17 Nov 2022
Updated on April 5th, 2023

Cost of Building an App Like Byju’s: The Revolution in Educational Sphere!


Surbhi Bhatia

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Cost of Building an App Like Byju’s

Imagine never going to school because of not liking it when you were young. Did you ever think you could grab the job of your dreams if you hadn’t studied well? 

Indeed, education plays a significant role in our lives and helps us build our careers, no matter how much we dislike giving examinations. 

It is essential to mention that education is the primary medium that helps us build skills, techniques,  acquire knowledge, etc., and the magnitude of its importance is massive. 

But do you think a four-walled classroom and a few textbooks could do justice to the sphere of education? 


Well, we are extremely thankful to smartphone technology for exceptionally transforming the educational space by introducing e-learning mobile app like Byju’s. 

Undoubtedly, these innovative changes have been appreciated worldwide, and education has become more interactive and engaging than ever! 

Have you ever thought about what made Byju’s a huge success? Or how did the founder of the platform manage to rope in a solid consumer base? Or what is the cost of building an app like Byju’s?

If you’re curious about finding answers to such questions, you’re in for a treat! 

Innovation and E-Learning: A Match Made in Heaven!


Evidently, modern businesses are now shifting to automatizing their business activities, and e-learning is one of the primary industries adopting the concept. The domain is taking advantage of mobile app development technologies at their best, and fabricates a flexible experience for educational institutions and students. 

After obtaining the idea, Byju’s learning app worked on a flawless platform to meet the beliefs of its audience and offer a customized experience. 

And guess what?

Byju’s became a big hit, and its users are spread worldwide!

While, on the one hand, learners began using Byju for effective learning, on the other hand, entrepreneurs and educational institutions came forward to build learning apps that offered widespread courses. 

But what’s the cost of app development like Byju’s? Don’t go anywhere, as we’ll answer the same for you. But first, it is vital to learn a lot more about an edtech app before building one! 

The E-Learning App Development Market 

E-Learning App Development

E-learning apps work as tools via which education can be accessed online on smartphones. The best thing? 

Well, e-learning applications allow student’s to dive directly into learning about their favorite courses, including technology, design, art, programming, and whatnot! 

Did you know? 

The e-learning market exceeded $315 million in 2021, and is expected to grow at 20% CAGR between 2022 to 2028. 

Now the question arises, why must you make hefty investments in e-learning mobile app development? 

For starters, it’s an exceptional way to start your own project. The digital market is expanding, and the learning industry is known to be the third most popular app category on App and Play Store

However, not to forget mentioning, an educational app that has something unique to present to its users will only obtain success. 

So, What are the Benefits of E-Learning Mobile Apps? 

Benefits of E-Learning Mobile Apps

No wonder, e-learning deserves all the attention, but many still question if the mechanism can be an efficient substitute of the traditional learning methods. 

Entrepreneurs working on e-learning platforms and users using these apps felt a massive difference between the two methods and agree that e-learning apps like byju’s have made their life simpler!

Need more reasons in general? Then, continue reading! 

– Edtech apps offer the utmost flexibility that enables students to manage their timelines and choose a pace they want to follow.

– e-learning applications enable instant and easy access to information. Thus, there’s no need for extensive research for hours since authentic sources and cognitive content is embedded within these apps.

– Using e-learning apps is one of the most affordable means of education. For instance, many families might not have the money to afford quality education. Thus, edtech apps are cost-effective and do not require paying huge amounts of money.

– As mentioned earlier, e-learning apps offer diverse learning and are full of content to help students learn their concepts efficiently based on their interests.

Benefits for Students 

Unquestionably, students nowadays strive for easy learning; therefore, here’s why e-learning apps are beneficial for learners:

– E-learning saves a lot of time due to its quick knowledge transfer.

– Students look for personalized solutions when it comes to learning. Fortunately, the app development framework of e-learning is designed in a manner that fits every learner’s requirements.

– No learner would want to gulp down a plethora of information. However, the best thing about e-learning applications is the manner it enables their learners to grasp knowledge in chunks for ease of schooling.

Sure, e-learning is everything nice when a student wants to sign up for the platform. But what if teachers want to dive into edtech? 

Continue reading to unveil! 

Benefits for Teachers 

Teaching indeed requires fresh approaches and ideas to make learning more engaging for the students. So, how can teachers squeeze every drip of the e-learning app’s advantages? Here’s how:

– Since everything is caged in screens and is digitalized, it has become easier for teachers to track students’ progress, prepare assignments, and plan their lessons.

– Just as students can move at their own pace, teachers too can decide the programs they prefer teaching, and the amount of time they would want to dedicate to a specific concept.

How to Build an E-Learning App like Byju’s? 

E-Learning App like Byju’s

If you want to get started, it is significant to learn about the basics before learning about the cost of an app like Byju’s. Because if you haven’t laid down a plan, it is most likely to give birth to blunders.

Luckily, lined below are a few basic steps to kickstart your e-learning app development journey: 

1. Ideation

Have you thought about the app ideas and the purpose that your app will serve or the issues it’ll resolve for your audience?
Not yet? 

It is suggested to lay down a foundation and seek answers to questions like these. Not only this, but you must know what your future app is going to be about. 

2. Market Analysis

Now that you have your plan in hand, it’s time for market analysis and setting up strategies. Keep an eye on your competitor’s strategies and weak points to work according to the same. 

3. Target Audience

Monitoring your business’s target audience is one of the best methods to reach your ideal audience. Additionally, knowing your audience by heart makes it much easier to figure out and meet their demands or needs efficiently. 

4. Vital Functionality

It is significant to have knowledge about what works best for your mobile app and can do wonders for the same. On the other hand, it is equally important to know what is pulling back your app from reaching its potential audience. 

Moreover, you must ensure that your app is not brimming with features; therefore, integrate only the ones that will offer real value to the customers. Notably, the number of features in an app also impacts the cost of building an app like Byju’s.

A Detailed Guide on E-Learning App Development

Guide on E-Learning App Development

E-learning app development can be stimulating, but challenging at the same time. Therefore, getting started with the procedure will take the professional’s guidance for building an app that is well-applauded. 

Thus, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide for you to build an e-learning app like Byju’s:

1. Clarity of Idea 

What does it take for you to project a trip successfully? 

Indeed, it takes a well-planned idea that can be executed flawlessly! Similarly, for any business to operate smoothly, its foundation must be laid down, and ideas must be stated clearly. Once you have an incredible business idea, communicate it to the vendor and explain the do’s and don’ts transparently. 

2. Build a Business Plan and Mark the Technical Requirements

Once you’ve made a business plan, communicate your vision with the mobile app development company of what needs to be done. Precise requirements must be spelled out, including your objectives, target audience, desired features, technical needs, and other details. 

Undoubtedly, your business’s victory highly depends on the technical partners you choose; thus, it is vital to research and take your time to find an accurate team that supports all the development phases of your product. 

3. Iteration Planning and MVP Construction 

For all those unfamiliar, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the basic version of the intended project that includes the core mechanism. Indeed, it is one of the most used strategies for developers to figure out if they’re moving in the right direction or not. In the case of the latter, alterations are made at an early stage that saves a lot of money that otherwise would have been invested. We’ll read more about the cost of an app like Byju’s further in this article!

4. Beginning of Product Discovery

Now you’ve reached a stage that requires you to conduct a competitor analysis. Also, it is equally critical to recognize discovery goals, users, to accurately identify the product, the market it’ll serve, and more. 

5. Interpret MVP Functions 

Do you want to check and make alterations at an early stage if necessary?

Creating an MVP is your go! 

Developers add the features, and you add or subtract the same at your convenience.

6. Emphasize UX Design

Have you set your UX design goals? If not, note down the following pointer:

– Sketch your ideas

– Develop prototypes

– Gather user input

– Make accurate design-based decisions

7. Conduct a User Testing

The testing stage enables you to bring out the best version of your model. Therefore, the three significant stages of testing involve: interrogating the focus groups, conducting assessment research, and monitoring the usability reports. 

8. Launch

Finally, it’s time to showcase the magic you have created for your audience! 

Therefore, to launch your product successfully in the market and stay running in the competitive race, here are a few steps that must be followed systematically: 

–  Identification of target audience

– Create a unique product packaging

– Give a slogan and a tagline

– Customer onboarding


– Advertising

Key Features of an E-Learning App like Byju’s

General Features

Must-Have features of an online education app include:

– Total Syllabus Coverage

– Chapter-wise tests

– Interactive aids

– Adaptive learning

– In-built chat

– Logistics dashboard

For Student Panel

– User registration

– Log-in

– Forgot password button

– Profile management

– Course browsing

– Course details in one click

– Purchase button

– In-app payment

– Online reader

– Purchase history

– Live chat support

– Shipment status

– Tests history

For Admin Panel

– Theme management

– Course management

– Subscription management

– Users management

– Content management

– Statistics

– Order tracking

– Transaction history

– Shipping

– Ticketing

– CRM integration

– An IVRS system

Other Advanced Features 

– Lesson reminders

– Ward progress tracking

– E-commerce

– Offers and Discounts

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Byju’s? 

Byju's like app cost

Have you ever wondered how much would have been invested in building the byju’s app?
Not really, right? 

So, how would you know the investment to be made in building an app like byju’s?

Don’t worry; we have got you! Mentioned below are the must-include factors for the cost to build a mobile app like Byju’s:

1. Research and Ideation

While planning the product you want to develop, make sure that you have a vision of the end product in your mind. Not to forget mentioning, the project you’re going to invest must be a unique or trending app idea for your business to excel. 

Thus, you may schedule meetings with a reliable team of professionals to generate new ideas and examine what fits best for you. 

2. Hiring the Right Tech Team

The cost to develop an e-learning app also relies on factors like the location of the developers, their expertise, and more. Indeed, if the team of developers is outstanding at their job and knows their game well, you’ll get a quality product delivered; however, at the cost of spending a little more money than others. 

Ensure that your hired tech team has expertise in the following:

– Backend

– UI/UX design

– Developing apps for Android/iOS

– Project management

– Testing

– Team management

3. App Design

With the popularity that e-learning applications have acquired, developers must build apps that draw in their target audience’s attention at best. 

Therefore, it is possible with the help of an intriguing UI/UX design. What do you think?

4. Operating Platforms

Now that you have a full-fledged app plan in your hand and you’ve monitored your target audience, the next step is to decide the platform for which you want to get your app developed. 

How would you want to get your content delivered to your audience? Android, iOS, or both?

Well, a cross-platform app seems like the most suitable option since you’ll be developing an app for users no matter which device they use. However, it might be an expensive option for startups, which is why they may opt to develop their app for one platform only. 

5. Features and Functions

The theory is quite simple: the more features and functionalities, the added will be cost of an e-learning app development. Some of the most common feature sets involve QR codes, user profiles, picture control, GPS, push notifications, and more. 

6. Development and Integrations

Once the layout is prepared and a platform is picked, it’s time for exciting development and integrations. Therefore, the below mentioned elements add to the cost of building an app like Byju’s:

– Cloud Integration

With the evolution, we are more intrigued by online storage options that integrate a system of tools and technologies for connecting apps, data, and more in real time. 

– AR and VR

Indeed, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are on the rise and account for the most cutting-edge technologies that enable a business easily climb the ladder of success.

– In-App Payments

Customer’s nowadays seek convenience, and offering them the same via an efficient mode of transacting is like icing on the cake. You may integrate digital wallet trends or options like debit/credit cards, e-wallets, etc.

7. Post Development

A reliable tech partner is one that delivers a quality product but also stands by its clients during the post-development process. We at Techugo believe in supporting our clientele in every development phase for efficient app maintenance and updating.

Because YOU DREAM and WE DARE to ensure the success of your app and business!

Parting Words…

Sure, app development can be a rollercoaster ride; however, getting onboard with us will ensure a smooth landing!

We have developed more than 800 applications in every niche and have expertise that’ll work exceptionally on your project. 

Now that you’ve learned everything about an e-learning app development like Byju’s, we are extremely happy to share that we are the technical partners of the platform. 

So, are you all set to turn your flawless app idea into reality? 

We are waiting to hear from you!

Give us a call today.

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