9 Jun 2021

Clubhouse: The New Social Media Sensation


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We are expecting all the social media freaks to be already familiar with the new trending social media app- Clubhouse, a voice-based network. 

Are you someone who likes keeping a check on others’ lives via social media? 

Are you someone who likes to raise opinions in front of the audience or likes to know what others think about the topic? 

The Clubhouse is for you! 

How? This article will highlight the same and how a voice-based app like Clubhouse can benefit your business. 

So, keep reading to know more! 

About Clubhouse

Generally scrolling through my social media, I noticed that many of my friends have added links to their Clubhouse and are requesting people to join. 

The point here is the rising popularity of the new app in no time, and now the application has created a buzz in the market. 

It was upon searching when I realized that the Clubhouse app has already acquired 10 million downloads 


That sure is a lot!

So, what exactly is Clubhouse, and how can it benefit your business?

The Clubhouse is a voice-based mobile application, just like a podcast that allows users to enter anyone’s virtual room and listen to the conversation. In short, users can create a room in the virtual space and conduct discussions. These discussions may involve many speakers or a few speakers, and the rest can become the listeners. 

The major difference between the Clubhouse app and a podcast is that the former doesn’t record the conversations, and have to be listened to live. However, the latter allows users to record. 

How Can Clubhouse Benefit Your Business?

Clubhouse for business

Irrespective of your interest or domain, you can find clubs with similar interests and join them to expand your network. Therefore, here are a few benefits that the Clubhouse app can offer for your business:

1. Networking 

The most obvious benefit of using the Clubhouse app is that it helps you connect with more people. Discussing about the latest trends, listening to others’ opinions, keeping forward your points, etc., will help you expand your network.

2. Connect with Potential Customers 

You may conduct virtual events and connect with your potential clients on the platform. For instance, you can discuss about your new product launch with other people, which’ll aware more and more audiences about your product.

3. Find Investors 

Funds need to be invested when you plan on running a business. However, not everyone can afford to invest the same, which is why investors are available. The Clubhouse can help you connect with the investors to whom you can pitch your idea, which may lead to closing the deal. 

Perfect, isn’t it! 

An app like Clubhouse holds a lot of potential when it comes to monetizing from the same. The trend is new, so coming up with an app like this can reap exceptional benefits. 

If you have a legit app idea, you may connect with an app development company and start working on your vision as a team. 

Clubhouse for Android: Is It Late Already?

Clubhouse for Android

Almost a month back, an Android version of the platform was made available for beta testing; however, now the platform is officially available for users globally. 

Initially, when the platform was launched in 2020, it was made available only for iOS users. But, over a year later, the Android version is finally here! 

The Android app development started earlier this year by the startup, after the platform gained emphasis by attracting high-profile politicians, celebrities, etc. As stated by the startup, “Android has been one of the most requested product features.” 

Additionally, Clubhouse struggled to maintain its growth rate just like it did over the past couple of months. Therefore, the startup planned to release the app on Android to improve the app growth and gain more users. 

Cost of Developing a Clubhouse-Like Platform


There’s no universal answer as to how much it will cost to develop a mobile platform. However, there are numerous factors that can help in estimating the investment amount. To help you, here are a few factors mentioned below: 

  • Features of the application
  • Application design
  • Developer’s cost
  • Technology stack
  • Project complexity

To Sum Up

Undoubtedly, a clubhouse-like app holds the potential to keep its users hooked to its platform.

How? You’ve already gone through the information mentioned above!

Not only is it a source of entertainment or learning experience, but it can do wonders with businesses by helping entrepreneurs find their like-minded people. 

The Clubhouse has tremendous popularity, and so can your platform if you strategize accurately. For that, knocking at the door of professionals seems like the right option. Reach out to the best app development company for Android or iOS app development as per your preference, and check the results for yourself. 

Get creative with the idea and introduce an app with exceptional features.


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