12 Jan 2023

Cost to Build a Classroom Communication App like ClassDojo


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Classroom Communication App like ClassDojo

Great companies start because the founder wants to change the world!

One such change we all have seen in the education sector with the arrival of the classroom communication app ClassDojo. The company has histories of celebrating winnings. And, no doubt, it has made it to 181 countries with its continuous strive to create a better world. 

However, the world is looking for more such arrivals where students will have the best time learning and growing with education. So, are you excited to be yet another trendsetter with your tremendous solution creating a community of students, teachers, and parents?

If yes, a heartfelt congratulations to you because providing education is no more than divine worship!

We love to be with you to cause a stir globally. 

Now, without further ado, let’s move to the blog to unveil various facts about this app idea. Else, you can book a consultation today with our experts for a clear discussion. 

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ClassDojo: A Glance

Created by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo provides a global platform to a community of 50M+ teachers and families, where they share kids’ exciting learning moments through messages, photos, videos, and a lot of other ways. Built with lots of love, the classroom communication app ClassDojo lets kids discover their most extraordinary talents through playful activities. Although it has reached many people, the world still needs more solutions where parents, teachers, and students are all connected, and learning seems like a play. 

What’s fascinating about ClassDojo?


With such a goal, the classroom communication app ClassDojo has become the fascination of the 21st century. 

What’s more?

Here is everything that will influence your decision on building apps like Class Dojo

  • ClassDojo is famous in 181 countries among 95% of pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade schools. 
  • Within a year of launch, the Classroom communication app ClassDojo was used by 9.6 million teachers and students in more than 30 countries.
  • While hiding phone numbers, this exciting app allows families and teachers to communicate together through instant messaging. 
  • Not only the company partnered with Stanford University but also with Elon Musk’s Ad Astra private school, and added more to the growth mindset. 
  • It provides message translation in more than 35 languages. 
  • Available on all devices desktops, laptops, smartphones, and interactive whiteboards. 
  • Mainly four users of this dynamic app: teachers, parents, students, and school leaders. 

Statistics Showing Worth Investing in your eLearning App like ClassDojo

To show you the magnificence of an eLearning app, here are these statistics: 

  • The global eLearning market can reach and exceed $650 billion by 2025. 
  • 77% of organizations use e-learning platforms for professional development. 
  • Corporate eLearning can grow at 11% in 2024 CAGR to reach $38.09 billion in size. 
  • 89% of smartphone users download e-learning apps, and in which 50% are learners. 
  • The virtual learning market can increase by 200% from 2020 to 2025. 

These statistics are relevant to show that if not an app like ClassDojo, you can still make millions if building one of the best elearning platforms like Byju’s. eLearning is a trend today, and investing in them ensures a great business expansion. 

Why is ClassDojo Famous Among Teachers?

A one-liner introduction is not just enough to show you the worth of smart communication apps like ClassDojo among teachers, so here is a full section where we will understand how teachers enjoy using the tool and tackle the biggest classroom management challenge.

Are you excited to learn further?

Let’s deep dive!

Why is ClassDojo Famous Among Teachers

1. Enhance Behavior

The classroom communication app ClassDojo has a simplistic interface, allowing teachers to seamlessly set class, and give reward points to their students according to their behavior. The app makes the task easier and lets the community enjoys the most of digital aids. 

2. Share Data

The teacher is not required to save the data manually. 

Instead, automation keeps everything in the loop. 

What’s more exciting is that teachers can set the reports up to share later with their parents. Once connected, parents receive emails every Friday about the same and thus take a glance at their kids’ performance. Without any hurdles, everything goes smoothly. 

3. Save Time

In just one go, teachers can make the most of multiple features available inside the mobile app that lets them invest their precious time into building a playful learning environment for their students. 

Why do Parents love Classroom Communication App ClassDojo?

For parents, what feels jaw-dropping is seeing their kids enjoying learning.

Thanks to ClassDojo that they all can feel these moments!

But, what’s more that parents love about ClassDojo:

1. Instant Messaging

They don’t have to put extra time into communicating with the teachers. Instead of visiting the school, both parties relish the benefits of seamless communication without affecting their working hours. That’s the power of classroom communication apps like ClassDojo.

2. Conversation Starters

Instead of learning a brief about the school’s activities, parents often hear bits and pieces. Fortunately, Classdojo smart communications app has a feature named “Class Story,” where teachers post images and videos with their students so that parents can see and locate their child having fun and doing the activity. Watching the activities together proves to be a conversation starter. 

3. Calming Concerns  

“A picture speaks a thousand words.”

This line has made parents rely on ClassDojo. When they see their anxious, introverted kids having fun and laughing with other peers in an activity, the sense of relaxation move way beyond the imagination. This is the trust that classroom communication app like ClassDojo has built over the years. That’s why it is trusted by millions of parents worldwide. 

What are the Basic Features of a Classroom Communication App like ClassDojo?

To build your own interactive classroom apps, you must delve deeper into the basic features. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Just move ahead and develop a better understanding!

General Features 


  • Login / Signup 
  • Scan QR code / Enter Code
  • Settings
  • Your Points
  • Track Reports
  • Assigned Tasks
  • Finished Tasks
  • Share Photos/Videos/Drawings/Journals


  • Login/Signup
  • Invite another parent
  • Create a Profile
  • Spread the Word
  • Settings
  • Reports
  • Messages
  • Chat Feature
  • Notifications

Teacher / School Leader:

  • Login / Signup
  • Email Verification
  • Classes / Add a new class
  • Add Students / Groups
  • Notifications
  • Manage Parents/ Students / Teachers
  • Manage Rewards
  • Student Management
  • Chat Feature
  • Toolkit


  • Login/Signup
  • Send Notifications
  • Manage Students/ Teachers/ Parents/ School Leaders/ CMS/ Videos/ Resources/ Journals

Advanced Features

  • Instant messaging or group chat for parents and teachers
  • Admin dashboard analytics
  • Score analysis
  • Push notifications
  • LMS Integration
  • Topics to improve for students
  • Reviews by parents to teachers or school leaders
  • Support chat for admin
  • Customized progress report of children for parents
  • Class Story to post videos, photos, and messages for parents

How does ClassDojo make money?

ClassDojo follows various revenue models to make money, and here are a few of them. Such as: 

1. Premium Business Model

The company provides users with limited features without charge and asks for a specific amount when they opt for the advanced features. 

2. Subscription business model

Smart communication apps ClassDojo also favors monthly or yearly subscriptions for revenue generation

3. B2B model

While selling services and products to other businesses, the company again generates revenue. 

4. B2B2C (partnership) business model

B2B2C connects business to business and business to consumer into a single digital solution for product/service delivery. 

5. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) business model

Mergers and acquisitions represent the combination of two companies that come together following a mutual contract. 

So, these are the ways the company uses revenue generation with its classroom communication app like ClassDojo

Types of eLearning Mobile Apps 

Based on the purpose and target end-users, e-learning solutions are divided into these categories: 

Types of eLearning Mobile Apps

1. Video Conferencing Software

Most companies use these apps to train their workforce on building teams, developing skills, and company policies without consuming much of their time and money. The perks of these apps are cost efficiency, process control, personalized training, and easy accessibility. So, choose a mobile app development company that will build this solution for you.


  • Teachers deliver the lesson to absent students. 
  • College and University Lecturers use it for instruction delivery in different classes. 
  • Students join the class through a meeting link.
  • Employee trainers run learning sessions for employees on apps like Zoom and Skype. 
  • Online tutors to manage live sessions and interactive lessons. 

Key Features: 

  • Video encryption and password access to ensure security and privacy. 
  • Whiteboards for teachers to teach how to solve the problem. 
  • Screen Sharing allows teachers to look at the method student is applying for resolving the puzzle. 
  • Text chat so that system with no video and audio support can let the student take the class. 
  • Scheduling to set the time for the next meeting within the digital solution. 
  • Session recording for future reference. 

2. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

Anyone can learn the courses at the best convenience through this on-demand app. In addition, companies like Khan Academy, Edmodo, and Seesaw have invested in creating an online learning community through reading materials, video lessons, assessments, and discussion forums.


  • Students who want to enroll themselves in the course. 
  • Managers and team leaders enhance their skills while bridging the gap between their knowledge. 


  • Skill Assessment verifies the material comprehension after students complete after-lesson quizzes, topic quizzes, and the final assessment. 
  • Certifications and badges are offered to those who have made successful learning. Students can download these certificates and circulate them to other platforms to show their skills.
  • Course library consists of the bundled form of courses. 
  • Video content for making learning great fun. 

3. Learning Management System (LMS)

To let the students learn virtually, these apps are the focus. With its simplistic interface, teachers can easily upload their resources, lesson plans, and materials so that users can access them from anywhere. 

And do you know what?

Apps like ClassDojo are covered in this.  


  • Students download materials, take online classes, submit assessments, and track their progress. 
  • School administrators get track of their students attendance and work. 
  • Teachers take learning sessions to the top level while sharing their materials and assessments. 


  • Gradebooks that teachers create for students to let them track their progress. 
  • Calendar to schedule upcoming events and activities. 
  • Student Profiles that they can easily create and manage. 
  • Reporting for teachers so that they can customize the run pre-created reports.
  • Dashboards show customizable reports
  • Gamification having leaderboards to engage students
  • Multimedia Sharing for users to upload slides, audio, video, etc. 

4. Assessment Software

Teachers will say “Bye-Bye” to all hurdles, challenges, and troubles they face while creating exams and checking results. 

Do you know how?

All credit goes to assessment software. 


  • Teachers who create, distribute and grade the exams using assessment software capabilities. 
  • Students select their assessments and start writing answers for the same. 
  • Administrators track the performance, compare results, and set standards of data policies. 

Key Features: 

  • Custom templates for assessment.
  • Offline mode lets users gain access even when the internet is not working. 
  • Multi-lingual support for creating and solving the evaluation.
  • Dashboard to get a quick insight into the collected data.

5. Student Management System (SMS)

Elearning platforms built under this category are also known as Student Information Systems (SIS). They provide a quick insight into the payment processing, student information, and thus bridge the communication barriers. 


  • Students get insight into the class schedule, know their performance, and connect to the teachers directly. 
  • School Staff tackles everything from managing students and administration data billing to other tasks. 
  • Parents learn about their kids’ attendance, behavior, and progress. 

Key Features:

  • Student data management to store medical records, personal data, attendance, emergency contacts, grades, and others. 
  • Grade management for teachers to create grade books for their students. 
  • Accounting services store data related to fees, funding, and scholarships. 
  • Student portal to let students learn their grades, attendance, and performance. 
  • Parents portal for them to understand the behavior of their children in the class. 

Factors Influencing the Cost of Classroom Communication App ClassDojo

Now that you have learned everything about elearning app development and classroom communication app ClassDojo, it’s time to get a deep insight into the factors influencing its cost. 

So, let’s move ahead!

  • Types of eLearning App

An app like ClassDojo comes under Learning Management System (LMS), which cost is different from all other types. So, if you have an app idea, decide which app type you will invest in; that will fluctuate the total cost. 

  • Features

The selection of features again greatly impacts the cost to develop an e-learning app like ClassDojo. Ensure to consult with the top-notch developers of Techugo to discuss the relevant features of your own elearning app. 

  • Tech Stack

Tech stack refers to all technologies you will use for classroom communication app development. Different technologies are priced at different levels, so choose wisely. 

  • App Development Platform

Classroom Communication App like ClassDojo is available for different devices. But you can go for native app development if cross-platform seems to cross your estimated budget. 

  • App Complexity

Complexities are natural to expect during app development. However, if they are higher, you may feel a burn in your pocket. 

  • UI/UX

We cannot ignore UI/UX as it’s the only way to attract new customers and get the old ones back to our solutions. Intuitive, friendly, and simplistic user interfaces are the trends of today. Consider the association of the right technological partner who can help you create a competitive edge with robust UI/UX. 

What is the cost of developing a Classroom Communication App like ClassDojo?

No one can determine the exact cost of a classroom communication app without considering the factors discussed above. These essentials give you an estimated figure on how much it costs to build a classroom communication app like ClassDojo. Therefore, keep them in your mind to prepare for the budget. 


  • Do you update interactive classroom apps?

Yes, not only we develop your interactive classroom apps but also update the same with dynamic features, designs, and remove bugs and issues.

  • Will you provide maintenance support for elearning app development?  

Yes, we will!

Our team of top-notch developers provides maintenance support to ensure that the app is performing well and keep up with the ever-evolving business needs. 

  • What should be the general features for students in a classroom communication app like ClassDojo?

General features for students in ClassDojo include: 

  • Login / Signup 
  • Scan QR code / Enter Code
  • Settings
  • Your Points
  • Track Reports
  • Assigned Tasks
  • Finished Tasks
  • Share Photos/Videos/Drawings/Journals

Why Choose Techugo for your eLearning Project?

The future is in the classroom!

And applaud-worthy classroom communication apps like ClassDojo have been building it while using technology to get students engaged, active, and motivated in following and creating the classroom discipline proposal. 

Integrating the best technology into your classroom will prove much more fruitful and expand your knowledge base. 

So, are you ready to initiate a step into getting a digital space for your classroom?

If yes, get in touch with our top-notch app development team at Techugo. The right developers will help you execute your app idea and develop a product that will streamline your business growth.

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