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16 Aug 2017

How To Create User-Centric Mobile Apps

53% of users don’t reuse the app which takes more than 3 seconds to load- Google

The thin line between a mobile apps and a successful mobile app is beautifully bridged by Usability. This term is not uncommon to most of us, and we are very much familiar with it, but when it comes to mobile apps, unknowingly many app developers miss it and do not pay much attention to it and as a result end up creating a mobile app, which is ready to be rejected. It is the most painful and heart-wrenching fact to know that users are posting all the negative reviews on your app.

It is indeed a most haunting question which bugs the developers’ minds time and again that how to and what to include in their mobile app to make it a successful recipe, but in this quest unknowingly some significant steps are missed horribly, which only bring the disastrous results for your mobile app. A mobile app needs not to disrupt the users’ lives, rather it needs to bring the useful feel to the users, so they can indulge to use the app more openly, this is not an impossible fact to achieve, but some strategies, which are to be followed religiously so a mobile app can be a successful piece and can be highly user-centric. So if you are wondering what are those compelling strategies, I insist to read ahead…

  • Customer Is A King

This quote you get to see easily around a retail outlet as a part of a marketing campaign, but do you know, this statement is not a shallow marketing gimmick to pamper the customers’ ego, but it has a deep hidden meaning, which concludes, that your services and your quality MUST be in accordance with the customers’ taste and the way you cannot deny a King, same way you cannot deny the expectations of your users. In the same way, your mobile app needs to revolve tightly around the expectations of your users, and this you can easily find out through the thorough research conducted about your targeted audience and what they are looking for, from your mobile app, you have to analyze their likes and dislikes and add features accordingly in your mobile app. This is the very first baby step you have to take towards making a user-centric mobile app, but this is highly crucial since it only helps you to lay down the foundation of a successful user-centric mobile app.

  • Creativity Should Be There But In Limit

A little sarcastic as it sounds, but it is a fact and relates to mobile app success highly. Many mobile apps are good for many reasons, i.e; concept, content, services, but are not so good with UI and UX. No, there is nothing which is lacking in the design, rather the app designs are overly creative with the app design, which only end up in making the app Abstract piece, liked by very few, but since app success depends highly on maximum user engagement, then infusing the excessive creativity should be kept at a bay and keep your app design simple and easy to access, where in the app UI and UX do not fiddle with the app content and makes it easily readable, also ensure that the app design is friendly and the buttons are placed at the right place.

  • Device Compatibility

When it comes to mobile devices, users have different taste and they pick devices according to their preference and expect your mobile app to function well on their respective devices, so in order to fit-in the demand of your users, you need to code and design your mobile app in a way that it would fit the different types screen sizes and compatible with all types of devices. This is little challenging, but helps you in gaining the instant admiration of your users, so ensure that your mobile app has gone through the well-defined testing strategy on different devices, to avoid any sort of hassle in app usability.

  • Test To Increase App Usability

Most of the app development companies take testing as a way to remove bugs, but miss out on the most significant part that it enhances the app usability further, so you need to see testing not from the perspective of bug removal rather you need to take it as a source to engage more users to your mobile app. For instance, if your mobile app consumes more than 6-7 seconds to load in the low internet bandwidth, then it has the every possible reason hidden within it to be rejected by the users, so don’t stand still and work on the testing process more genuinely, during the testing phase conduct the testing related to the connectivity and performance issues, and remove the obstacle to present your users a crystal clear experience while using your mobile app.

  • Keep The Best Things To Roll-On Further

When your client approaches you with the mobile app concept, then your duty is not to drink the kool-aid, but you need to guide your client further, based on your expertise and exposure, that what works best for his/her mobile app in the first version. At first, launching everything in the very first version of the mobile app, is not practically possible, because your app needs some to get on your user’s taste buds, and secondly keeping certain features for the second version of the app update is a wiser decision to be made, since in this way you can learn more about your users’ acceptance of existing app features and can launch further features depending on their demands to retain them further.

  • Don’t Play Rigid

The most annoying factor which leads to app rejection from user’s end is when users are unnecessary asked to share their details/phone/ email to access the mobile app. I concur that app security is a major concern, but don’t exaggerate it to the level that it would irk down your users, and they would abandon your mobile app. In order to escape such horrific situation, you must give the option to your users, wherein they can access the mobile app through their social media accounts as well, so they would feel safe and comfortable in sharing the required information.

The mobile app is a successful product, only when your users accept it with open arms and USE it. So to attain this every mobile app has to be user-centric to gain the attention of their targeted users, although there are many more practices to be followed to make app successful, but implementing the above-mentioned strategies would also help you till a great extent.

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