5 Jun 2018

How To Create Value For Your Mobile App


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On launching a mobile app, the most befitting incident which causes a curve line on your lips is the number of app downloads on your mobile app. The number of app downloads eventually speaks about the success of your mobile app, and you can analyze a lot from this number.

But actually it is not just the app downloads which speak the app’s success rate, but there is another fact also which is related to your mobile app, and shows a different face to you and that is the value your users receiving from your app.


Ok lemme explain, your app is downloaded with a huge number and it is, therefore, being utilized by the users, but have you ever wondered that for how long your app stays in your users’ phone or how often it is being used by the users.

This entire story speaks of the one factor only and that is the app value.

Yes, the term value speaks a lot about your mobile app and how to it is making a worthy space in the market.

I know a lot of you would be getting their eyebrows shrunk since they find nothing new in this, but believe me, there is something new in this.

The user engagement indeed has various parameters to measure it, and it is also a fact that the selection of app analytics tools depend largely on various factors, such as product and the users type, but in total these metrics help you to take a glimpse of how much users are liking your mobile app and willing to stay back.

With this post, I want to bring your attention towards the number of other metrics through which you can take a logical sneak into your app’s value factor.

So let’s read ahead…

Check The Number Of Active Users

Do you know 57% of mobile apps are downloaded and are never used further…

The active number of users on your mobile app dictates that how well your app is being adopted by the users, since the app launch is not the only goal for your mobile app to meet, but there are other factors as well, which you need take into consideration, which would show that how many users are sharing, updating, or looking for specific information or service through your app platform.

If you find that there are particular features or the functionalities are not even being touch or rarely been used by the users, then it is an indicator to replace them with more prominent and relevant features, based on users’ demands.

Watch Out The Users’ Interaction With The App

Yes, your users actually interact with your mobile app, and if there is no interaction it means only one thing that your app is already in a dead pool and needs to be reworked upon.

On the other hand, the ways to analyze it depends on various factors, such as :

  • Session interval
  • Session duration
  • Screens per session
  • Screens with longest and shortest visit duration
  • Screens with most user interactions

These factors help you analyze the way your users interact with your mobile app, and accordingly, you need to make the changes in the mobile app.

User Retention

The consequence of NO-VALUE factor leads to losing a big chunk of users and it is not a good news for your mobile app’s health. Thus the user retention comes into existence, wherein you have to invest your passion in finding the loopholes creative a fuss amongst the users to abandon your mobile app.

Remember even if your mobile app is downloaded, but not used then it is not counted as a successful mobile app, rather to achieve this battle you need to get in touch with the right mobile app development company which has the expertise to carve out the existing features into tempting ones to get utilized by the app users further.

Albeit, there are many more factors which are involved to create a value for your mobile app, and this is indeed not an exhaustive list, but I truly hope with these analytical tips as well, you can help your mobile app development to gain a valuable position in your users’ mobile phones and give them a reason to stay hooked your mobile app for longer.

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