mind that containers can only transport with the servers if they are compatible with the operating system “kernels.”

In this need, a server which can be used is Kubernetes, it has become popular and has proffered the “standard method” for the orchestration to all the nodes existing within the application. A

Just to update, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft offer Kubernetes-as-a-Service, this further eases down the process to shift the data between major Cloud providers.

Artificial Intelligence Platforms Will Be Improved

In current time, if you want to gather business intelligence data and help it improve its work efficiently, then nothing suits better than Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Big Data, which has shown the significant improvements in data collection.

In the coming time, it is expected that AI platform, would function more effectively and intelligently than any other traditional frameworks and lets the Data Scientists access the information at a faster, more efficient, more effective way.

This allows the cost-effectiveness and prevents the duplication of effort, by simplifying the simple tasks to get automated. It also eradicates the labor-expensive tasks, like copying or extracting the data.

Renowned cloud vendors Amazon, Google and Microsoft have initiated cognitive services like facial recognition and are creating a stir in the market.

Addressing Security Concerns Efficiently

I concur with the fact that advanced technology has led to security threats, and many businesses are investing their time and money in getting the scalable cloud-based services, to be concerned about the security is the major roadblock.

But with the inclusion of GDP- General Data Protection Regulation laws, businesses who deal with the sensitive information, now need to comply with set rules, failing to which they can be fined with the set forth penalties by the law. However many believe that complying with these regulations is an expensive and tedious affair, but believe me, this is nothing but an investment for your business, where you want can save the chances, where your data can be compromised.

This very hassle can turn into a cakewalk when you would decide to proceed ahead with your app solution to be designed and developed by the seasoned app builder, who would offer the right amount of guidance and would also improve the existing cloud-based hosting.

The cloud-based hosting offers a much efficient process, which allows the business owners to streamline and monitor operations within the organization and outside of the premise as well. You would be surprised to know that once you pick the right app featured with cloud-based services, you scale up the entire production process with just one touch on the button.. Hence, you must reach Techugo- a leading top mobile app development company in USA to answer your app requirements.

Now not just the brands, but the budding entrepreneurs also are investing their tech-operations to be dealt with the cloud service, hence you too must not fall behind and must get the benefits offered by the cloud-based services for your app platform.

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