18 Sep 2019
Updated on December 28th, 2022

Why Companies Must Embrace Digital Transformation In 2020?


Ankit Singh

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Digital Transformation 2020

Presently, a huge sum of market revenue profit is being secured by the best digital transformation companies of the world. Indeed, in the rapidly changing world, only businesses with an innovative and creative approach can survive in the rising competition.

Though, for some people, this term is still a stranger. Indeed, the way this process is growing, normal people ain’t aware of it.

Surely, you would also be in chaos that what the hack is digital transformation? And how it is helping businesses to survive the competition. Well! Don’t fret, as by the end of this blog you would have got the answers to your questions.

What Is Digital Transformation?

The term “digital transformation” is itself a synonymous to its definition. Basically, it is a process of utilizing digital technologies to create new or alter the existing business processes, organizational culture, enhance customer experiences to meet frequently transforming business and market needs. In simple words, digital transformation is all about reimagining of business in the rapidly evolving digital age.

This methodology basically includes transcending of traditional roles like sales, marketing, and customer service. While the overall processes begin and end with the way you drive customer engagement and the method that takes you near to the customers. Succinctly, it is all about how business engages customers with the help of digital technologies.

Why businesses should adopt digital transformation?

In this age, it is very important for companies to go along with the changing market trends and serve customers with a high-quality experience, therefore it is very important to adopt digital transformation. Here are to benefits it can provide to businesses.

Improvement Of Processes And Reduction In IT Complexity

The evolution of processes is very essential as it is very important for companies to improve the key processes of businesses. With a shift to the digital, companies are evaluating the process and the improvements. Companies integrate new systems in their workflow that makes processes much faster and quick.

A long time ago a number of IT systems has been introduced that businesses are utilizing these days, which has referred as spaghetti mess of the IT systems. A number of systems are there that can trigger huge data loss and cost. Besides, the operational cost of primitive systems is much more than modern.

The introduction of new tech solution can reduce the number of pitfalls and improve the IT systems by just reducing complexity and more.

Digitized Economy

The digital transformation adoption will impact the overall world, as it is the major catalyst for digital transformation. Today, data is being stored in digital format that also signifies that systems and processes should be reinvented. The adoption to more advanced technologies like faster broadband connections can really change our life. While 4G and 5G network holds the power to connect people endlessly, altogether 5G can open up the ways to digital economy expansion.

While cloud computing, IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-service) are being liked by a number of enterprises. That provides all-time data access and security. Leading companies are greatly embracing innovation and digital transformations to provide better customer experience. And ! the big names in this space are Amazon, Flipkart, and many other.


“Future -proofing” is the term that you might have heard about a lot. These days companies are trying to keep up with times, and implementing technology that will help them to achieve the technological advancements, and test for the foreseeable future.

While every enterprise is taking digital adoption so seriously. Technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, AR/VR are boosting and providing businesses opportunities to attract as much as users. In short, if you decide your business to align with the platform-based, innovative and trustworthy technology providers, you can thrive easily in the changing market and gain more business.

Except these, digital transformation can also change numbers of company aspect such as a change in the company’s culture. And! many more other. Since this space is growing greatly, what are the major transformations that are hitting global markets and triggering a huge change? Let’s take a look over them.

Digital Transformations Trends In Market

Data Analytics

Data analytics can incur a number of competitive advantages and it is expected that by 2025 several companies would take advantage of analytics. While there is too much consumer insights can be incurred from data collection and processing. This type of digital transformation for a company can help to stay competitive. The arrival of Tableau and other data analytics and representation platform helps in gaining great insights.

AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are also transforming enterprises and providing smart applications that are making processes easier. Altogether, these techniques are enabling to understand the customers’ behavior and choices that enable auto personalization of services and content. Which provide businesses other benefits to stay ahead in the competition.


The most critical aspect for every business is security of data, and this technology enables businesses to save data in a distributed ledger where everything is public, fully transparent and tamper-proof.

Apart from these, there are many other trends such as XaaS, RPA Craze, Conventional AI, IoT, Drones and many more.

Digital transformation can’t even change face of your business but also convert customer experience into a high-quality environment. So, won’t you want to boost your company profit generation through digital transformation?

However, you have to decide one from the best digital transformation development companies like Techugo to bring your app idea into reality. To know more, stay tuned.

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