19 Feb 2020
Updated on December 28th, 2022

How Much Does It Cost To Build An AR Shopping App Like IKEA?


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AR Shopping App

Furniture retail is expected to have an annual growth rate is expected to increase to 100 billion U.S. dollars in 2022!

Home décor is no more a fad, but a statement which is adorned and embraced by everyone, whether it is that piece of the couch next to your balcony or that study table that fits your master bedroom settings, we all look forward to getting a neat and uncluttered look to be given to our homes.

Although the furniture shopping in the past has always been a fiasco since there was no way of knowing whether décor items would fit in your rooms or not.

But not anymore!

Do you wonder why???

Well, I too had the same question popped in my Mr. Brain, and then I got a technology epiphany suggesting that Augmented Reality Shopping Apps like IKEA, have removed the burden of furniture shopping to a great extent.

Let’s take a quick glance at the offerings of IKEA

IKEA needs no introduction, since it is the global furniture and home appliance brand cum seller, holding a massive turnover of 41.3 billion Euros in 2019.

IKEA has garnered the attention of its consumers, not just due to its quality, but also due to the seamless integration of technology into their brand’s business model.

The very integration of Augmented Reality into their app, has changed the game of furniture shopping to a larger extent.

IKEA app’s features

  • 3D & 360º degree view of the products
  • Social media sharing
  • Elegant angle positioning
  • A Detailed explanation of every product
  • Elite-class design with items in the interactive entourage
  • Smooth navigation through product classes
  • References to every product page
  • Language preference is available

How does IKEA app work?

  • Once you open the app, the device camera (phone/ tablet) focuses, on an orange cross to the bottom right of selected product pages.
  • Further, an icon gets visible on the device screen, which initiates the AR mode.
  • The app prompts users to the user to close the printed version of the brochure and place it where the customer wishes to put the new furnishing.
  • Then the camera starts and outlines product surfaces in the frame, which can be further rotated, shifted or replaced.
  • Now you can see the virtual version of the new furniture with your room in the background.

Benefits of AR Apps like IKEA for eCommerce stores

  • Attracts more number of customers by offering them the opportunity to preview furniture virtually, much before making the final plunge to buy.
  • Improves the mode of marketing of products, and give 3D experience to users.
  • Engages customers with a unique shopping experience for the customers, where they can check whether a particular furniture piece fits their room and gives a perfect look.
  • Makes it easier to reach out to customers, through the online mode and meets the demands of the online customers easily.
  • Elevates the sales to a larger extent, as furniture shopping is no more sufficed to the offline mode, but customers can buy anytime and anywhere.

Excited to know more???

Stay glued

Types of AR apps

What do you think the AR app is only of one type? No, it is not!

There are 3 types of AR apps that can be picked for your business fitting its demands.

  • Gyroscope based AR- These apps utilize the device’s gyroscope, and place the virtual models.
  • Marker-based AR- These apps take the best usage of images, icons, cards, QR codes or movie posters, and further project the AR model.
  • Location-based AR- Such apps pick the data taken from the device’s WiFi, GPS and compass and further position virtual models, links, info and other media into practice.

Now once you know that AR shopping app like IKEA, brings multiple benefits for your eCommerce business, you must be willing to embrace it in your business model, but something that really banging continuously on your mind is the cost factor.

Yes, the cost factor for your app can be a discouraging element, due to which many app concepts even die their infancy death, much before reaching out to the targeted user-base.

Development Cost of AR shopping app like IKEA

Hmm, a very tricky question, and trust me there is no specific answer to this question.

Since the app development cost depends on multiple factors, such as functionality, type of technology, features, location, OS and many more.

However, a very basic app with the basic feature can cost up to $25,000, but this does not mean that it would cover everything that you are looking forward to be integrated within your AR app.

Hence to get the specific NUMERIC figure to this answer, you must share your app concept and your expectations from the app, and trust me we shall evaluate, analyze and provide the right number to you in no time.

Give us a buzz, we are waiting to hear from you!

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