15 Feb 2020
Updated on December 28th, 2022

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Local Question Answer App Like Neighbourly?


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Local Question Answer App

Being inquisitive is not a crime, and to help you deal with your queries, technology has already played its part.

Ohh no don’t take me wrong, it is not that I am referring to that technology has brought Alexa, Siri, and many other voice assistants to help our constant queries’ bandwagon, but there is one more technical blessing from the app turf, is garnering attention.

What is that?

Let’s take a quick tour of Neighbourly…

What is Neighbourly?

Well, I am referring to one most trending and super-popular question answer app- Neighbourly.

This very app is the product of Google, letting the users get answers to their questions and put queries. This app targets the audience in the vicinity and lets the answers to be visible in certain radios as well.

How does Neighbourly work?

The very spectrum of Neighbourly is based on the assistance of human intelligence over artificial intelligence, helping users to get questions and replies vice-versa.

And the model of the app works on the basic concept, letting neighbors get the most recent, relevant and accurate information about the local surroundings.

On deciding, to build an app like Neighbourly, you must know the base functionality of the app and how it works?

To start with, this app allows the users to post their queries or click on the “Tap to Help” button and get the response to some of the already existing user queries.

The app tracks the user’s GPS location, and reflects the list of queries, and here Google comes into the picture, and ensure every information of the user is secured, as a result on user’s name and profile picture is displayed only.

To make it sound more convenient, the app accepts both text and voice entries, that too in the user’s preferred language.

What are the features of Neighborly?

You must know that an app like Neighborly, holds the following features, such as:

Sign Up/Login

This feature allows new and existing users to access the app. They can log-in by giving some of the basic details to register.

Post Question/Answers

Here in this feature, users can post questions and give answers to any existing query.

Voice Recognition

With this feature, users can use the voice assistant to post their questions/answers.

Profile View

This feature lets users search out for a list of posted questions and the number of users followed by you.

Delete Questions

The user gets the option to delete the question from his/her profile.

Push Notifications

The notification button helps the users to get updated and notified about the customer’s queries.

Like Button

This is the button, that reflects other users’ appreciation towards the posted answers.

GPS Tracking

This feature allows users to detect location.

View Rewards

Here this feature lets the users get reward points for answering every question.

Social Share

The social share, helps the users to share a question across their social media profiles.

Post Comment

Users can comment on any other answer, and further like or dislike the answer.

Block and Report

Users have the option to block/report a person if they find the answer is inappropriate or violating the guidelines.

How to Develop a Mobile App Like Neighborly?

No doubt, getting an app developed like Neighborly requires a series of efforts for development and design. If you are not ensured of the path to be picked, then you are likely to lose the charm of your app.

Henceforth, much before initiating the development part, you must decide, which platform you want to proceed ahead with.

Although, deciding on this technical part is a challenging task, and there can be chances, that you may end up making a wrong decision. Therefore, it is advisable to get the help of experts from the leading app builder, like Techugo.

How much does it cost to build an app like Neighbourly?

The cost of an app is an intriguing factor for everyone out there and is not at all wrong as well, to think about it. However, in this quest, many factors are involved in the development journey.

Well, to give you an exact numeric answer, can only be possible, when you are getting in touch with one of our expert.

Don’t take much time, and just share your project requirements with us.

Our experts are waiting to know your app idea…reach us now

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